Best Dinnerware

The right dinnerware can be tough to find, whether it’s an update on your current set or for your new home. There are a ton of different style options: everything from fine china, to glassware, stoneware, and more. We set out to help you with this decision and find the American companies who are making Read This Review


Best Bedding

The right bedding can be tough to find, there are so many factors that come into play from material quality to price and more. So, we set out to uncover the best bedding manufacturers that are making their products in America. Below, you’ll find our top picks, details on each one, what we liked, what Read This Review


Best Baby Cribs

Picking a crib for a new nursery is a cumbersome process – there are so many options to choose from. We set out to simplify the decision process by looking at all the top manufacturers making cribs in the USA and picking apart the details of each one. Looking at consumer tests, expert opinions, construction Read This Review


Best Flatware

There are a ton of options out there for flatware to go with your set of dishes. We set out to find the flatware manufacturers that are making the highest quality forks, knives, spoons, and other utensils right here in the USA. We were surprised by the results of our research, which we’ve detailed below. Read This Review


Are Whirlpool Appliances Made in the USA?

Whirlpool was founded in 1911 in Benton Charter Township, Michigan and is still headquartered there to this day. Since that day, they have grown to over 100,000 employees and are the largest home appliance manufacturer in the world. They have dozens of manufacturing and technology research centers around the globe, but are their products made Read This Review


Best Mattresses

Mattress shopping is overwhelming. There are so many choices in retail stores and online, and every person has different preferences for how they like to sleep. We set out to find the best mattresses made in the U.S.A. to help ease that decision making process. Our top picks, additional product details, and research methodology are Read This Review


Tool Brands Made in the USA

Here are some of the best tool brands who still make their tools in the USA. Shoot us a note if you see a made in the USA tool brand that didn’t make our list! 360 Products Paint Station – stepladder tray to hold your painting materials Armstrong Hand Tools – based in Maryland, industrial Read This Review


Are Levi’s Jeans Made in the USA?

Levi Strauss is an icon when in comes to blue jeans. The company was founded in 1853 when Strauss came to San Francisco from Bavaria, and the company headquarters remains in San Francisco to this day. Their modern jeans really began to grow in popularity in the 1920s, and they are still one of the Read This Review


Are New Balance Shoes Made in the USA?

New Balance is a popular American company based out of the Boston area that primarily manufactures athletic footwear. They are most well known for their 990 and 574 models. They have long touted that they are proud to be made in the USA, but is that actually true? We dug in and found out. Verdict: Read This Review


Best Flashlight

Whether it’s for your next camping trip, any everyday carry to keep around the house, or for your job, having a great flashlight is important. That’s why we set out to find the best flashlights made in the USA. Check out our top recommendations, extensive details about each of our picks, and our research methodology Read This Review