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American Giant Hoodie Review

Everyone loves a good hoodie. We've tested several hoodies made in the USA over the years and when American Giant released their Classic Full Zip ...
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Tactipup Gear Review

Whether you're training a puppy, walking a dog, or taking your canine best friend on adventurous hikes, having the right collar or harness is important. ...
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BrilliantK9 Gear Review

Whether you're training a new puppy how to walk on a leash or you're hiking with an older dog, harnesses are a must-have for most ...
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Found My Animal Rope Leashes Review

If you're looking for a dog leash, there are a lot of factors to consider. Whether you're in the middle of leash training your dog ...
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Cycle Dog Collars and Harnesses Review

Cycle Dog builds excellent dog-related goods with a particular concentration on environmental sustainability. The dog collars and harnesses the firm sells are top quality, and ...
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Freedom No-Pull Harness Review

Every dog owner wants collars and harnesses that are safe, sturdy, and comfortable for their dog. The design of the Freedom No-Pull Harness minimizes pulling, ...
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Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash Review

Responsible dog owners know they need to have their dogs on leashes when out and about. Many municipalities have leash laws, so in those places, ...
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The Artful Canine Collars Review

Finding safe and comfortable equipment for your dog can be challenging, particularly since the market is saturated. We think we might have found at least ...
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Up Country Collars Review

What's the first thing people look for when they find a dog without an owner nearby? Nobody looks for scars or one of those ear ...
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Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series: Softstar Shoes

We do a lot of research on different types of shoes that are made in the USA. Everything from sneakers to boots, sandals, and everything ...
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Spotlight Series: Opie Way

Use the code allamericanreviews to get $15 off your first order with Opie Way! We've done a bunch of research on shoes made in the ...
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Spotlight Series: Simplicity Sofas

The furniture industry has a storied history in American manufacturing and we do a lot of research on all types of furniture. We first found ...
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