About All American Reviews

We're all about helping consumers find the best products made in America. After all, we're just normal people too! All American Reviews is based in Charlotte, NC and just started in 2017. We do extensive research and testing across several product categories to find American made products that are truly the best for the American people. We look at online customer reviews, test products out ourselves, and analyze data from other expert sources to form our opinions on each product. We also want to expose any companies that are claiming to be Made in the USA, but are simply doing the bare minimum to achieve that status, like only designing their products here - according to the FTC, products that claim they are made in the USA must be "all or virtually all" made in the U.S. (read our guide on how to spot made in the USA products).

We are constantly doing research and posting new reviews when we can. We hope you enjoy the site and content we have to offer, and please share us with your friends! You can also say hi to us on Facebook or Twitter, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!. Check out our deals page as well for great offers from American made companies.

- The All American Reviews Team

Our Team



Head Researcher
Mike is our head researcher and reviews tools, sporting equipment, and a variety of other products.


Domestic Engineer
Kristen tests out our clothing, accessories, and everything you'd use to turn a house into a home.


Lead Nerd
Ian keeps the lights on, and reviews the odds and ends.


Chief Dog Tester
Ella is the head tester for all dog food, toys, treats, and everything else for man's best friend.