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American Blossom Duvet Cover Set

A warm, comfortable bed often comes with a good duvet cover set. For you, though, any old duvet set will not do. You want the best you can find. Perhaps that means avoiding synthetic materials, as many people are allergic to synthetics. Maybe it means avoiding anything made with fibers grown with pesticides and herbicides.

If you're after high-quality, organic cotton bedding, check out American Blossom's duvet cover sets. An American Blossom duvet cover set uses 100 percent organic cotton material that won't trigger your allergies or other sensitivities.

Besides that, organic cotton bedding is good for the environment. Organic farming creates fewer carbon emissions and uses fewer harmful chemicals. It's also recyclable, so when your covers wear out, you can take them to a recycling center instead of just throwing them out.

About American Blossom

American Blossom's history stretches back over 100 years. They're part of Thomaston Mills, which has operated in the U.S. since 1899.

In the 1940s, Thomaston Mills introduced the American Blossom line but stopped manufacturing it for a long time. With renewed interest in American manufacturing, they decided to reintroduce American Blossom and ensure their entire manufacturing process happens inside the U.S.

Furthermore, the company's owners believe that not only are people looking for goods made in the U.S., but they're also looking for sustainable products that support local economies, a category into which American Blossom falls. Your family also gets no exposure to herbicides and pesticides because the cotton fibers are organic, and you get peace of mind knowing you're participating in creating a safer working environment for textile manufacturers.

The American Blossom duvet cover set comes in three neutral shades that will go with any décor, natural, white and Latte Linen. The natural and white are made with organically-grown cotton from western Texas. The Latte Linen is made from a mixture of western Texas organic cotton and Foxfibre® cotton, a type of organic cotton with a natural, rich brown color. That color, which is part of the cotton fibers themselves, makes its way into the duvet covers, giving them their creamy beige color. These Latte Linen color duvet covers have no dye as all of the color comes from the colored cotton. In addition to fading, dyes can also cause problems for certain people and pets. The color gets richer and deeper with time instead of fading the way dyed fabric does. The natural color variation in the fibers gives you the neat look of linen, but you get a percale weave's softness.

When you buy an American Blossom duvet cover set, you get a duvet with corner ties that help keep it in place and a full-width opening for easy insertion, and two pillow shams. The entire set has a 180-thread count, which might sound low to you, but higher thread counts don't necessarily mean better comfort or durability. In fact, higher thread counts often mean less durability since the threads are weaker and more delicate in higher thread-count bedding.

An American Blossom duvet cover set fits different bed designs with mattresses up to 16 inches deep (can potentially stretch to 17 inches). That includes "bed in a box" designs as well as standard spring and foam mattresses. While these duvet cover sets aren't cheap, they're well worth the price you pay.

What We Like Best

  • Comfortable even with 180 thread count
  • Not too heavy or too light, giving you added comfort as you sleep
  • Ethically sourced material
  • Machine washable and dryable - no need to line dry or dry clean
  • No dye means no color-bleed
  • Free shipping in the contiguous 48 states
  • Two-year return policy gives you the chance to use the products and decide if you like them
  • They will replace anything that arrives damaged or defective
  • 48-hour turnaround on refunds for returned products

American Blossom duvet cover sets have a high enough quality to make our Best Bedding list.

What We Don't Love

  • No color options besides white and shades of brown
  • Only comes in two sizes: Full/queen or king/California king. No twin size available.
  • Sheets sold separately, making American Blossom a bit on the expensive side

Wrapping Up

American Blossom duvet cover set

So what do you want? If you're looking for a way to eliminate artificial products and harmful chemicals from your bedroom, an American Blossom duvet cover set will work great. Besides making your home and your bed safer and more comfortable, you're helping to support local organic farmers and the communities in which the company manufactures their products.

No matter what your home's decor is, whether you like bright, bold colors, muted neutrals, a mix, or something eclectic, American Blossom's duvet covers will go well with your home. No need to hunt down the perfect colors; these go with everything.

Finally, with American Blossom's happiness guarantee, you can give their products a real road test before deciding whether they're right for you. Many companies will give you just 30 days to return products for a full refund, and some products are non-returnable, especially things like bedding.

With American Blossom, you get to determine how well their duvets work for you over time before you make a final decision. American Blossom is truly a great choice.

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