American Giant Roughneck Pants Review

American Giant is one of our favorite apparel brands made in the USA. They are most well known for their jeans and hoodies, but they also make other great pairs of pants. For the American worker, a good pair of canvas pants is a must to stand up to the rough work you might encounter every day. So, we decided to review the Roughneck Pants from American Giant, made of rugged cotton canvas.

Below, I get into my full experience with these pants after wearing them for a couple of months. Let's dive in.

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About American Giant

We've written about American Giant a few times here at All American Reviews, so we won't bore you with too many of the details again, but for new readers (hi there), American Giant got started a few years ago with a simple goal - invest in clothes that match your values.

This company works tirelessly to support small local supply chains and sell direct to the consumer so they can cut out unnecessary middleman cost. They value durability, simplicity, and the local communities they support with every single piece of clothing that comes out their doors.

They have a variety of options for both men and women in things like t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sweats, socks, and of course, other styles of pants.

So, let's get into my experience and thoughts on the American Giant Roughneck Pants.

What We Like Best

  • Rugged cloth
  • Comfortable
  • Good color options
  • Easy to clean
  • Pre-shrunk

Overall, I really like these American Giant Roughneck Pants and can see myself wearing them often for both work and casual wear.

To start, the material is incredibly durable. These pants are made from a 98% cotton stretch canvas (the other 2% is spandex) that is woven in Trion, Georgia. I wore these pants doing a lot of manual labor in the fall and winter around my house; splitting firewood, hauling debris, and digging out and building a new patio area in the back. These pants held up really well throughout all of that and I have yet to see much noticeable wear and tear on them.

These Roughneck Pants are also very comfortable, which caught me by surprise a bit. That sounds odd, but let me explain. Canvas work pants are not typically known for being comfortable. They are built for work and durability, so I appreciated the thoughtfulness that American Giant put into comfort. I can easily wear these around all day and be very cozy.

You don't need too many color options for pants like these, so I liked that American Giant has three classics to choose from: dark brown (mahogany, pictured here), cast iron (dark grey), and black.

I found these pants to be extremely easy to clean and take care of. Large stains and cakes of mud came right out in the wash and they have held up very well so far after a handful of washes. These pants are also pre-shrunk, which is (again) different from the typical pair of canvas pants that you might get from Dickies or Carhartt.

American Giant is one of our top picks for the Best Pants Made in the USA

What We Don't Like

  • A little longer than expected

The only thing I was disappointed about with these Roughneck Pants was the slightly inaccurate sizing in terms of length. I wear a 30" inseam and these pants were a tad bit longer than I'm used to. However, if you're wearing large work boots, you hardly notice the extra fabric. It only became a slight issue wearing low-top shoes with them, but I just rolled them once and forgot about it.

I will also note that these pants are a little more expensive than your typical pair of cotton canvas pants, but you get what you pay for - great durability, comfort, and pants that will last you a really long time.


The American Giant Roughneck Pants are a thoughtful enhancement to rugged, canvas pants. They are durable just like any other pair, but also really comfortable and easy to take care of. The slight fit misalignment was the only thing that bothered me, but if you just buy a size down or don't mind the extra fabric, you'll be just fine. These pants are a great investment and something I will definitely wear for years to come. Remember to use the code AAR to get 20% off your order for first-time customers!

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