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American Mug Pottery Ceramic Coffee Mugs Review

Handmade ceramic mugs are a must for anyone who’s serious about their coffee. Even if you prefer tea or cold beverages, there’s no reason to skimp when it comes to where you sip from. There are tons of choices available, so deciding can be tough. Here we’ll look at American Mug Pottery ceramic coffee mugs to shed light on your options. We’ll also explain what we like (and don’t) about this small-town, small-batch product.

About American Mug Pottery Ceramic Coffee Mugs

For anyone who starts their morning with a cup of coffee or tea, a sturdy mug is a must. Enter American Mug Pottery cups. The company creates a small range of ceramic cups with a few style variations and colors. Their headquarters is in Ohio, and even their packaging is printed locally in Pennsylvania.

The company is a bit old-fashioned and still operates from a factory that harks from the 1900s. According to the founder of American Mug Pottery, it all started with the creation of the Butter Bay, but production soon expanded to other stoneware.

Their limited variety of products and homegrown motivation means they focus on crafting the best pieces possible. Since the batches are small, you know the manufacturer is personally handling each cup throughout the casting, firing, and finishing process.

American Mug Pottery also uses high-quality ceramic and glaze, without the addition of potentially harmful additives like lead and cadmium. The motivation of the founder is to employ Americans, produce exceptional products, and keep customers coming back for more.

What We Like Best

  • Nice thick form-factor
  • Vibrant color
  • 14 oz. sizing
  • Smooth finish

American Mug Pottery ceramic cups are heavy-duty and hold their own. With a set of their bistro-style mugs, you get ample insulation for your hot beverages—plus a couple of color options. The design uses the slip-cast method, and each cup is hand-finished and fired by a small crew.

Choosing a batch of four American Mug Pottery ceramic mugs means you get thick-walled mugs suitable for coffee, tea, or anything else you want to sip. Regardless of whether they’re hot or cold, your drinks will keep their temperature.

We’re big fans of the thicker ceramic walls—especially since so many other cups feel so thin—because they offer better durability. At the same time, the weight isn’t overwhelming in your hand. The cups are suitably lightweight without feeling bulky. A rounded handle ensures a good grip—no snapped-off pieces here.

The color options are a nice touch, as you can get a set of four in cobalt blue, white, ivory, or black. Of course, our top recommendation is the vibrant cobalt style.

We’re also fans of the 14-ounce capacity, as you can fit an entire serving of coffee without having to refill.

It’s also handy that these mugs are dishwasher safe. Instead of scrubbing at the sink, you can plunk them in the dishwasher and walk away. They’re microwave safe as well, though best practices with stoneware typically mean skipping reheating your cup.

As far as materials go, American Mug Pottery also guarantees its ceramic goods are lead-free and cadmium-free, so you know these are safe to drink from for the whole family.

Plus, the smooth finish means no rough edges to worry about when pouring your cup of joe in the morning. Surprisingly, even though these are small-batch products, the consistency is impressive. You can usually expect some defects with handmade goods, but the ceramic mugs are fairly uniform and don’t have lumps, dips, or unstable bottoms.

American Mug Pottery Ceramic Coffee Mugs were named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • Sometimes arrive with minor defects – be sure to check your shipping method

One minor complaint with American Mug Pottery’s cups is the fact that even their short journey across the US can mean some shipping defects. Depending on the shipping method, your cups could arrive a bit worse for wear.

Check your shipping method before ordering to ensure you don’t receive damaged goods—or that there’s recourse if it does happen.


American Mug Pottery.

A four-pack of American Mug Pottery’s ceramic coffee mugs is an excellent addition to your dishware cabinet. These heavy-duty bistro style mugs can hold a full serving of coffee, look good on the table or the shelf, and don’t lose heat the second you set them down.

Plus, with American Mug Pottery, each shipment is handled in-house. Every cup passes through the firing, glazing, and finishing process in the same factory. Then, the locally sourced packing materials keep your order safe for its trip across the states.

Buying American Mug Pottery ceramic coffee mugs on Amazon is a straightforward way to stock your cabinets fast.

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