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American Mug & Stein Co.

You can’t enjoy your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea without a mug worthy of holding your beloved pick-me-up beverage. Unfortunately, there are too many cheap mugs on the market that break the moment you put them down in the sink too hard and, well, many are plain-old ugly.

Luckily, there’s American Mug & Stein Co. who specialize in creating American-made mugs and steins for nationwide suppliers and retailers such as Starbucks. In our experience, these mugs have proven themselves to be sturdy, visually beautiful, and worthy of taking the top position in your mug cupboard.

About American Mug & Stein Co.

With the introduction of Chinese-manufactured mugs, the town of East Liverpool, Ohio’s thriving pottery industry collapsed. For years, the town struggled with high unemployment rates and many shuttered factories. That was until American Mug & Stein Co. opened their doors and created a local pottery factory right in East Liverpool.

American Mug & Stein Co. was born out of a desire to craft fine mugs within the USA and to revive America’s domestic pottery industry. Shortly after American Mug & Stein Co. entered the market, Starbucks Coffee Company CEO Howard Schultz contracted the company to provide top-quality mugs to sell in the coffee chain’s signature Pike Place store.

The company is best known for its flagship “Indivisible” ceramic mug. Their mugs are available in three different designs ranging between 11 and 14 ounces. Each model involves a slightly different handle shape and width. On the other hand, stein designs are available in a variety of different formats with six listed on the company’s website. The company’s stein lineup includes models ranging from 15 to 24 ounces in volume.

With American Mug & Stein Co., you can rest assured knowing that every mug and stein you ordered is made right at home in the USA. In fact, all of their sourcing and manufacturing is done in the American midwest, so you can feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting well-paying American jobs.

Custom Mugs in America

American Mug & Stein Co. specializes in producing custom mugs and steins for organizations and businesses in the United States. Whether you need a personalized mug for your restaurant or a novelty stein for your company’s upcoming fundraiser, American Mug & Stein Co. can provide a top-quality solution that is sure to win the approval of your customers.

The founders of the company take pride in operating solely within the US. American Mug & Stein Co. is dedicated to supporting the “American Dream” for their employees and their customers, with all manufacturing taking place in the state of Ohio. Perhaps this explains the rationale behind creating their best-selling “Indivisible” mug design.

Flexibility and personalization are two of the biggest perks when ordering from American Mug & Stein Co. Unlike other retailers, American Mug & Stein offers personalized pricing, sizing, designing, and coloring depending on the customer’s unique needs.

When you call their head offices, a customer representative takes the time to discuss your expectations and needs so they can produce the best product possible for your home or retail establishment.

The mugs have a durable feel to them and have a satisfying glaze on the surface of the ceramic. Overall, they feel like they are premium quality and wouldn’t break from a hard slam on a kitchen counter or coffee table. Best of all, it’s easy to wipe away stains and other blemishes from the exterior of the mug, making them a breeze to clean and maintain over the years. Ultimately, there’s very little to complain about when it comes to these hand-crafted mugs.

What We Like Best

  • Tough thick construction
  • Customize size, color, and appearance
  • Excellent customer service

American Stein & Co. was named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • Orders take time to place

Wrapping Up

American Mug & Stein Co.

There’s a lot to love about American Mug & Stein Co.’s lineup of ceramics. However, the fact that these durable, great-looking mugs are manufacturing wholly in the United States makes our morning cup of coffee taste that much better. Although you might end up waiting a bit longer for your mugs to arrive at your door than you would with another retailer, the satisfaction of supporting an excellent American business more than makes up for the wait.

You can’t go wrong with American Mug & Stein Co.’s products. If they’re good enough to be sold in Starbucks original coffeehouse in Seattle, they’re probably good enough for your kitchen cupboard. After testing them out for weeks, there’s hardly a complaint we could offer about these mugs and ceramics.

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