Amerisleep AS3 Review

Since you spend over a third of your life sleeping, your choice of mattress is a vital decision for your life. Without a comfortable night’s sleep, it can have a drastic negative impact on your day. There are many kinds of mattresses on the market, and you must pick one that satisfies your specific health needs.

You want to make sure that you choose a bed that supports your lower back. If you purchase a mattress that is too hard or soft, it may not give you the support for your lower back or neck that you require. You also want to place a priority on mattresses that circulate air effectively. If you get a bed that is a glorified heat conductor, it will disrupt your sleep patterns and affect you into the next day.

In this article, we give you a comprehensive rundown of Amerisleep’s medium mattress design option. We believe that out of the five different mattress designs produced by the company, this gives you the most value for each dollar spent.

About the Company

The Company Amerisleep was founded in 2010. From its inception, the mattress producer is focused on providing customers with an eco-friendly, high-performance, and USA-made mattress at a manageable price.

Amerisleep prides itself on developing its products with its bio-pur materials and state of the art components. The company has established itself as an industry leader in more refreshing sleep, and it protects its customers with its forgivable warranties and environmentally friendly materials.

The company produces, distributes, and sells five different designs of mattresses, which accommodate many types of sleepers. The AS3 product is Amerisleep’s best option because not only does it have the best value, but it supports a healthy body through its medium-firm capabilities.

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What We Like Best

Many benefits come with a medium-firm mattress, like the Amerisleep AS3. Many of the overall benefits of a medium-firm mattress come from its anatomically friendly design. It is a perfect option for people with discomfort in the lower back. Because the bed is not too hard or squishy, it supports your neck and lower back with its perfect cushioning balance.

Built for Healthy Air Circulation and Blood Flow

The AS3 begins with a Celliant outer covering, which is an enhanced textile technology that aids in proper blood flow. The right amount of blood flow allows you to sleep more soundly and for longer, making your wakeup that much smoother. The medium firmness of the bed also prevents it from sinking, which means less heat is created, resulting in a more peaceful sleep.

Trustworthy Edge Support and Weight Distribution

When you compare a medium mattress like the AS3 to its firm and soft competitors, this product gives you reliable edge support. This benefit enables you to lie down, sit up, or bend around without forcing you to fall off the bed. The FDA-determined memory foam of the AS3 also spreads out your weight evenly, preventing you from sinking. This mattress is designed to wake you up pain-free.

Customer-Focused Company Policies

Amerisleep is so confident in its product that it gives customers a 100-night trial with all its mattresses, including its best product in the AS3. If you are not satisfied with your sleep during these three months, you can send it back in for free. The company’s products also include a 20-year warranty and free shipping, which lowers the burden and cost of the final consumer for this significant investment.

The Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 was named one of our picks for the Best Mattresses

What We Don't Like

Although there are many positive aspects of the Amerisleep AS3, it does come with one drawback. When you have the product shipped to you, it does not include a white glove delivery. It is beneficial to have someone carefully inspect the product through the distribution chain and set it up for you. But, the design and careful production of the mattress should subside any concerns in this area.


Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep provides the final customer with a consistent value because of its technologically advanced materials and friendly warranties. You cannot go wrong with this product because of its robust and natural memory foam capabilities. Because of the 3-inch pressure-relieving padding, you are guaranteed to receive a perfect night’s sleep with proper back support and cooling air circulation.

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