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Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs

Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or another beverage, sometimes you want to show it off. With Anchor Hocking Café glass coffee mugs, you can check the boxes for both durability and good looks. But how do you know whether these mugs will work in your kitchen? Here, we’ll look at a bit of background on Anchor Hocking, plus discuss what we love and what we don’t like about their glass coffee mugs.

About Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs

Anchor Hocking’s product line features far more than glass coffee mugs. The company has been manufacturing glass in the United States since 1905, and drinkware isn’t the only highlight. Everything from baking dishes to food storage to measuring cups lines their digital store shelves.

While the store started small, these days, Anchor Hocking ships its products worldwide. However, the same attention to detail remains. Though the company originated in a small plant in Ohio, these days, a larger factory (and multiple locations) ensures the brand can meet consumer demand.

Of course, the company’s growth also means more options for glassware. From beverage dispensers to liquor glasses to carafes, bottles, and more, Anchor Hocking offers a huge selection of products for every area of your kitchen.

Which brings us to their café glass coffee mugs. The Anchor Hocking café glass coffee mugs are one of our top picks for the best American-made coffee mugs on the market.

What We Like Best

  • Footed base adds stability during use
  • Tough thick glass construction
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Crystal clear
  • Free delivery on orders over $50

You can’t argue with good looks, and Anchor Hocking’s glass mugs have it. The glass is thick and durable, which is a must for drinkware. But the material also offers a see-through style that meets a range of style and utility needs. Namely, if you want to see—or show off—what’s inside your cup.

From hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot cocoa to cold drinks like lemonade, soda, or even beer, each tall mug provides plenty of capacity for refreshment.

At the same time, a sturdy base keeps your cup from tipping. The footed bottom of the mug adds another element of style. In stark contrast with standard coffee mugs, Anchor Hocking’s aim for an aesthetic appeal you won’t find with cheap ceramic cups at the local store.

A balanced base is a big help since each cup holds 16 ounces. The capacity is ideal for serious coffee and tea drinkers, but the style is versatile for other beverages, too. Crystal-clear glass offers an elegance you don’t usually find in coffee cups.

You can also microwave these glass mugs or run them through the dishwasher. Though they look delicate, the durable glass design and thick walls can handle a bit of a tumble. This means less risk of cracks and breakage.

Glass can also prove healthier than alternative materials since it doesn’t retain smells or stain. It also won’t warp under high stress or heat, and there are no chemicals to contaminate your flavorful cup of tea or coffee.

And while you probably won’t need extras, when you order more than $50 worth of products, Anchor Hocking offers free delivery.

Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs were named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • Shipping is not free for smaller orders
  • Larger capacity can lead to cooler drinks

It’s not ideal that Anchor Hocking skips out on free shipping for smaller orders. Shipping can be expensive, and ordering glassware is already fraught with concern over breakage. Free shipping for all orders would be preferable—or at least a low flat rate.

Another, less minor, concern is that your beverage won’t stay warm as long in these glass-walled cups. With such a high capacity—and a lack of insulation—you can expect your hot drink to cool faster than thick, ceramic wall mugs. Of course, drink fast enough (or top up often), and that won’t be an issue.


Anchor Hocking.

If you want a better-looking mug for any type of beverage, Anchor Hocking’s four-pack of café glass coffee mugs fits the bill. The clear cups with oversized handles and sturdy bases upgrade your beverage sipping experience, no matter what’s inside.

Durability and high quality are crucial for Anchor Hocking, and as a company that’s been around since the 1900s, they know their way around glassware. Of course, while you’re in their online store (or on Amazon), you can select from an entire range of products across every category.

Outfitting not just your coffee mug cabinet but also your pantry and special occasion stemware shelf is easy with Anchor Hocking. With everything made in the United States, quality and excellent customer service are assured.

Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs are available for shipping via their website, but also through Amazon.

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