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Anchor Hocking Wagon Glass Beer Mugs Review

An American made beer mug is the perfect receptacle for your ice-cold beverage. The Wagon Glass Beer Mugs from Anchor Hocking have been constructed using the finest manufacturing processes for ultimate quality and durability. They take great pride in the 100% American manufacturing process, as their quality and craftsmanship have remained unchanged in their past 110+ years in business.

Anchor Hocking produces high-quality glassware in various factories throughout the country. They take the title in delivering the finest glassware, made right in the United States. They specialize in restaurant-grade glassware, making the brand very popular with bars and pubs.

About Anchor Hocking

Founded in 1905 by Issac J. Collins, Anchor Hocking is one of the mainstays of American made glassware. At one time, Anchor Hocking operated the oldest glass manufacturing plant in the country after its merger with Anchor Cap and Closure Corporation in 1937. Anchor Hocking manufactures their products in a variety of different facilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois

Born in Salisbury, Maryland, and raised in Lancaster, Ohio, Collins began working at a glass manufacturing plant and became very interested in the craft. An entrepreneur at heart, Collins decided to go out on his own and founded the Anchor Hocking glass plant in his native Lancaster, Ohio.

He would operate one of the oldest and most successful glass manufacturing companies in the country. An avid horse breeder, Collins was also heavily involved in horse racing and won many championships with his thoroughbreds.

When he formed the company, those taking part had no clue what an impact they would be making in various industries for over a century. Anchor Hocking is one of the only glassware brands formed in the early 20th century that still exists today.

The company was formed with one goal in mind, to craft high-quality glass products that homes need, such as bakeware and drinkware. The high-quality products soon began to gain popularity with restaurants and bars for their quality and durable construction.

They take great pride in their American-made products and continue to show the world the pinnacle of American craftsmanship. The company is the only kind to produce high-quality glassware such as spirit and flint wine bottles. They are constantly growing and currently have around 1,500 employees nationwide.

Anchor Hocking really found its niche in the restaurant industry, manufacturing high-quality mugs and glassware to restaurants throughout the country. They have made many strides in innovation and quality throughout the industry and consider this one of their main attributes for success.

Anchor Hocking also emphasizes the functionality of their product, all while looking stunning in appearance. Because they manufacture their glass by using the best methods available, their glassware is strong enough to withstand the restaurant industry’s rigors.

Anchor Hocking continues to manufacture some of the highest quality glassware available and ensures that each product that leaves their manufacturing facilities meets their stringent standards. With this type of leadership, passion, and quality, Anchor Hocking will continue to be one of the leading manufacturers of glassware for decades to come, and one of our top choices for the best glassware in the USA.

What We Like Best

  • Elegantly styled
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Healthier than plastic
  • Great as gifts

One of the best beer mugs for your cold brew, the Anchor Hocking Wagon Glass Beer Mug will not disappoint. This product is 100% made in America and includes a beautiful paneled design, allowing it to stand out from the rest. The 20 oz. size of these mugs allows them to hold any draft beer with ease.

The clear glass gives onlookers a nice glimpse of your craft brew, which is extra special, especially if you brewed it yourself. Furthermore, designers made the mugs weighted to prevent spills.

Because these mugs are glass, they are perfectly safe and more sustainable than their plastic or metal counterparts. They are BPA free and also dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze. The mugs are also stain-resistant and will not release any harmful chemicals into your beverage.

Due to the glass construction, these mugs will not impede your drink's flavor like plastic or metal mugs would, as often, there is a chemical or metal taste that gets transferred into your drink. These mugs allow you to enjoy any beer or lager in its purest form. The mugs are also handy since they prevent spills or other mishaps that occur with other subpar drinkware.

With their elegant paneled design, these glasses are great as gifts and will capture anyone’s attention. These are great for friends or family who enjoy craft beer and want a clear mug to show it off.

The Anchor Hocking Wagon Glass Beer Mug was named one of our top picks for the Best Glassware Made in the USA Today.

What We Wish Was Different

  • Quality control issues

Although the Wagon Glass Beer Mugs are top of the line drinkware, we noticed that a few of the glasses we ordered came broken out of the box. Furthermore, some glasses look as if they didn’t break apart from the mold correctly, and a shard of glass was present on the bottom.

How these mugs come packaged is not sufficient and could pose various problems during shipping to your home or restaurant.

It is important to note that although these mugs experience some issues during shipping, they remain one of the best on the market. These are mugs you purchase and keep for a lifetime, not throw away after light use.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Anchor Hocking Wagon Glass Beer Mugs are some of the best available. They are durable, safe, and built using the utmost American craftsmanship. They designed these products for you to enjoy lagers and ales without any additional tastes from the glass. Additionally, they are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

They have free shipping for orders over a certain amount and provide a 5-year warranty. If you are willing to flip the coin on shipping, this glass is a durable, quality-crafted mug for any drink that will last decades, guaranteed.

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