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Chumba USA URSA Major Titanium 1.0

The Chumba USA Ursa Major Titanium 1.0 offers a well-built, high-performing fat tire bike versatile enough to handle everything from beach cruising to snowy trail rides. The quality construction and handling even allow the bike to do alright in traditional mountain biking contexts. Named for the constellation Ursa Major, “the Great Bear,” this bike feels positively beastly. The stellar-chart inspired name also speaks to the bike’s ability to handle serious adventure, from quick after-work rides …

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Rolling Sands Water Bottles

A quality water bottle provides a lot of value. After all, you drink several liters of water every day. There are many different product options on the market, so you must look for sustainable, healthy, and convenient alternatives. Today, we look at the Rolling Sands water bottle, which provides an environmentally friendly, cost-effective option for you and your family. This article highlights the company, the rundown on its water bottles, what we like about these …

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Softstar Quick Dry DASH RunAmoc Shoes Review

Softstar Shoes is one of my favorite sneaker brands made in the USA. I’ve tried their PRIMAL RunAmoc shoes before, so when they released their Quick Dry DASH RunAmoc shoes, I was really eager to try them. Below is my Quick Dry DASH RunAmoc shoes review with details on my experience with them, some pros and cons, and who they might be a good fit for. About Softstar Shoes First off, if you’re unfamiliar with …

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Are Frisco Pet Products Made in the USA?

You’ve likely come across Frisco if you have a pet and shop on Chewy.com. They are one of the most popular pet brands on Chewy.com and for one glaring reason – the brand is owned exclusively by Chewy.com. So, naturally, they promote a lot of their own products similar to Amazon and other big retailers. They sell pet products under the Frisco brand in a variety of categories but have the widest product selection in …

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Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries

If Rogue Industries’ front pocket wallet doesn’t look like your typical wallet, that’s because it isn’t your typical wallet. Rogue Industries designed this wallet to be carried in the front pocket instead of the back. By carrying a front pocket wallet, you decrease your risk of being pickpocketed and even back pain. If you’re looking for a well-made wallet that will hold your cash, credit cards, and ID that’s shaped to fit the shape of …

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Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch

Not everyone needs a large wallet to store their belongings. If you want a simple leather pouch to carry small items in, consider the Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch. This American-made product can store the necessities without taking up space. Friday&River produces its high-quality products in San Diego, California, using eco-friendly materials. They offer wallets, cardholders, lanyards, keychains, watch bands, memento coins, candles, and jewelry at their store, so they know how to make quality …

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Is Gibson Dinnerware Made in the USA?

Gibson Home is a brand you’ll see promoted a lot on Southern Living, Good Housekeeping, and a bunch of other popular sites. Gibson was founded in 1979 and immediately began producing not just dinnerware, but other kitchen items like cookware, cutlery, glassware, flatware, and other items to fill out your pantry. Fast forward to today, they are one of the most extensive sellers of dinnerware on Amazon and tons of other popular retail websites. Gibson …

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The Best Products Made in Michigan

Michigan is such a beautiful state in our great nation. It is in the heart of the Midwest and touches a ton of the Great Lakes – Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and of course Lake Michigan are all touching the state border. But beautiful landscapes isn’t all this great state has going for it. Michigan has been at the heart of American manufacturing for a long time. It is widely considered to be …

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Is SentrySafe Made in the USA?

SentrySafe is a very popular pistol safe and home safe manufacturer that has been around since 1930. They were founded by John Brush and his brother-in-law Willard Punnett in Rochester, New York where they initially began stamping steel safes (they were originally called The Brush-Punnett Company). In 1987, they changed their name to Sentry Group and the rest is history. They quickly became one of the most popular safe manufacturers in the country for fire-resistant …

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Is Chicago Cutlery Made in the USA?

Chicago Cutlery is a very well known brand in the kitchen knives industry and dates back all the way to 1930 when the company began as a knife sharpening service for butchers in the Chicago stockyards. Fast forward to the 1960s and they started producing their own knives available in homes across the country. Today, they are owned by a much larger kitchen products conglomerate – Corelle Brands (also referred to as Instant Brands, which …

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