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Mike is our head researcher and reviews tools, sporting equipment, and a variety of other products.

Best Gun Safes

We researched and tested gun safes to find out which ones are made in America and to help you make the right decision on which safe is best for you. Below are our findings and recommendations along with everything that went into our research process. Our Findings Overall, American Security Products and Liberty Safes are the two best manufacturers we found that make their safes right here in the United States. We broke out our …

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Best NASCAR Headsets

We researched, purchased, and tested NASCAR headsets made in the USA to find the best products to tote with you to the speedway for years to come. Below are our recommendations along with the factors that we considered in our research. You’ll want a scanner to go with your headset as well, so we did the research for you on those as well. Our Findings If you go to more than a few NASCAR races …

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Best NASCAR Race Scanners

If you go to more than a couple NASCAR races in your lifetime, it’s worth investing in a radio scanner and headset versus renting them at the track. We researched products made all across the U.S. to find the best NASCAR radio scanners on the market. Here are our findings along with all of the factors that we considered in our research. Also be sure to check out our research for the best headsets for …

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