Basis Pet Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Review

While seemingly a really simple item for your pet, dog bowls can be pretty hit or miss. Some dog bowls that are made overseas break easily, or worse, contain chemical residue from the manufacturing process that could be harmful to your pup. So, when we set out to find dog bowls that are made in the USA, Basis Pet came on our radar with their no-frills stainless steel dog bowls.

Below is my experience with them (with my dog Deuce of course) over the last several months, including what we liked, and what we didn't like about them. Let's dive into it!

About Basis Pet

Basis Pet got started in 2011 by a guy named Mike Florucci and is based in Vermont. Mike founded Basis Pet after he met his dog, Ono (a Shiba Inu), and wanted to provide Ono with only the best.

However, when Mike started his research, he was sorely disappointed with the lack of quality pet products like dog bowls that are out on the market today. So, he founded Basis Pet to change that.

Basis Pet doesn't sell a ton of products; they focus on getting just a few things right. In addition to dog bowls, they offer cat bowls and bowl stands - all made in the USA.

So, what makes this small shop so special? It's the care they put into every single one of their bowls and feeders, which Deuce and I experienced first hand.

What We Like Best

  • Very durable and virtually dent-proof
  • Easy to clean
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Lots of size options

Deuce and I have been testing out two large stainless steel dog bowls from Basis Pet. In summary, Deuce and I love these bowls for a number of reasons. Let's start with construction.

These dog bowls are made from 18/8 stainless steel and you can certainly see and feel it. We have knocked these bowls around a lot since April 2021 when we first got them and there are virtually no dents or scratches on them. Why is that important? Scratches are often an issue with plastic pet bowls because they become harder to clean over time and the plastic coming off the bowl could be harmful for your dog or cat. That is certainly not the case with these Basis Pet bowls.

The stainless steel construction also helps with cleaning. They are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean by hand. Even with some sticky food residue at the bottom of Deuce's food bowl, I can rinse it out in the sink for 10 seconds and it is completely clean again.

We also love that Basis Pet bowls have zero harmful chemicals in them and go through a rigorous metallurgical analysis and third-party lab testing process to make sure every batch doesn't contain chemicals like lead, mercury, and cadmium. That third-party lab service they use is accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), too.

Lastly, we really like all the size options that Basis Pet has which can accommodate a lot of different dogs. For context, Deuce is close to 70 lbs and the large bowl size fits him best. Basis Pet has four sizes - small, medium, large, and extra large (dimensions below). So, you should be able to find something that fits your dog breed.

Basis Pet is one of our picks for the Best Dog Bowls Made in the USA

What We Don't Like

  • No grip on the bottom
  • Shipping not included

We couldn't find much that we didn't like with the Basis Pet stainless steel dog bowls. The only potential downside is the lack of grip on the bottom of the bowls, so if you set them down on a tile or wood surface, they will likely slide around. Basis Pet offers a non-slip mat and feeders that we mentioned earlier which you can buy to prevent that.

Basis Pet also does not include the cost of shipping in the base price of the product, so just know that as you're shopping around and calculating your potential total cost.


Overall, we were really impressed by the Basis Pet stainless steel dog bowls. They are incredibly well constructed and built to last for years to come. Plus, with all the extensive testing they put these bowls through, you won't have to worry about the health and safety of your pup. What do you think? Do you have Basis Pet dog bowls? Let us know your thoughts or if you have any questions at all.

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