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Bear Mattress Review

It's not often where the technology of a mattress isn't just about sleep, but the Bear mattress has taken the mattress game up a notch. Bear makes mattresses aimed at the athletic market, that help your muscles help recover while you sleep.

With added cooling technology, excellent weight distribution, and a 100 night trial period, there's nothing about this mattress that we don't love. If you live an active lifestyle and want your sleep to aid with that, then this is the mattress for you.

About Bear Mattress

Since 2015, Bear has been in the market of helping people get better rest and heal while they sleep. They've employed a team of medical professionals and athletes to focus on the unique niche of post-workout recovery.

The primary way the Bear mattress claims to promote recovery is through its Celliant cover. Celliant is a patented material that uses your body's energy to help with healing. It has been proven through clinical trials to have several beneficial effects.

Celliant reflects what your body creates back into your body using infrared light. The infrared light claims to support your body by improving circulation, increasing oxygenation to your cells, relieving pain, and regulating temperature.

When you increase the blood flow and oxygenation in your body through infrared, it's better able to perform healing and pain relief. While the infrared also helps your body improve its own temperature regulation, the Celliant also breathes and cools, preventing heat retention throughout the night, which could cause soreness. Between the cooling the blood flow, this mattress is designed to heal.

You would think that a cover woven from this technology might be stiff, but the cover is soft and comfortable. The top of the mattress is covered in a 2" memory foam that has a slow pressure response. It ensures that you'll get immediate pressure relief as soon as you lay down. This layer also has graphite in it, which prevents foam's natural tendency to trap heat.

Underneath the top layer of the foam is a slightly firmer layer. This layer helps keep the sleeper from sinking in too far, a problem with one layer memory foam mattresses. At the same time, it gives you a buffer between the top layer and the extra firm base, so that no part of your body sinks in and uncomfortably hits the firm poly-foam.

The base layer is made of 6" high-density foam. It gives the mattress firm support, with enough mobility that combination sleepers will be able to move around. The three layers combined allow for a firm mattress with the right lift, with excellent pressure relief.

The motion transfer of this mattress is also less than most all-foam mattresses. While you'll get better results with lack of motion transfer than beds that focus on that problem, the Bear sill evens out pressure pretty well. If you sleep with a partner, you shouldn't be too bothered by their tossing at night.

What We Like Best

  • Its unique materials help you heal while you sleep.
  • It has a 100 night trial period.
  • There's a 10-year warranty.
  • Shipping is free in the USA.
  • Bear donates 1% of its proceeds to the Good Sports Charity.

The fact that the Bear is specifically designed for recovery is a huge selling point. The technology in the mattress is designed to increase and oxygenate your blood flow while cooling you down and releasing pressure. Whether you're an athlete or not, this mattress is designed to make your life and sleep better.

Even if you're unsure about if the Bear is right for you, you don't have to worry about your investment. It has a 100 night trial period, which gives you time to break in the mattress and let your body adjust to it. Most people will be able to tell after a month if a bed is right for them, but Bear gives you well over three months to make your decision.

The bed also comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping. True to their niche, Bear also shows that it cares about athletes by donating par too their proceeds to an athletic charity.

The Bear Mattress was named one of our picks for the Best Mattresses

What We Don't Like

We realize that not every mattress is right for every individual, but the unique qualities of this bed make it truly special. We think that most people could benefit from the use of a Bear.


Bear Mattress

The Bear mattress is ideal for people who care about extra recovery while they sleep. The structure is supportive and firm, while still giving the comfort and relief of memory foam. With the inset graphite and cooling Celliant, you also won't have any of the heat retention issues that are common in foam beds.

The Bear is a mattress worth trying, and if you don't love it, you can always send it back with their full money-back guarantee!

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