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When it comes to bringing fragrance and a soft glow to any room in your home, there’s nothing better than candles. They can also mask odors from pets or cooking and even decrease stress. That’s why we did extensive research to find candles that are made in the USA and find out which ones shine above the rest. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations along with extensive details about each product and the methodology behind our picks. For all of our research, scroll to the bottom of the article and you’ll see a big list of all the brands we found that are made here and some popular brands that are not made here. Enjoy!

Our Findings

After conducting our research, we found several American candle manufacturers that made the cut for each of the categories we examined. Bluecorn Beeswax prides itself on using the purest, most natural ingredients. Lucky Thirteen Candles, which makes aromatherapy candles that produce massage oil, are the best for self-care. And the David Oreck Candle Company offers an amazing variety of candles, including ones designed to eliminate cooking or pet odors. More details on each of these brands below!

Top Recommendations

Best CandlesBest for:
Bluecorn Beeswax CandlesHealth and Environment
Lucky Thirteen CandlesSelf-Care
David Oreck CandlesOdor Elimination

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Below are some additional details on each of our top picks – product features, how they tested against the competition, what we liked, and some things we didn’t like.

Best Candles for Your Health and the Environment

Bluecorn Beeswax Candles

This Montrose, Colorado company, founded in 1991, makes candles from clean, natural ingredients. They sell aromatherapy, tea lights, tapers, pillars, votives, glassware, travel tins, lanterns, holiday, ceremony, and bulk beeswax.

Bluecorn uses only premium beeswax cappings, a sustainable byproduct of the honey harvest that leaves the comb intact for the bees to reuse. Their wax is naturally and lightly filtered using a filter press. This process removes particulate from the wax that would otherwise make its way into the wick and weaken the flame.

Bluecorn’s wicks are always cotton or a blend of paper and cotton. They never use zinc or lead-core wicks.

The company uses 100% pure essential oils for their candles. To color their candles, Bluecorn uses a liquid aniline dye that contain no chemicals classified as harmful or toxic nor any CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) or PBT (persistent, bio accumulative, toxic) substances.

Mike visited Bluecorn Beeswax out in Colorado recently too! Check out our YouTube channel for a full behind-the-scenes tour.

Things we like:

  • They are healthy and safe because they are made from natural ingredients.
  • The subtle scent from these candles is ideal for those with chemical sensitivity issues.

Things we don’t like:

  • Some candles are small for the price, but worth it in our opinion.

Best Candles for Self-Care

Lucky Thirteen Candles

Amina Mack, an attorney from the Philadelphia area, founded the Lucky Thirteen Candle Company in 2020. She hand-crafts 3-in-1 aromatherapy candles. Once a candle has been burning for a while and the scent has you feeling relaxed, you can blow it out and use the wax as a massage oil that improves circulation and relieves muscle aches as well as moisturizing your skin.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with these candles. A few of their most popular candles are sold out though, so you may have to just go with something they have in stock or wait it out.

Things we like:

  • They smell great without being too overpowering.
  • The massage oil/moisturizer is ideal for dry skin.

Things we don’t like:

  • Some of their products may be sold out.

Best Candles for Odor Elimination

David Oreck Candles

These candles are poured at a Greensboro, North Carolina factory using a proprietary, natural soy wax formula. The cotton wicks are lead-free and all products are phthalate-free and paraben-free.

David Oreck’s most popular lines include Pure Air Odor Eliminating candles and melts, Pet Odor Eliminating Candles and melts, Oreck Select and Oreck Select Lux Candles and melts, Three Wick scented soy candles and melts, and Aromatherapy blended essential oil candles.

Things we like:

  • The candles burn all the way down instead of down through the middle, meaning they last longer.
  • They contain natural ingredients.
  • The odor elimination candles are very effective.

Things we don’t like:

  • We wish there were more essential oils.

Full List Of USA Made Candle Brands

YouTube Video: How to Find Candles Made in the USA

Factors We Considered

People look at several factors when shopping for candles. Some want candles that produce lots of fragrance, while others with allergies or upper respiratory ailments may prefer something with a very light scent. Candle wax can produce toxins, so many savvy connoisseurs rely on brands that use natural ingredients. These candles can be expensive, but they generally last a long time. Finally, the wick is a key element of any candle.

Therefore, we took the following factors into consideration when comparing candles: wax, fragrance, and wick. 


Most mass-produced candles are made from paraffin wax. These candles are less expensive than other options. However, they are not good for the environment because paraffin comes from petroleum. When these candles are burned, they release both carbon and oil into the atmosphere. They can even be bad for your health because of the harsh chemicals they produce when lit.

Beeswax is one natural option to paraffin. It’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t require chemical processing during production. However, it’s an animal product, so it’s a no-go for vegans.

The third option is soy wax, which is also natural and biodegradable. These candles also burn slow and release less soot into the air.


The variety of candle fragrances out there can be overwhelming. A good place to start when making your choice is determining how strong a scent you want. Obviously, if you have a sensitive nose and throat due to allergies or other conditions, you will want a more subtle fragrance. However, it that’s not an issue and you plan to burn the candle in a large room rather than a small space, you may want to go with a stronger scent.

Fragrance is more powerful than you might think. It can even change your mood. For example, lavender or sandalwood can help you relax, while citrus scents are energizing.

An important thing to keep in mind is that while candles made with standard fragrance oils are cheaper than essential oils, they often aren’t made with animal cruelty prevention in mind and may produce toxins. Essential oils, on the other hand, are 100% natural.

Finally, if you want to mask cooking or pet odors by burning candles, some varieties are made especially for that purpose.


Choosing candles with the right wick is crucial for a number of reasons. The wick controls the size of the flame and how long it lasts. The bigger the diameter of the wick, the bigger the flame. However, a thicker wick also means the candle will burn faster.

Some wicks are more toxic than others. Choosing an organic cotton or hemp wick is the best way to prevent the release of harmful chemicals when the candle is burned.

Candles Not Made in the USA

Here are some of the brands we found that are not made here. Leave us a message if you find any others that we should add to this list! We are constantly updating it based on our research.

  • 1820co. – some components are sourced from France, Germany and Spain, while some manufacturing takes place in India, China, and Mexico.
  • Aunt Sadie’s – some of the wax is shipped from Canada, and the tins are sourced from China.
  • Bee Hive Candles – candle accessories are made in China, and the essential oils are gathered worldwide.
  • Big Dipper Wax Works – some materials are sourced from China, Canada, and Argentina.
  • Archipelago Botanicals — some materials are globally sourced.
  • Belle Fleur – a few materials are sourced globally; the oils are made in Grasse, France.
  • Bridgewater Candle Company — materials are sourced from multiple vendors worldwide.
  • Brooklyn Candle Studio – some raw materials are sourced internationally.
  • Calyan Wax Co. – some glassware is ordered from China.
  • Capri Blue – some of the materials are sourced globally.
  • Christina Maser – some of the fragrance components are sourced internationally.
  • Goose Creek — some ingredients are globally sourced.
  • Himalayan Candles – the vessels are sourced from India.
  • ILLUME – some vessels, components and raw materials are sourced globally.
  • Le Feu De L’eau — fragrances come from ingredients sourced all over the world, including Europe and the Middle East.
  • Light 4 Life Cause – a few glass vessels come from China.
  • Milkhouse Candle Company – some glass and hardware is sourced outside of the USA.
  • Skeem Design – some materials are sourced globally.
  • Waxing Kara – the containers are from different countries all over the world.
  • Way Out Wax – Some essential oils are sourced from other countries, including France, Italy and Bulgaria.
  • Yankee Candle – materials are sourced from all over the world.

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