Best Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses Made in the USA

When training your dog and walking him or her on a daily basis, it’s important to have a high-quality leash, harness, and collar. We did the research to find out who’s making the best in class products for each of those items right here in the USA. Below are our findings along with details on everything we considered in our research process.

Our Findings

While searching for the best dog collars, leashes, and harnesses made in the USA, we found 8 brands that rose to the top of the competition. We found a few leaders for specific products like Up Country for collars and Signature K9 for leashes, but there are also a ton of brands who are doing all three of those products well. So, wherever we’ve categorized a brand as “options” below, that means they have all types of products available: collars, leashes, and harnesses.

Top Recommendations

Best Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses Best for:
Up Country Collars for Style Selection
The Artful Canine Martingale Collars
Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash Leather Dog Leash
Freedom No-Pull Harness Overall Harness
Cycle Dog Eco-Friendly Options
Found My Animal Rope Options
Tactipup Tactical Options
BrilliantK9 Custom Options

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Below we break down each of our product selections, we explain why we’ve selected them, what we like, and what we don’t like about each one.

Best Dog Collars for Style Selection

Up Country

When searching for ribbon-style dog collars, it’s hard to beat the products made by Up Country. They are durable, comfortable, and have a ton of style options. We love that the collars are offered in more than 100 different styles. There are so many different prints, patterns, and colors that you can get a different looking collar for every day of the week if you’d like. Each of these collars is made from high-tensile nylon webbing that’s fray and stain resistant for longevity. They are entirely machine washable and come in eight different size options for the perfect fit for all your dogs. Every collar features Coast Guard approved buckles, and they come with cast hardware that should hold up to moisture very well. They’re just tough collars that come in any look that you want, and that makes them a good all-purpose collar.

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Things we like:

  • 100 different design options
  • 8 different size options
  • Durable
  • Stain and fray resistant
  • Cast hardware
  • Coast Guard approved buckles
  • Machine washable
  • Sizing chart

Things we don’t like:

  • No different hardware options

Best Martingale Collars

The Artful Canine

The Artful Canine makes a high quality Martingale-style collar for dogs that don’t like having collars pulled over their heads. Collars made by this company are handcrafted from tough nylon and are built to last for many years. We love that these collars come with a wide range of color options for the nylon strap, the hardware, and the sizing adjuster slide. The collars also come in 10 different size options and the company offers a video to help you pick out the perfect size for your dog for a reliable fit every time. Each of these collars is built to last and they come featuring a one-year warranty. It’s important to make sure you get the right size collar when buying these, because they are handmade custom products and cannot be returned once you order them. You can check out our entire The Artful Canine breakdown for more information on this brand.

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Things we like:

  • 10 different sizing options
  • Custom nylon, buckle and sizer colors
  • Attachable ID ring
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Sizing video available
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Handcrafted construction

Things we don’t like:

  • Custom collars cannot be returned

Best Leather Dog Leash

Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash

Signature K9 offers a good solid leather leash for dog training that’s durable and smooth to hold. We love that the leash is constructed from Latigo leather and that it comes with beveled edges for a nice smooth grip every time. These leashes are available in 7 different sizes and should give you just the amount of slack that you’re looking for. Each leash is handcrafted by Amish craftsmen and they come with reliable brass hardware. As long as they are cared for properly, they should perform well for a long time.

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Things we like:

  • 7 different size options
  • Affordable
  • Law enforcement grade product
  • Made from Latigo Leather
  • American made by Amish craftsmen
  • Beveled edge for comfort
  • Tough brass hardware

Things we don’t like:

  • Leashes can come with some rough spots

Best Overall Harness

Freedom No-Pull Harness

Most harnesses make it possible for dogs to pull as much as they like, making them poor options for walking a canine that isn’t leash trained carefully. The Freedom No-Pull Harness is a unique product because of how it works. This harness has a tensioner that creates tightness around the dog whenever it pulls. This mechanism should help teach a dog not to pull over time. We love that these harnesses are offered in seven different sizes and in 18 different color configurations. Each harness is crafted from tough nylon webbing and good sturdy hardware. There are multiple points for attaching a leash to these harnesses for advanced control and training options. They even come with a repair guarantee. The creators will make repairs to damaged harnesses for a very small fee if any issues do arise, making these harnesses heavily reliable over time.

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Things we like:

  • Offered in 18 different color combinations
  • 7 different size options to choose from
  • Tough nylon webbing construction
  • Unique no-pull design
  • 4-way or 10-way harness options
  • Multiple buckle attachment points

Things we don’t like:

  • Thinner nylon than what’s used on some other harnesses

Best Eco-Friendly Options

Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog offers a collection of leashes, harnesses, and collars that are soft to the touch, durable, and eco-friendly all at the same time. These products are crafted from recycled products like upcycled innertube rubber, making them one of the most environmentally-conscious leash, collar, or harness options available today. If you’re looking for a sturdy product that’s soft to the touch for your pup, you’ll be delighted with the performance of these products from Cycle Dog. They come in a range of colors and patterns, and they’re diverse enough to meet the needs of most owners well.

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Things we like:

  • Crafted from upcycled innertube rubber or other recycled materials
  • Durable construction
  • Different colors and pattern options
  • Oregon made

Things we don’t like:

  • Variable construction each time

Best Rope Options

Found My Animal

Found My Animal offers a tough rope leash option that creates a reliable hold for stubborn dogs. Mike’s dog Deuce is 70 lbs. and very strong and this leash held up very well on their walks. These leashes are made from hand-spliced and whipped marine-grade nylon rope and are very durable in construction. Each of the ropes features a brass carabiner at either end, and can be used for walking dogs in different configurations. These rope-style leashes aren’t cheap, but we love that they are offered in many different color options. They can be used for walking multiple dogs at the same time, worn around the waist for hands-free dog walking, or used as a standard leash with a looped handle at the end. Each of these leashes is built to last, and they come in three different sizes to give you just the right amount of length that you want.

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Things we like:

  • Handcrafted construction
  • Hand-spliced and whipped
  • Solid brass carabiners
  • Marine-grade nylon rope construction
  • Variable use configurations

Things we don’t like:

  • Just 3 size options
  • Pricey

Best Tactical Options


We were really impressed by the dog collars, leashes, and harnesses coming from Tactipup. They make their products at the same standards that the U.S. Military relies on for its dogs today. That means that every harness, collar, or leash is built to withstand thousands of pounds of force. We love the military-style connectors used on the leashes. These frog-clips are tough metal and designed to snap into place quickly and easily on the proper equipment. Each piece of equipment from Tactipup is built from military-grade webbing and they make use of welded silver hardware that’s built for years of operation in poor weather conditions. These accessories are incredibly reliable.

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Things we like:

  • Overbuilt construction quality
  • Silver welded hardware
  • Military grade webbing
  • Withstands 1000’s of pounds of force during use
  • Different sizing options
  • Use military connectors

Things we don’t like:

  • Expensive equipment

Best Custom Options


BrilliantK9 offers a massive selection of custom-crafted leashes and harnesses for different dog types. These products are built from durable materials and designed to last well over time. We were impressed by all the different custom color and print options available specifically for the harnesses. The leashes can be had in different materials, different lengths, and different color options as well. Whether you are getting a product made from thick ribbon, tough nylon, paracord, or another custom material, each is built with thick stitching, reliable joinery, and good solid construction practices. If you want a custom harness or leash, you’re likely to be impressed by the options offered at BrilliantK9, just make sure you take your time going through the sizing directions and measuring your pup to get a good fit.

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Things we like:

  • Top grade construction
  • Excellent color customization
  • Custom fabric options

Things we don’t like:

  • Sizing can be a bit confusing

Recap: Best Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses Made in the USA

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Factors We Considered


When it comes to these types of products for your dog, one specific material isn’t considered the best. Instead, we looked to see that the products are made from materials that can stand the wear of tear of everyday dog life. We looked for weather-grade hardware such as stainless steel, solid brass, and welded silver construction. We also looked for tough webbing material made from nylon or military-grade webbing. We tried to stay away from leather for the most part, it doesn’t stand up well to a lot of moisture and wear and tear. If you’re interested in leather pet products, you have to pay close attention to leather quality to ensure that it doesn’t split or crack and that it’s thick enough and cured properly.

Sizing Options and Fit

When ordering collars, leashes and harnesses, one of the most important considerations is the fit of the product. If these products don’t fit properly, they aren’t going to function well at all. That’s why we spent so much time testing to make sure each product we put on our list is sized precisely. When testing out these brands, we took measurements on our test pups, and we made sure that the fit of every product is spot-on. As long as sizing is performed with care, you should get a good snug fit that performs as expected with these products. Most of our selections come with an in-depth sizing guide or video as well, making it easier to get that perfect fit.

Craftsmanship and Construction

Many of the products on our list are handcrafted. When dealing with hand-constructed products, it’s important to look at the construction process. We examined the stitching of each product, the joinery between sections, the hardware quality, and the finish quality. Material selection doesn’t matter if it’s constructed poorly, which is why we looked for expert-level craftsmanship in each and every product.

Customization and Appearance

Dog harnesses and accessories like leashes are part of the personality and look of your pup. They sometimes serve as a fashion statement for dog owners, and those owners are going to care about the way that the products look. That’s why we paid attention to the aesthetics of a product as well. We want those leashes and collars to look good. They should be crafted well and look nice with pleasant colors, patterns, and customization options. Also, every dog is a little bit different and doesn’t always fit into the mold of the size options that a brand has. Having a little bit of room for customization helps you get the perfect fit every time.

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