Best Dumbbells Made in the USA

Dumbbells are an excellent investment for people who want to stay in shape, but might be limited on space for larger pieces of workout equipment. We set out to unearth some of the most hidden secrets about the best American-made dumbbells, and honestly, we got what we wanted. Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or getting back into shape, the findings and recommendations outlined below are enough to get you a great set of dumbbells.

Our Findings

After extensive digging, we ended up with only 3 top-quality dumbbells that are made in the USA and stand out from the rest: PowerBlock, Iron Grip, and Goldens’, which is interesting in its own right given that they make everything from dumbbells to grills (more on that later). We highlight each of our top picks below, including all the details from our review and some of the standout features.

Top Recommendations

Best Dumbbells Best for:
PowerBlock USA Elite Series Adjustable Dumbbells Adjustable Dumbbells
Iron Grip Commercial Gyms
Goldens’ Cast Iron Dumbbells Cast Iron Dumbbells

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Here are some additional details for our top picks, along with explanations of where they are from and what we like and dislike about them.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock USA Elite Series Adjustable Dumbbells

When it comes to adjustable dumbbells, PowerBlock is a leader and an innovator. While the rectangular profile may seem a bit unusual, it actually works pretty well for most movements. When I was testing them out in my home gym, I was able to easily do all basic movements and they felt really sturdy and not very awkward. The only movement I could see being a bit tough would be something like an over-the-head tricep extension or something similar where you have to grab the end of the dumbbell rather than the handle.

Having been in the market for more than 25 years, PowerBlock dumbbells are certainly the first choice for many due to their space-saving design. We can confidently attest that PowerBlocks are by far the best space-saving dumbbells on the market. They just measure 12″L x 6″ W x 6″ H.

This adjustable dumbbell is designed to meet the varying demands of workout routines and if you’re the type of person that wants something simple, then this is the route to take. Unlike other adjustable dumbbells, they don’t rely on a dial system to set and change weight. I was pleasantly surprised when testing these adjustable dumbbells about how easy they were to change weight. There is a small plastic slide on the left side of the dumbbell that you use to switch positions and pick up more or less weight. It takes about 2 seconds to adjust, which is way better than a lot of other adjustable dumbbells on the market today where you have to remove and add weight plates manually.

If you want weights that are easy to transition, PowerBlock has you covered. The weights range from 5-50 lbs. but are adjustable to 70 and 90 lbs. PowerBlock is one of the most affordable adjustable dumbbells out there too. On the downside, the USA Elite Series is the only model that is made in the USA by PowerBlock, their other models are made elsewhere.

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Things we like:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Even weight distribution
  • Space-saving

Things we don’t like:

  • Awkward for some overhead lifts
  • A little noisy

Best for Commercial Gyms

Iron Grip

Iron Grip dumbbells exhibit unparalleled commercial quality, making them the best fit for gyms and clubs. The amazing, comfy look of these selectorized dumbbells may fool you into thinking that they won’t give the desired results. But they are super high quality and come with different weight levels to give you a full-body dumbbell workout plan.

Regardless of your workout goals, Iron Grip dumbbells should work well for most folks and your goals, be it growing your biceps or burning fat.

Moving on to the heads, these dumbbells have solid steel heads drilled and bored precisely for tolerance and to resist rolling across the floor or off the benches. Iron Grip urethane-encased dumbbells come in three handle styles: the straight handle (undisputedly the bestselling type), XL handle for athletic training, and contour handle for people who value comfort.

The steel handles of these dumbbells are ergonomically designed for efficiency and added comfort. After days of comparing Iron Grip dumbbells with other bulky pro-style dumbbells on the market, we can confidently attest that they’re the easiest to handle. Unfortunately, there isn’t a checkout experience on the Iron Grip website, so you need to contact them about prices and ordering.

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Things we like:

  • 12-sided head for safety
  • Durable- doesn’t degrade like rubber dumbbells
  • Engraved weight sizes
  • Non-custom and Custom sizes of up to 175 lbs.
  • 5-year commercial-use warranty against breakage

Things we don’t like:

  • You need to contact company for pricing

Best Cast Iron Dumbbells

Goldens’ Cast Iron Dumbbells

We could tell that Goldens’ Cast Iron dumbbell is of excellent quality from first glance. Golden Foundry, the parent company of Goldens’ Cast Iron, has been in operation for almost 150 years, effectively gaining the experience needed to manufacture quality weight and gym equipment.

This set of dumbbells can withstand any sort of daily wear and tear or being tossed on the ground, and they’re made to last for years. The dumbbells feature a smooth sand textured grip for added comfort and high performance. What separates Goldens’ Cast Irons from their competitors – both the good and not so good – is how easy it is to change from one weight level to the other and how their weights can increase.

Available in 10 different sizes from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs. in 5-lb increments, these dumbbells are good for most folks unless you need some serious weight for more powerlifting exercises. However, Goldens’ Cast Iron dumbbells cost varies greatly for a pair and are among the most expensive dumbbells on our list. It’s a serious investment, for sure, but these dumbbells will set you up for unforgettable, lifetime workouts. No plastic here – another big plus.

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Things we like:

  • High quality
  • Safe
  • Extra durability
  • Variety of weight levels

Things we don’t like:

  • Same handle styles
  • Pricey

Recap: Best Dumbbells Made in the USA

Factors We Considered


How much room do you have? The dumbbells in this guide don’t take up lots of space, be it at home or in a commercial gym. However, the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell is your best option if you have very little workout space.

Purpose and Sizes Available

We know better that the goals of buying dumbbells differ. But whether it’s just for keeping fit, bodybuilding, or strength training, we carefully selected the dumbbells to meet your goals. Further, we chose dumbbells for made commercial purposes, home use, or both.

We also considered size options. If you’re looking to build serious muscle, dumbbell sets that only go up to 50 lbs. probably aren’t going to cut it. So, we made sure to include multiple size options for all types of lifters.


No one wants to buy dumbbells that won’t last for a year. That’s why we went for steel and iron-made dumbbells to give you a long service. Again, we love that brands like PowerBlocks offer decade-long warranties for home use.


Accidents are not uncommon in the gym space. This is the reason why we wanted dumbbells that don’t roll dangerously. For example, the 12-sided Iron Grip dumbbell and the rectangular PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell rarely move on their own. Rest assured that everyone is safe when using any of the mentioned dumbbells.


While some people might not care about good-looking gym equipment, others may find motivation in a stylish set of dumbbells. We made sure to choose dumbbells of different colors, finishes, as well as head and handle styles to cover a range of preferences and interests.

Brand Reputation

A positive brand helps build confidence in people and this is something we couldn’t ignore in gym equipment. When selecting the best dumbbells, we considered the number of years the companies have been in existence and how long they’ve been manufacturing these products.

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