Best Kettlebells Made in the USA

Whether you’re a gym owner or looking to expand your home gym, kettlebells are great additions. These weights allow for the combination of strength and cardio training to create unique workouts you’ll never get tired of. If you’ve started your search for the best kettlebells, you may have noticed there are tons of options. You will find kettlebells made from various materials, various weights, and some that are produced all over the world with varying quality. We set out to find the best American made kettlebells. Here we break down what we found in our research and what we like and don’t like about each so you can choose which one is the best for you.

Our Findings

When we set out to research the best kettlebells made in the USA, we were surprised when we found only a couple of options: Rogue and USA-Iron. That’s it; we couldn’t find any more options made in the USA. They produce similar products, but they find ways to shine differently than their competitors. Below you’ll find a deep dive into our research of both products and why we consider them the best.

Top Recommendations

Best Kettlebells Best for:
Rogue Kettlebell Overall Quality
USA-Iron Kettlebells Good Value

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Check out some additional details for each of our top picks, along with what we liked and didn’t like about each one.

Best Quality Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebell

Rogue Fitness has been producing and selling different gym equipment and apparel since 2010 from their home base in Ohio. A variety of their products are manufactured internationally, but they’ve started a campaign to produce domestic kettlebells and also have a lot of their strength equipment made in the USA as well like power racks and weight benches.

Their kettlebells range in weight from 13 pounds up to 88 pounds, which is a pretty large weight selection especially if you need multiple options for a home gym. If you order a kettlebell ranging from 13 to 44 pounds, it will be made of Class 30 Grey Iron, and products from 53 pounds and up are produced with Ductile Iron. These materials are used because they’re high-quality and are resistant to corrosion.

They offer a powder and E coat, but the powder coat is preferable because it provides a better grip when using the kettlebells and is scratch resistant. Overall, Rogue offers high-quality kettlebells that are made to last.

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Things we like:

  • A large selection of weights
  • Durable and quality materials
  • Good grip
  • In stock

Things we don’t like:

  • None

Good Value

USA-Iron Kettlebells

We were really impressed with USA-Iron kettlebells, you’re getting a good value for your money and they performed very well in our home gym tests. Kettlebells made by USA-Iron are also all produced with 100% recycled cast iron, which sets them apart from their competition.

Similar to Rogue, their kettlebells are powder-coated to ensure a secure grip and durability. All of their kettlebells are made with a single-piece mold so that there are no weak spots in the final product. This company offers five weights to choose from that range from 20 to 50 pounds.

Each kettlebell has its own handle dimension that pairs well with the weight, so you can easily use one or both hands. You’re able to purchase the kettlebells individually or as a bundle. The more you purchase, the more money you’ll save. For each kettlebell you add to your order, you’ll save an additional percentage off your total. This bundling option makes USA-Iron’s products on of the best values you’ll find.

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Things we like:

  • Made from recycled cast iron
  • Bundling will save money
  • Individual handle dimensions per kettlebell

Things we don’t like:

  • A small selection of weights
  • Pricey if you don’t choose to bundle

Recap: Best Kettlebells Made in the USA

Factors We Considered

Weight Variety

Everyone’s skill level is different when it comes to exercise and the amount they can lift. We wanted to make sure the companies we researched offered a variety of weight options to fit every person’s needs. Both American made companies that we featured here offer weights that are perfect for starting out lighter and working your way up.

Handle Dimensions

Having appropriate handle dimensions was an important factor to consider in our research. Kettlebells are great for single-handed exercises, but there are plenty of exercises you can use two hands for. We wanted to make sure that these products offered handle sizes that allowed customers to utilize both their hands for exercises as well as just one, regardless of the kettlebells’ weight.


Gym equipment can erode and get damaged over time. If you’ve owned gym equipment or have been to any gym before, you may have noticed that some kettlebells have chips, scratches, or maybe some rust on them.

While they can still provide a quality workout, having equipment that can endure the workout’s intensity is important. We wanted to make sure the products available to you would last for years. The materials used by both companies are not only durable, but the powder coats provide corrosion and scratch resistance, so your kettlebells will keep their matte look longer.


No matter what you’re looking to purchase, you want to get the best bang for your buck. We wanted to find companies with kettlebells that gave customers great value. We considered the value of their products based on the materials and how they price their items. The companies we researched have their own pricing method but offer different ways to save.

Kettlebells Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular kettlebells that we discovered are not made in the USA during our research. We’ll keep this list updated as we find more.

  • Amazon Basics
  • CAP Barbell Kettlebells
  • Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell
  • Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebells
  • FringeSport
  • Kettlebell Kings
  • Metrixx
  • Onnit Kettlebells
  • REP LB Kettlebells
  • Titan
  • Vulcan Kettlebells

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