Best Kitchen Towels Made in the USA

Kitchen towels serve many purposes. They are used to dry dishes, glasses, utensils, and pots and pans, as well as clean up spills. Cooking requires frequent hand washing, so you need these towels to dry your hands afterward. They also add a decorative touch to your kitchen. Even better, several kitchen towels are made in the USA from 100% USA-sourced materials, so you have lots to choose from. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations, along with extensive details about each product and the methodology behind our picks. For all of our research, scroll to the bottom of the article and you’ll see an extensive list of all the brands we found that are made here and some well-known brands that aren’t.

Our Findings

During our research, we found eight companies that produce kitchen towels in America using all US-sourced materials.

With so many towels to choose from, making recommendations wasn’t easy. However, a few stood out from the rest because of their unique qualities.

Some of the towels were surprisingly inexpensive, with Country Cottons narrowly winning out for the best value. For those concerned about the environment, Lifekind towels are made from certified organic cotton. Amish Baskets and Beyond makes towels with a button enclosure, allowing them to be hung securely. And Red Land Cotton’s Southern Tea Towels are not only the largest ones we found, but are also whimsical and make great gifts.

Top Recommendations

Best Kitchen TowelsBest for:
Country Cottons Kitchen TowelsOverall Value
Red Land Cotton Southern Tea TowelsGift-Giving
Amish Baskets and Beyond Handmade Kitchen TowelsHanging
Lifekind Certified Organic Cotton Kitchen TowelsOrganic

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Below, we cover a ton more details about each of our top picks, including what we like and don’t like about each one and some notable features.

Best Value

Country Cottons Kitchen Towels

Country Cottons kitchen towels are made in North Carolina of US-sourced cotton. A bundle of two towels only costs $10-$11. These are great old fashioned dish cloths that can be a staple in any kitchen. They have a lot of colors to choose from and can even bundle multiple colors together in your order.

These 24” x 15” towels are absorbent and hold up even after multiple washings, making them a good value for the money. They also don’t leave lint on your dishes. Overall, if you need something basic and reliable for your kitchen, these dish cloths from Country Cottons are it.

Things we like:

  • Great value for the price
  • Soft
  • No lint on dishes

Things we don’t like:

  • Standard size for a kitchen towel, so if you want something larger you will have to look elsewhere and pay more

Best for Gift-Giving

Red Land Cotton Southern Tea Towels

Red Land Cotton takes the leftovers from its high-quality Alabama cotton woven in South Carolina and uses them to make scrap fabric tea towels. Designs for the Southern Tea Towels are printed in Moulton, Alabama.

These towels are available in two different designs, each with a common Southern phrase. One says, “Gimme some sugar,” while the other says, “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.”

The Southern Tea Towels are soft, durable, and absorbent. They also wash well. In addition, at 27.5” x 20”, they are the largest Made in the USA kitchen towels we could find.

These towels make great gifts because of their quality and their funny sayings. They are pricey, but if you are from the South or plan to give them to someone from there, they are the ideal choice. Heck, you might like them even if you aren’t a Southerner!

The Southern Tea Towels. are currently sold out, but if you leave your email on the Red Land Cotton website, you will be notified when they are back in stock.

Things we like:

  • Unique design
  • They are huge

Things we don’t like:

  • Currently out of stock
  • They are so adorable that we wish more than two styles were available

Best Hanging Kitchen Towel

Amish Baskets and Beyond Handmade Kitchen Towels

Amish Baskets and Beyond Handmade Amish Dish Towels are made in Elyria, Ohio, with all materials sourced from the USA.

These towels, which measure 17” x 10”, have a crochet top button closure, so you will never again have to worry about your towels slipping off from wherever they are hanging and landing on the floor. They can be hung from your refrigerator, oven door, or any hook or knob in your kitchen.

They currently come in three designs: “Summer Time,” “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy,” and, especially for Easter, “Let’s Get Egg-Cited.”

Things we like:

  • Crochet top button closure
  • Made by hand
  • Cute designs

Things we don’t like:

  • They are narrower and shorter than the other Made in the USA kitchen towels we found

Best Organic Kitchen Towels

Lifekind Certified Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels

Lifekind Certified Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels are made in Yuba City, California, from all USA-sourced materials.

These towels are absorbent, attractive, and durable. At 25” x 17”, they are a bit larger than your average kitchen towel. They also wash well.

The color-grown cotton used for these kitchen towels is cruelty-free. This type of cotton is exceptionally soft, and the color won’t fade as quickly as material that has to be dyed. Color-grown cotton is also better for the environment because strong chemicals aren’t needed to grow or dye them.

Lifekind is considerably higher priced than many of the kitchen towels we found, but if you are truly committed to sustainability and buying organic products whenever possible, this is the choice for you.

Things we like:

  • Made from certified organic color grown cotton
  • Good size

Things we don’t like:

  • They are on the expensive side
  • Although these towels are well-made, they are a little thin

Recap: Best Kitchen Towels Made in the USA

Full List of Made in the USA Kitchen Towels That We Found

  • American Home USA 100% Cotton Kitchen Towels – Completely grown, sewn, and crafted from farms and small businesses across the United States.
  • Amish Baskets and Beyond Kitchen Towels – Made in Elyria, Ohio.
  • Country Cottons Kitchen Towels – Made in North Carolina.
  • Lehman’s 100% Cotton Kitchen Towels – Made in North Carolina.
  • Lifekind Certified Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels – Made in Yuba City, California.
  • Loomination Handwoven in USA Dish/Tea Towels – Made in Westminster, Massachusetts.
  • Ohsay USA Cotton Kitchen Towels – Made in South Carolina.
  • Red Land Cotton Southern Tea Towels – Woven in South Carolina, with designs printed in Moulton, Alabama.

Factors We Considered

People look for several different things in kitchen towels. For some shoppers, functionality is more important than anything else. Others who are style-conscious or plan to give the towels as a gift tend to prioritize appearance. If they are on a budget, they will want the best value for their money. And those who are really into cooking might want bigger towels to clean up large spills.

Therefore, we considered the following factors when comparing kitchen towels: Functionality, attractiveness, value, and size.


Most shoppers want durable kitchen towels that will hold up over multiple washings. The quality of the material and how well the towel absorbs water are also huge considerations for many.


But kitchen towels aren’t just functional. They can also make your food preparation space more beautiful, which is a plus if you spend a lot of time there. And if your home has an open concept layout, your kitchen is visible to guests, making the appearance of your towels an even bigger consideration.  


Unlike some Made in the USA products, it’s easy to find inexpensive kitchen towels that can still get the job done. Some brands only cost $10-$15 for a set of two, so you can stock up and have plenty on hand. The more kitchen towels you have, the more you can use them without putting them through the washer and dryer.


Cooking and making a huge mess go hand-in-hand, so for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the bigger the towel the better. Several towels on our list are 24” x 15”, but there are Made in the USA brands that are longer and wider than that.

For more kitchen recommendations, check out our research on cookware made in the USA and kitchen knives made in the USA.

Kitchen Towels Not Made in the USA

  • Williams Sonoma – Made in Turkey.
  • Crate and Barrel – Made in India, Portugal and other overseas locations.
  • The Company Store – Made in Portugal.
  • Vermont Country Store – Imported.
  • Cultivate Hawaii – Manufactured in India and designed and screen printed in Hawaii.
  • Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towels – Made in India and printed in California.
  • Rough Linen – Sewn in California. The flax is grown and woven in Europe.
  • Zazzle – Designs printed in the USA on imported towels.
  • The Source Collection’s Bees Kitchen Towel – Made in Asheville, North Carolina, with cotton from India.
  • June December – Made in the USA with imported cotton.
  • Needs to Note – Made in the USA with imported cotton.

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