Overalls Made in the USA (And Our Top 6 Picks)

Overalls are essential for farmers, handymen, and those who simply enjoy DIY projects. However, finding overalls that are made in the USA is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, we’ve located a few quality brands that use 100% US manufacturing and materials sourcing. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations along with extensive details about each product and the methodology behind our picks. For all of our research, scroll to the bottom of the article and you’ll see a big list of all the brands we found that are made here and some well-known brands that aren’t.

Our Findings

During our research, we found several manufacturers that produce overalls in America using all US-sourced materials. LC King, one of our favorite jeans manufacturers, makes overalls that we love for many reasons, including comfort, functionality, and durability. Overalls from Round House Jeans come in a wide variety of styles, so if you need a pair for a specific use — such as carpentry — they probably have you covered. And Pella produces twill overalls for both men and women that are a cinch to care for.

Top Recommendations

Best OverallsBest for:
LC King Denim High Back OverallsOverall Quality
Round House Cotton USA OverallsFit
Round House Carpenter Bib OverallsCarpenter
Round House Kids Striped OverallsKids
Pella Men’s Navy Twill Unlined BibsEasy Care
Women’s Pella Blue Twill Unlined BibsWomen

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Below are some additional details on each of our top picks – product features, how they tested against the competition, what we liked, and some things we didn’t like.

Best Overall (in Overalls)

LC King Denim High Back Overalls

L.C. King Manufacturing Company, based in Bristol, Tennessee, was founded there in 1913. It has been owned and operated by the same family from the beginning.

As we noted in our previous review, L.C. King’s Denim High Back Overalls combine comfort, functionality, and durability. They are made from thick, 100% cotton and are triple-stitched. These full-cut overalls also have deep pockets. Features include a zippered bib, rust-proof fasteners and buttons, a watch pocket, a hammer loop, and an accessory pocket for ruler, pliers, or a cell phone.

The shoulder straps are super easy to adjust even when you already have your overalls clasped. The straps also stay in place once you adjust them.

Things we like:

  • Deep pockets
  • Full-cut for comfort
  • Thick material
  • Triple-stitched
  • Easily-adjustable straps

Things we don’t like:

  • The pants legs are a bit wide if you want to tuck them into your boots

Best Fit

Round House Cotton USA Overalls

Founded in 1903 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Round House got its name from “round house” railway repair stations.

Round House Cotton USA Overalls combine the great fit of a pair of jeans with the protection and comfort of a pair of overalls. They feature a proportion-fitting bib and shield back, EZ hook slot-lock loops on the suspenders, button side entry, and a zipper fly. A hammer loop, ruler pocket, and pliers’ pocket on the legs provide functionality.

Things we like:

  • Proportion fitting bib and shield back
  • EZ hook slot-lock loops on the suspenders
  • Narrow pant legs

Things we don’t like:

  • Shallow pockets

Best Carpenter Overalls

Round House Carpenter Bib Overalls

Carpenter overalls are hard to find, let alone those made in the USA. However, Round House Carpenter Bib Overalls have almost everything you could want. They were designed by actual carpenters, so they have special features such as a removable apron for nails, pencils, etc., plus two hammer loops. They also have a 5-in-1 bib pocket and a zipper fly.

They are not as thick as other overalls which could be a negative for some would-be purchasers. However, those tackling outdoor projects in a hot, humid climate might prefer something lightweight.

Things we like:

  • Removable apron
  • Two hammer loops

Things we don’t like:

  • Metal adjusters and hooks on the shoulder straps could be sturdier

Best Kids Overalls

Round House Kids Striped Overalls

Round House has several kinds of overalls for children. It was a difficult choice between Round House Kids Striped Overalls and Round House Premium Blue Denim, but we ultimately decided the striped ones are our favorite. Made of the same thick fabric as grown-up overalls, they’re cute but durable, making them the perfect choice for active toddlers. These overalls have big pockets, adjustable suspenders and stitched seams. The 12-to 24-month sizes feature a snap crotch for easy diaper changing.

With their classic blue and white stripes, you can even use them as the basis for a Halloween costume if you want to dress up your little one as a train engineer. (You can complete the outfit by purchasing a Round House Kids Railroad Cap.)

Things we like:

  • Thick material
  • Blue and white stripe pattern
  • Big pockets
  • Adjustable suspenders

Things we don’t like:

  • The blue tends to fade when washed

Best for Easy Care

Pella Men’s Navy Twill Unlined Bibs

Pella is mainly known for its windows. However, Pella Products has a division called Pella Vet, which has been offering veterinary apparel and supplies for more than half a century.

Although the Pella Men’s Navy Twill Bib Overalls were designed for veterinarians, they could be a great option even if the work you do doesn’t involve animals.

These unlined overalls are 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so they won’t shrink and they never need ironing.

Their full-cut design is ideal for freedom of movement. They also have adjustable, elasticized suspenders and a two-way brass zipper with a snap closure at the top.

If pockets are a priority, Pella Navy Twill Overalls have them – six of them to be exact, including two deep, roomy front pockets, two hip pockets, and two breast pockets (one with a zipper closure and the other with a pencil/thermometer slot).

Things we like:

  • Don’t need ironing
  • Full-cut design
  • Adjustable, elasticized suspenders
  • Lots of pockets

Things we don’t like:

  • No hammer loop

Best Women’s Overalls

Women’s Pella Blue Twill Unlined Bibs

Pella Women’s Navy Twill Bib Overalls are real working overalls. They are sized for women, but otherwise, these are the same as the men’s overalls – including the functional pockets, which are difficult to find in any kind of women’s apparel.

This pair of overalls comes with six pockets: two front pockets that are pretty deep, two hip pockets, and two breast pockets. All in all, a pretty functional design that you can use for a variety of work.

I also really like how flexible these overalls are – I was able to move in them very freely without fear that I would rip them or feel uncomfortable. The elastic adjustable suspenders are also very easy to use.

Things we like:

  • Don’t need ironing
  • Full-cut design
  • Adjustable, elasticized suspenders
  • Lots of pockets

Things we don’t like:

  • No hammer loop

Recap: Best Overalls Made in the USA

Full List of Made in the USA Overalls That We Found

  • LC King – made in Bristol, TN
  • Round House – made in Shawnee, OK
  • Pella – made in Pella, IA

Factors We Considered


What most people look for first of all in a pair of overalls is if they are built to last. These are working clothes, so you need something sturdy that won’t easily snag, rip, or fray. Therefore, we considered the thickness of the material, stitching, buttons, and straps.


You want plenty of deep pockets in your overalls to hold all your stuff, including pliers, screwdrivers, nails, and rulers, as well as loops for hammers or brushes.


When you are working hard all day, the last thing you want is to wear something that restricts your movement.

Ease of Care

You spend enough time laboring in your yard or garden, or in your workshop. Why spend extra time caring for your work clothes?

Overalls Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular brands that are not made in the USA. We’ll keep adding to this list over time as we find more.

  • Filson – The Mackinaw wool used in their overalls is milled from Pendleton, a US-based company. Some of the wool is sourced from the US, but the rest is from northern Canada and New Zealand.
  • Carhartt – The company still makes some of its products in the USA, but not its overalls. Carhartt has factories in China, Mexico and other international locations.
  • Topps by Pinnacle USA – Their overalls are made from 100% US materials, but are assembled in the Dominican Republic.
  • Berne – Their overalls are manufactured in Bangladesh.

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