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Bison No. 6 Wallet

There are a significant number of leather wallets available from manufacturers around the world. Prices and quality vary widely, and a higher cost does not necessarily equate to a better product.

Ezra Arthur's Bison No. 6 wallet is a leather product where no corners have been cut and, while certainly not cheap, the price is more than fair given the effort put into its manufacturing along with its durability.

This company specializes in producing leather products made by manufacturing standards rarely seen in the modern market. We are sure you will love the Bison No. 6 wallet and will consider Ezra Arthur for more than their great leather wallets.

About Bison and Ezra Arthur

Ezra Arthur, a company owned by four brothers who are working hard to honor their grandfather's legacy, designed the Bison No. 6 wallet. These family members have decided that anything they produce must be worthy of being sold under this paternal name.

This review will focus on their No. 6 wallet, but the Ezra Arthur company makes many other products worth checking out. From belts to wallet and grooming tools to stationary, all of their products are functional and serve as keepsakes.

Ezra Arthur's owners saw centuries-old manufacturing processes diminishing throughout America with the decline in the manufacturing sector over the recent years. This loss of historical manufacturing techniques is something they work to avert.

The Ezra Arthur factory operates by using equipment dating over one hundred years to build products to suit the modern consumer. They have made their leather products to last, and they pride themselves on producing heirloom-quality items.

This focus on heirloom-quality paternal manufacturing has allowed Ezra Arthur to produce leather products that one can pass down from man to his son and so forth.

The focus at Ezra Arthur is producing fine accessories for a man to cherish. They specialize in belts, wallets, bags, and other male accessories that harken back to a time when manufacturers developed products to be cared for and to last for generations of use.

The Ezra Arthur facility, located in Phoenix, Arizona, uses near-ancient manufacturing machinery to make leather products modern. They have been able to learn disappearing methods of manufacturing for designs from present-day engineering processes.

They guarantee the leather products for life against manufacturing defects. Their website also offers instructions on cleaning and protecting the products, so they become treasured family possessions.

Because of this, it is worth noting that the price of the No. 6 wallet does not come cheap. It is worth its craftsmanship, quality, and durability, but the price alone may dissuade buyers who do not thoroughly research the product and company.

The Bison No. 6 wallet is a flagship product for Ezra Arthur. We will now explain what we completely adore about this wallet, what could potentially be different in future models, and why it is nevertheless one of the best leather wallets a man can buy today.

What We Like Best

  • Top-grade leather construction
  • Lifetime guarantee on sticking and artistry
  • Multiple color options
  • Interlocking pockets
  • Monogrammable
  • Instructions for care and maintenance

The Bison No. 6 wallet by Ezra Arthur was named one of our picks for the best American made wallets you can buy in today's market. You do not have to go any further than simply feeling it in your hand to see why.

It is immediately apparent that Ezra Arthur crafted the No. 6 from pure and genuine leather. For this specific wallet, Ezra Arthur sourced chromexcel leather from a tannery in Chicago.Chromexcel leather dates back well over 100 years. For creating this leather, you must be incredibly skilled as it involves 89 or more processes in a 28-day time span. Some of these processes are done around the clock to ensure the best quality product.

The discerning buyer will appreciate the complete lack of glue, linings, and filler material common in cheaper products.

The No. 6 is smooth on the outside, and the stitching feels secure. While the manufacturer has chosen thick leather to ensure a long-lasting product, the wallet is not stiff, and the corners will not gouge you through your pocket.

We were surprised at the many different colors and stitching options available. You can truly make this product your own by choosing the color best for you and adding a custom monogram.

The interlocking pockets are an incredible innovation in a pocket wallet; they enable the wallet to be as slim as possible even when fully-loaded with cards and cash.

The lifetime warranty on stitching is something you will unlikely use if you take care of this wallet. If you are a fan of leather wallets, the No. 6 may be the last one you ever own.

Ezra Arthur's website includes care and maintenance instructions for leather and suede products. While not a wallet feature, the company sets you up for success by providing instructions and care product recommendations to keep your leathers in good condition.

The Bison No. 6 was named one of our picks for the best American made wallets.

What We Don't Like

  • Maintenance
  • Liner (as a matter of preference)

The No. 6 wallet, while made from long-lasting materials, does require maintenance if you expect it to last. Leather, by nature, requires occasional grooming for it to remain in peak condition.

Many wallet owners do not mind having an internal liner in their wallets. A liner option would be a nice addition to the No. 6. We understand Ezra Arthur's all-leather design for maximum longevity, but a wallet with no liner may feel incomplete to some people.


In general, the Bison No. 6 wallet by Ezra Arthur is sure to please anyone looking for a high-quality leather wallet and sure to doubly-please those leather lovers who know what to look for in a genuine leather product.

Everything made by Ezra Arthur is built to incredibly high standards, so men looking for products that make great gifts are sure to be happy with the products from this all American leatherworks factory.

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