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BrilliantK9 Gear Review

Whether you’re training a new puppy how to walk on a leash or you’re hiking with an older dog, harnesses are a must-have for most dog owners. Finding the right one isn’t always easy.

Many companies may promise durable, comfortable harnesses but deliver mediocre products that won’t last three months.

BrilliantK9 gear offers one of the top ergonomic harness manufacturers on the market, created by dog lovers who wanted a product they could trust.

About BrilliantK9

Teri Jaymes founded BrilliantK9 in 2012 as a dog enthusiast dissatisfied with the current equipment on the market. After consulting with professionals in the field, including veterinarians, canine massage therapists, veterinary chiropractors, professional dog trainers, and even rehabilitation specialists, she came up with a solution: an ergonomic harness.

Unlike many competitor harnesses, the design of the ergonomic harness wouldn’t just be comfortable or durable. It would also fight against the dog’s instinct to put its head down and pull while wearing a harness.

Regular harnesses and collars with leashes can put pressure on the cervical spine, the larynx, the trachea, and other sensitive parts of your dog. Dogs with windpipe conditions or health issues can suffer injuries if they pull and a collar or harness compresses and tightens around them.

BrilliantK9 structured their harness to be comfortable and safe for dogs with medical conditions like spinal or airway issues. The comfortable design also prevents problems in healthy dogs that tight constriction from collars and harnesses can cause.

BrilliantK9 harnesses also have safety features such as reflective trim, a quick-grab handle, and the ability to attach a seat belt adapter for safer car transportation. The harness comes in many colors and pattern designs and can also be custom-made for special circumstances.

The company wanted to provide more options for any dog owner but especially those dealing with stubborn dogs or puppies still in training. BrilliantK9 is stationed in Lucas, Ohio, and ensures all their BrilliantK9 gear is made in the US.

What We Like Best

  • The design doesn’t put pressure on the neck, head, or ribcage
  • Recommended for dogs that have medical conditions like spinal or airway problems
  • Each harness comes with recommendations based on size and breed
  • Discourages pulling or tugging
  • The company offers custom repair for damaged harnesses

We love the design of the BrilliantK9 gear harness. The ergonomic design sets it far apart from other harnesses on the market. Many competitors create harnesses in the traditional Schutzhund-style, which may be used for agitation work and often leads to pulling and pressure on your dog’s neck and head.

While this isn’t great for any dog, it’s especially problematic for dogs that may have medical conditions where the constriction of a collar or harness can do serious harm. Standard collars and harnesses can hurt dogs with a collapsing trachea, cervical disk disease, and similar conditions.

The BrilliantK9 harness is recommended for dogs with those conditions and other issues where pressure against the neck or cervical spine can cause issues. The design of this harness works against pulling by placing the girth strap behind the rib cage and keeping the leash attachment at mid-back, which doesn’t give your dog much room to pull.

This harness also doesn’t impede your dog’s natural gait. Some traditional harnesses may restrict movement, but the ergonomic harness design ensures that their spine stays in alignment the entire time. Normal activities like walking, hiking, swimming, or running shouldn’t be affected.

While each harness has the same design, BrilliantK9 organizes its collections based on size and breed. For instance, the medium-sized Zeke harness often works well for broad-chested corgis, while their extra-large size fits Great Danes and Bernese Mountain dogs.

Along with breed recommendations, BrilliantK9 offers specific measurements for each size, such as chest and girth measurements.

If you find that your extra-large breed still measures too big for their extra-large size, you can always order a “King” harness, which is available by special order and allows you to customize measurements. Each size comes in a variety of color and print options, so you can customize the harness to fit your pup’s personality.

Besides the pull-proof design and broad sizing options, this piece of BrilliantK9 gear sits far enough back to prevent escape while staying easy for owners to pull on and off. After walks or hikes, all you need to do is use the standard release buckle or the one-hand buckle, which may be easier for people with impaired motor control.

If there’s damage to the harness, you may not have to worry about replacing it. BrilliantK9 offers custom repairs for a fee. Their customer service is a plus too. If you have questions or you’d like to return the harness, BrilliantK9 offers live chat and phone options during business hours.

The Brilliant K9 Gear was named one of our top picks for the Best American-made Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses.

What We Wish Was Different

  • Not adjustable
  • Measuring is tricky

Traditional harnesses may offer five or six sizes and include adjustable straps and buckles so that you can get a more custom fit. However, the BrilliantK9 gear ergonomic harness should fit your dog perfectly, so there’s limited adjustability.

You’ll need to take several measurements before you buy, and also check the list of harness collections against your dog’s body type. This process is a little more involved than most harness manufacturers make it, but the extra steps are worth it to get a perfectly fitted harness designed for comfort and safety for your dog.

Wrapping Up

This American-made harness discourages pulling, doesn’t place pressure on the neck, doesn’t restrict movement, and is just as durable and easy to work with as any other harness.

Although it may take a little longer to find the right size and fit, the BrilliantK9 gear ergonomic harness offers what traditional harnesses can’t. You’ll get a custom, perfectly-fitted harness for your dog designed to be ergonomic for your pet and safe for dogs with medical conditions that shouldn’t use other harnesses that compress and constrict.

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