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Are Buck Knives Made in the USA?

Buck Knives has a storied history of American knife making. They were founded in 1902 in San Diego, California by the Buck family and it remains a family owned and operated business to this day, although their headquarters is in Post Falls, Idaho these days (they moved there in 2005). They produce a wide variety of knives ranging from simple everyday carries to large survival knives and fishing knives. Buck Knives has long been synonymous with hunting knives and has grown tremendously since their humble beginnings. They appear frequently in pop culture, appearing in films and TV shows like Red Dawn and The Dukes of Hazzard. With all that growth and fame though, are they still making their knives in the USA? We dug in to find out. Our verdict is below.

Verdict: Are Buck Knives Made in the USA?

Yes, Buck Knives still makes 87% of their knives at their main factory in Post Falls, Idaho, where they employ more than 300 people. As they have grown over the last several decades though, they have a select few knives that are imported from overseas.

While we are slightly disappointed that Buck Knives outsources some of their knives to overseas factories, we were super encouraged to see that a super high percentage of their products are made right here in the USA. That dedication to American manufacturing doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon either.

Furthermore, they are incredibly transparent about the origin of each product on their website, which helped out with some of our research. Out of 183 knives currently in their online store, 86.7% of them are made in the USA. Looking at the 112 Ranger Knife (our pick for the best American made everyday carry knife) product page as an example, you can clearly see the origin in their product details section (screenshot below). This detail can be found on every single product page.

Most of their imported knives are in their less popular collections like fishing knives and camp axes. We included a few examples below.

Popular American Made Buck Knives

  • 112 Ranger Knife
  • 110 Folding Hunter Pro Knife
  • 110 Auto Elite Knife
  • 110 Slim Select Knife
  • 538 Open Season Small Game Knife
  • 102 Buck Woodsman Knife

Popular Buck Knives Not Made in the USA

  • 220 Silver Creek Folding Filet Knife
  • 325 Colleague Knife
  • 757 Camp Axe

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