Cabela’s Polar Cap 40 QT Equalizer Review

Going out for camping, fishing, beach getaways, and other outdoor activities are exciting and fun. However, without the right type of cooler can make your outdoor experience frustrating. It would help if you had a cooler that keeps your food fresh and serves your whole family when needed.

When it comes to coolers, getting the right size, finding one with durable material, and one with excellent insulation abilities is essential. A cooler’s waterproofness, external storage, and cooler life will also help you find a cooler that matches your needs.

If you’re out shopping for a cooler, you should consider the Cabela’s Polar Cap 40QT Equalizer due to its performance, reliability, and durability. The company considered itself the world’s foremost outfitter and a leader in the outdoor equipment business. Cabela has been in business since 1961. The founder, Dick Cabela, started as a fish lures seller and later came up with a company that sells gear for any outdoor enthusiast.

About the Product

The Cabela’s Polar Cap 40 QT Cooler comes in black and white colors. Its robust and sturdy construction is enough to keep any bear out and still keep ice frozen for days. With a maximum insulation-to-weight ratio, the cooler boasts of all-around foam insulation that provides excellent temperature control and ice retention with too much weight.

Find a freezer-grade gasket in the cooler’s lid that creates an airtight seal to lock in cold temperatures. Cabela goes ahead to add a bear-resistant design in its molded padlock tabs to secure the contents inside the cooler.

The rubberized barrel-shaped T-handle gives you a secure seal, and the integrated bottle openers are available at your convenience. Enjoy reduced heat transfer between the cooler and the surface thanks to the non-skid feet.

Unlike other coolers that have flimsy handles, Cabela is careful to add in molded handles and a molded-in hinge with aluminum connecting rods for enhanced performance and durability. You can enjoy lifting and carrying your cooler as it comes with rope handles that have handle retainers and tracers.

Another fascinating feature is the temperature controlling foam that is between the inner goodies and outside plastic. The foam acts as a shield against hot temperatures. Cabela goes on to add high feet that increase airflow around the body of the cooler and limit the amount of heat that builds up below the ice chest on the ground.

The hinge-less design reduces areas of weakness in the cooler’s construction. However, where there is a hinge, the cooler comes with a molded-in lid hinge that gets its support from aluminum connecting rods.

When it comes to performance, the Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer keeps ice stable at room temperature for seven days. The tight seal created by the latches and the freezer-grade seal keeps the contents fresh for a long time.

Note that the seal can become very tight when firmly closed for a long time. Cabela adds in a pressure release valve into the cooler to ease the pressure away from the lid, which allows you to open the cooler with ease. Find the elevated non-skid feet that reduce heat transfer between the surface and the cooler.

Although the primary duty of the polar cap equalizer is to keep everything cold, its design and build also keeps your drinks chilled. The company also provides a choice of different sizes, something that lacks with other manufacturers.

Cabela incorporates a padlock latch to keep the bears from accessing the contents of your cooler. Moreover, the Polar Cap Equalizer is certified bear-resistant by IGBC. That means no bear will be able to pop the cooler and access the contents while you’re camping outdoors.

On the downside, the Cabela cooler comes with an extra thick body and molded handles that take up space than other coolers. Although the handles allow for easier hailing, they can be cumbersome when placing the cooler in your car.

Also, the fat body and thick walls translate into less internal space. Its reduced interior makes it a challenge to store a lot of items.

What We Like Best

  • Comes with a rugged and durable design
  • Provides ice retention for over a week
  • Has comfortable handles
  • Affordable
  • Strong molded-in hinge
  • Stainless steel lanyard and leak-proof spigot

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t provide a good warranty
  • Reduced internal space

The Polar Cap 40-Qt Equalizer was named one of our picks for the Best Coolers

Wrapping Up

Cabela's CoolerOverall, the Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer is an excellent cooler than can last you for up to seven days while you’re outdoors. Its design exudes function and power, and the product made in the US comes reasonably priced.

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