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Cajun Rods Atled Series Review

If you're an avid fisher, then you know how important things like performance, weight, materials, and versatility in a fishing rod are. If you enjoy fishing in different types of waters, then you also appreciate a rod that will be the proper investment for its price point. Cajun Rod's Atled Series Inshore Saltwater Fishing Rod will give you the performance, power, and versatility you need, and it's worth every penny.

Cajun Rods is a fishing rod manufacturing company that takes fishing seriously. The Atled series, formerly known as the Delta Spinning Series, were engineered with medium to heavy power and fast action in mind. The perfect combo for the fisherman—or woman—who depends on their rod's spinning and casting performance when they want to reel in bigger fish.

About Cajun Rods

Cajun Rods is a United States-based fishing rod manufacturing company that was founded in 2007. They specialize in carbon fiber fishing rods, produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Carbon Rods stands apart from the rest as they design, engineer, and manufacture the fishing rod blanks in their own factory.

Each fishing rod from their selection contains multiple layers of 30, 40, or 50-ton carbon fiber. By sourcing some of the best fishing rod components on the market and combining them with high-strain carbon fibers and the perfect resin blend, Cajun Rods can create some of the finest fishing rods on the market today.

Each part of the process from the wrapping, epoxy, and the cutting of the carbon fiber is geared towards engineering the fishing rods for maximum performance. The way they blend their resin allows for specific actions and tapers of the rods. At the same time, their carbon fiber cutting powers endow the rods with the necessary power, sensitivity, and durability that can only be expected from a US-based fishing rod manufacturer.

Cajun Rods crafts their small bach rods for freshwater fishing, inshore and offshore saltwater fishing. Within this selection, they offer several series of models from light tackle and kayak rods to jigging and heavy-duty rods.

Their Atled series refers to versatile inshore rods. These rods come with a choice of two grip types and reel types—full or split grip and casting or spinning reel. They have a length of seven feet, three inches, providing medium power, and fast action. Plus, an ultra-sensitive tip gives them the versatility to catch everything from redfish to striped bass to speckled trout.

Originally called the Delta Spinning series, the Atled rods were upgraded with world-class Fuji rod components and DuraCore Premium 3A-grade cork for a top-notch performance. These rods weren't made to be fancy—they were made to work, setting a new standard for inshore fishing rods.

What We Like Best

  • The overall feel of the rod is lightweight, yet powerful enough to hook bigger fish
  • It has the right amount of flex to it, allowing you to cast your lures out far
  • It's made with high-quality materials; the cork feels comfortable in hand, and the butt and guide system are very well made
  • It's made in the USA and comes with a lifetime limited warranty

We'd say that the main selling point of the Atled fishing rod series is the overall design. From the high-quality materials to the handling system and the precision tuning, the Cajun Rods Atled series was engineered and upgraded for a successful fishing adventure.

The value is in the performance of these rods as they're both lightweight yet rugged, giving you the power you need without the extra weight. When you’re carrying a ton of gear, the light weight is a highlight.

The Cajun Rods Atled Series rods were named one of our picks for the Best Fishing Rods

What We Don't Like

  • The price—these rods sell for about $229.99 on the Cajun Rod's website
  • While they're widely available online, they're difficult to find in stores. That means you won't get to "feel them out" before purchasing
  • The first guide is a bit small which may restrict casting distance
  • The hook keeper is a little too close to the butt. This allows your lures to rub up against it

In all honesty, it was tough to find anything really wrong with the Cajun Rods Atled series inshore saltwater rod. Of course, we don't love the price. However, we can't complain too much considering the quality of the materials, overall engineering, and the feel of it.

Besides, the issue with the first guide being on the small side can be amended by adding a larger guide. Although for the price point, making alterations isn't always ideal. The issue with the hook keeper being too close to the butt is mostly just an annoyance rather than a hindrance to the performance of the fishing rod.


Cajun Rods

Aside from the minimal cons of the Cajun Rod's Atled series inshore saltwater fishing rod, it's a worthwhile investment. The price is justified by the feel of the rod, its materials, and its performance. Overall, it's a solid fishing rod that offers enough versatility and power to reel in those bigger fish. If you’re willing to take a chance on a sight-unseen purchase, the Atled series is a smart choice.

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