Case Amber Bone Stockman Knife

A knife purchase is an important decision that takes careful thought. You must first define what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish with the knife. You cannot go wrong with investing in products from an American, family-owned company like Case.

There are many benefits to owning a pocket knife. Not only does it help you thrive in the wild when camping or working in the field, but it also gives you the motivation to start your DIY or woodworking projects.

Knives also give you peace of mind while traveling because it is the perfect self-defense mechanism. While a knife is not meant to be a weapon, it helps you in environments where non-violence will not protect you.

A valuable product solution is a Case Amber Bone Stockman Knife, which is a multipurpose knife that comes in a variety of different colors. Today, we provide you a quick rundown of why we like the product and the areas of improvement that would take it over the top.

About the Company

You can trace the roots of Case back to 1989 when a dedicated family of brothers founded the company. The devoted team of brothers Jean, John, William Russell, and Andrew Case set out to sell handcrafted knives in upstate New York. They were fully committed when they packed the back of their wagon with their valuable products and journeyed throughout the state to deliver meaningful solutions.

The company prides itself on bringing products to the market that are diligently crafted with the highest quality materials. All the Case products go through a meticulous testing process as it cycles through the process twice for durability. Its products are also famous for being smaller pocketknives that contain multiple blades and can satisfy many different uses.

Today, the Case company is owned by Zippo Manufacturing, which is another family-owned business committed to bringing careful thought and detail to its products. Its products are for passionate collectors but also get admired by country music legends, former presidents, and renowned bull riders.

What We Like Best

Backed by a longstanding, trustworthy company, there are many benefits and positives to the Case Amber Bone Stockman Knife.

Wide Selection of Colors

The Case Amber Bone Stockman knife comes in 43 different unique colors. Depending on what your style is, there is a version of the product that is made just for you. One thing is shared among all the choices, which is the aesthetic amber bone finish. This functional knife offers a fun design to admire from afar.

Durability and Ease of Use.

The Case Amber Bone Stockman Knife includes three different blades, which all serve a unique purpose. These various functions are supported by the clip, sheepfoot, and spey blades.

The clip blade is best used for handiwork that requires a lot of detail. Its multipurpose functionality is excellent for work in the field because of its slicing and cutting abilities. If you are an avid gardener, this blade will give you the preciseness to morph your garden into a beautiful finished product.

The sheepfoot blade is especially useful for outdoor activities like wood carving, cutting through ropes and cords of all strengths, and even electrical projects. An added benefit of this blade is that it is controllable and safe. Because there is no point, it prevents you from stabbing yourself.

Lastly, the spey blade serves a wide range of utility projects around the house, mainly whittling and electrical work. It is good at skinning surfaces, so you could even use this blade in the kitchen.

Multi-Blade Functionality

Another advantage of Case is its durable, stainless steel design. The tru-sharp properties on the blades give you a reliable product that lasts a long time. The corrosion resistance features also help you tackle multiple projects without wearing down.

The knife is also simple and straightforward to open so that you can pull it out with ease when working on challenging projects. The sleek design of the Case Amber Bone Stockman knife also provides a lightweight option that allows you to work long hours without getting cramps.

The Case Amber Bone Stockman Knife was named one of our picks for the Best Pocket Knives

What We Don't Like

While there are not many downsides to the Case knife, you should also not store the knife in black leather sheaths for a long time because the chemical can cause discoloration to the blade.


Case Amber Knife

As you can see, the good far outweighs the bad with the Case Amber Bone Stockman Knife. Its attractive amber bone finish and its versatility with the 3-blade design gives you a perfect balance of beauty and strength. While remaining safe, you can enjoy the benefits of this knife for your outdoor work as well as your household projects.

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