Casper Review

Shopping for a new mattress is never a fun task. However, the online delivery industry has made the process a lot easier in the last ten years. Instead of having to go into a mattress store, lay down on several beds, and decide on which one you want after 10 minutes, you can now ship options to your home with a money-back trial guarantee.

Casper is likely the best-known brand that offers this type of delivery service. They set the standard for mattress delivery services, and create well-constructed mattresses at a great value.

About Casper

Casper came into the industry in 2013 and revolutionized the online mattress industry. It is one of the most popular brands on the market because of its flagship product: a bed-in-a-box mattress that's delivered straight to your door.

Casper was one of the first on the market to come up with this convent system. Combined with their punchy marketing, free delivery, and fantastic satisfaction guarantee, Casper is now a leader in the market of delivery mattresses.

Casper mattresses feature a support system that's different than other foam mattresses on the market. The mattress is made up of several layers of memory foam, high-density polyfoam, and latex. They installed the foam with different thicknesses in different zones. This design means that sleepers will experience pressure relief in the areas they need it most.

While there are a lot of mattress companies that state they sell the most comfortable mattresses, consumer reviews of Casper constantly come out on top. Because of the different zones of foam, many sleepers say they experience higher quality sleeps and experience fewer issues with pain.

Also, unlike other foam mattresses, Casper foam uses memory foam and latex, which helps balance out that feeling of sinking too far into the foam. Their particular type of foam also has the benefit of being cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses. May other foam mattresses trap heat and make for an uncomfortable sleep, but Casper is breathable and cool.

Although the Casper Original used to be their only model, they've expanded their selection in the last couple of years. While all of the mattresses have the same great features as the original, now you can choose your ideal firmness and style.

What We Like Best

  • You can sleep on it for 100 nights, and still return it if you don't like it.
  • There's a 10-year warranty.
  • Shipping is free, directly to your house.
  • It's excellent for all sleeper types
  • It is great for hot sleepers.

Casper has set the standard on the market for online mattress companies. While most companies now offer trials, returns, warranties, and even free shipping, many companies will put their spin on it, meaning you have to be very careful when reading your purchasing paperwork. With Casper, you know that these policies are reliable and consistent. After all, it's what they've built their business model on.

We also love that their mattresses are a great universal option. Their zoned foam style works great for all types of sleepers. Whether you're on your front, side, or back, they've designed these mattresses to support you while you sleep. It's especially useful for people who move around during the night, as the bed helps you no matter which position you're in.

Temperature regulation is also a bonus with Casper. Most memory foam mattresses trap heat, which can cause people to wake up during the night because of overheating. There's also added support in the middle of the mattress, which will keep it from getting that sad mattress indent over time.

The Casper Mattress was named one of our picks for the Best Mattresses

What We Don't Like

  • There's no option for an extra firm mattress
  • Not ideal for sleepers over 200 pounds

Casper tends to be softer than other average mattresses. While it's still supportive of all sleeping types, there's currently no option for a very rigid mattress. It also isn't ideal for heavier people. The foam compresses in ways that become unsupportive after a certain weight.


Casper Mattress

A Casper mattress is an excellent purchase for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the satisfaction guarantee can't be beaten. It's great that they give you such an extended trial period, and will return it for you, no questions asked. The 10-year warranty is also a huge bonus, as is the free shipping. While the Casper may be on the pricier side of foam mattresses, we find these bonuses worth the price.

It's also an ideal mattress for combinations sleepers, and the zoned support does a fantastic job of pressure relief and comfort. The breathable quality also puts these beds above other brands. All-in-all, Casper is a solid choice when shopping for online mattresses.

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