Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Review

Are you focused on going organic for both your table and your dog's food bowl? Are you seeking a dog food recipe that is free of gluten and poultry? If so, Natural Ultramix is the top option for you.

About the Product

Castor & Pollux is a relatively new player in the pet food game - the company was founded in 1999. Shelley Gunton and Brian Connolly rescued a puppy named Joey from the humane society. Once they had him in their home, they decided to start a dog food business to build him up and keep him happy.

They saw all the standard ingredients in dog food - chicken, grains, gluten, fillers, and the like - and were sure there was a better way. Enlisting the assistance of experts was vital. A team of veterinarians, nutritionists, and experts in packaging, distribution, and technology was assembled.

The team devised recipes that focused on non-poultry proteins (such as salmon and duck), along with real fruits and vegetables (such as peas, carrots, and bananas). This produced natural, great-tasting dog food that would set dogs up to be as healthy and happy as possible. They cite several benefits to feeding your dog organic food - reducing itchy skin and allergies, fewer digestion problems, and better health in general.

The top ingredients are salmon, along with real fruits and vegetables like carrots, bananas, and peas - and you can see these ingredients in the bag. To complement these high-quality ingredients, you will find plentiful amounts of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (which promote healthy coat and skin), phosphorus, and calcium (healthy teeth and bones), along with prebiotics to improve proper digestion.

There is no wheat, corn, or soy. Natural Ultramix is an excellent choice for just about any breed or size. Adult stage dogs, rather than puppies or senior dogs, benefit the most from this dog food. Castor & Pollux have other product lines in addition to Natural Ultramix. They also have the PRISTINE and ORGANIX product lines, which have excellent recipes as well.

So we see that this organic food is of extremely high quality. Is it expensive? Not really. You can get a 23.5-pound bag for $64.00 at Amazon. That is a little more than a lot of other bags that size (several brands sell 23-25 pound bags for around $55.00). Of course, this product is not targeted for people who are seeking the lowest possible price. Instead, the goal of this product is more concerned with what goes into the pet's food and who believe that organic is the way to go.

What We Like Best

  • Grain and poultry-free
  • Real fish as the #1 ingredient
  • Additional vitamins

There is so much to love with this product. The high-quality ingredients, avoidance of grain, gluten, and fillers, and the focus on producing organic food that promotes your dog's overall health are readily apparent.

You can quickly see how much the company cares about the quality of the products they produce, more than just wanting to create as much as possible to increase sales. That appeals to those that are wary of the motives of the companies that mass-produce pet food.

The Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix was named one of our picks for the Best Dog Foods

What We Don't Like

  • Nothing

Seriously. We don't see any flaws in this product. There are some healthy dog foods out there that contain trace amounts of some controversial ingredients like yeast, garlic and beet pulp. You won't even find trace amounts of those ingredients here. Everything is natural and certified organic. Also, the price is relatively close to premium non-organic pet food.

Wrapping Up

Castor Pollux Ultramix

We have a hard time containing our excitement about this one. After reading the heartwarming story of how the company got started, examining the ingredients in the recipes, and seeing the finished product on the bag, we think there is nothing not to like. 

In addition to the quality, the fact that you won't pay an arm and a leg for it (you can pay $100-$250 for a bag of super-high-end dog food) is a bonus. You can tell there is an emotional component, a satisfaction that goes with doing something you know will benefit your beloved pet. 

At first, reviewing this product had a "too good to be true" feel, and there had to be some significant drawback somewhere. But we genuinely could not find any disadvantages. In the world of organic pet food, this is about as good as it gets.

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