Champion Power Equipment 75537i Review

Update: Unfortunately, Champion portable generators recently moved their manufacturing overseas. Check out our other picks for American made portable generators for some better options.

If you’re a camper or a tailgater, you might find yourself in need of a little backup power for trips and parties. Many portable generators are too large to transport in a car or trailer easily, but the Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 Watt device is the perfect compact size for travel.

With several unique features to make operation simple and easy, this generator is a competent choice for less demanding jobs.

About Champion Power Equipment

With over 2.5 million generators sold in North America, Champion Power Equipment has manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Initially based in Santa Fe Springs, California, they have since expanded to Jackson, Tennessee and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They even have a location in Toronto, Canada.

Since 2003, Champion Power Equipment has served its mission to offer superior customer service and 100% customer satisfaction with its full range of products, including portable and home backup generators, engines, winches, and log splitters. They always have certified technicians on hand to assist customers.

An American engineering team works on research and development for all of Champion Power Equipment’s products, incorporating inventive technology and enhancements to serve customer needs best. Among their state-of-the-art innovations are Dual Fuel technology and remote starts for portable generators.

As Champion Power Equipment approaches its 20th anniversary, it continues to offer knowledgeable customer service from certified experts and work on new products that anticipate customer requests.

What We Like Best

  • Wireless remote start with a key fob that works from up to 80 feet away
  • Convenient carry handles for transporting
  • Very quiet at just 58 dBA from 23 feet away and reasonably lightweight at only 96 lbs.
  • Capable of actively idling in economy mode to save fuel
  • Includes a USB adapter able to charge phones and tablets
  • Supplies clean power with less than 3% THD for sensitive electronics
  • Also includes a pull cord starter depending on your preference

Customers will love that the Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 Watt generator comes completely assembled, so you can start using it right away with no complications. It even has an electric start function with three positions and a battery included for an even easier power up.

Another useful feature on this machine is the Quick Touch Panel, which gives you access to all of the generator’s controls in one place. You can adjust power, make connections, and monitor usage all from one spot. A push-to-reset control allows you to reset circuit breakers if you ever have an issue with stalling or malfunctioning.

Despite its relatively small size, this generator is still durable. It has a cast iron sleeve to protect it from damage, and its tires guarantee never to go flat. The tires also make for effortless portability. It has a U-shaped handle that folds into the machine to make it more compact for storage but simple to carry when it’s pulled out.

This generator includes four outlets, including two household ones, one RV outlet, and one automotive outlet. Because of its compactness, you can even keep this generator in your car, using it for emergencies like dead car batteries.

The Champion Power Equipment 75537i generator was named one of our picks for the Best Portable Generators

What We Don't Like

  • Some customer complaints about the soundness of the tires

The most common complaint about this generator has to do with the tires. They are a bit deep into the machine, which is not an ideal location and forces you to pull it at an unnatural and slightly uncomfortable angle.

Because it is a smaller generator in general, the gas tank is relatively small at 1.6 gallons. Its runtime is a tad disappointing, too. It only gets up to eight hours of runtime at just a 25% load. In the end, though, this machine is not meant for heavy-duty use anyway, so buyers probably don’t intend to use it for extended outages.



It’s all about convenience with this machine. The Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 Watt generator offers the perfect combination of power and mobility. With its handles, sturdy wheels, and lightweight frame, you can take this generator with you on camping trips and tailgating parties, or keep it at home for backup power.

As an EPA-certified and CARB compliant device, you can use this generator without feeling guilty about environmental effects. Plus, the noise level is very low, about the same as normal conversation, and won’t disturb you no matter where you’re using it. It has a low oil shut-off sensor, too, to help you with maintenance and long-term efficiency.

If your power ever goes out during cold weather, like blizzards, this generator features Cold Start Technology that will enable you to start it up in a snap no matter how freezing the temperature. It also comes with Champion Support, which gives you a 3-year limited warranty and free technical support for as long as you own the machine.

Overall, the Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 Watt generator is a versatile and affordable option. Its excellent portability distinguishes it from competitors, along with its surprising power and number of outlets. This device is a solid purchase for anyone in need of a generator they can bring with them wherever they go.

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