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Decades ago, the apparel industry was one of the first to be lost to overseas manufacturing. Today, only about 3% of our apparel purchases in the U.S. are domestically made. Fear not though - American clothing manufacturing is making a comeback! According to data from the Reshoring Initiative (a non-profit organization focused on bringing back American jobs from overseas), the textile industry ranks 6th in the amount of jobs being reshored to America since 2010. When they manufacture locally, brands are able to have tighter control on the source of their materials, production quality, lead times, and the speed at which they design and innovate - which all directly benefits us, the American consumer. We're doing the research to help you discover those great brands for various product categories, testing and reviewing several pieces of clothing and accessories to highlight which are truly the best ones.

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Our Clothing & Accessory Guides

Lifetime Leather Field Notes Wallet

A timeless design with burnished and waxed edges for a premium and professional finish, the American made leather field notes wallet is more than just ...
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Bison No. 6 Wallet

There are a significant number of leather wallets available from manufacturers around the world. Prices and quality vary widely, and a higher cost does not ...
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North Star Men’s Leather Card Case

North Star Leather has a great product out on the market worth looking at for anyone appreciating a minimalist wallet: their men's Card Case. This ...
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Lifetime Leather Rivet Wallet

We recommend checking out the Lifetime Leather Company if you are looking for high-quality and affordable leather wallets. We will be reviewing their Rivet Wallet, ...
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Dunlop Chesapeake Boots

Finding the perfect boot can be a challenge, but we're here to help. If you're considering the Dunlop Chesapeake as your next boot purchase, read ...
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Honeywell Servus Soft Toe Boots

When you spend your day walking through mud and muck, you have to have a good pair of rubber boots. The boots must keep the ...
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Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe Boots

Sometimes you need a waterproof boot that can survive even in the worst conditions. The Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe is one of the best options ...
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The Original L.L. Bean Boot

As fall turns into winter, keeping your feet warm and dry will keep you happy as fall 2020 turns into winter 2021. Waterproof, weatherproof boots ...
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Honeywell Servus Steel Toe Boots

You cannot have a productive day out on the job site without a comfortable work boot. A quality pair of boots offer you protection from ...
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Best Snow Boots

It's getting to be that time of year when the snow starts to gather on the soil of several states across America. We don't want ...
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Best Sneakers

Comfortable, stylish, and functional sneakers are a key piece of every wardrobe. We took the time to research and find the brands that are making ...
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Best T-Shirts

The clothing industry is riddled with low quality t-shirts made overseas and it can be really tough to find great brands that are making great ...
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Best Rubber Boots

Whether you’re working outdoors or are looking for something stylish, rubber boots are versatile and there are a variety of options to choose from. However, ...
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Best Dresses

The fashion industry has always been very global and it can sometimes be difficult to find great style that is made in the USA. A ...
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Best Leggings

It’s 2020, which means you probably haven’t changed out of your leggings since March. Who can blame you? They're the perfect piece of clothing, being ...
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Best Kids Clothes

When it comes to your kids, you know they deserve the best! Of course, you and your child might end up with slightly differing opinions ...
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D2Shoe Cycling Shoes

Bike shoes have a variety of benefits for the enthusiastic cyclist, and going for a ride in a typical shelf-pair of sneakers can be detrimental ...
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Softstar Shoes

When you're an athletic individual who values a healthy, active lifestyle, you need footwear that supports you in your activities. Especially if you're in a ...
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San Antonio Shoes

No matter how you slice it, everyone needs a good pair of sneakers. Whether for running, working, or just for getting around, comfort and quality ...
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Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner Review

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to have reliable and durable hardside luggage. Not only does it protect your belongings, ...
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Green Guru Freewheeler Messenger Bag Review

The Green Guru Freewheeler Messenger Bag provides a mixture of style and sustainability. Constructed of upcycled materials, the Freewheeler has a unique look and keeps ...
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Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bags Review

The Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bags provide a high-performance solution for motorcycle touring. The sturdy, functional design holds up to the most rugged adventures. Wolfman recently ...
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Flowfold Conductor Duffle Bag Review

The Flowfold Conductor Duffle Bag offers a simple, but highly functional design well suited to the savvy traveler. High-quality materials with a minimalist design make ...
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Best Makeup & Cosmetics

When it comes to makeup and cosmetics, there are tons of options to choose from. Unfortunately, a bunch of products just aren't all that great ...
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Best Ties

Whether it's for a work event or a wedding, the right tie makes all the difference. We did the research to find out who is ...
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Best Sandals

The fall and winter months are a perfect time to buy a new pair of sandals because often times you'll get them at a deep ...
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Best Gloves

Gloves are a simple yet essential product, and they’re surprisingly difficult to buy if you’re searching for American made quality. We decided to search out ...
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Best Jackets

We did the research to find out who is making the best jackets in the USA today. Whether you need a rain jacket or a ...
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Best Slippers & Moccasins

There’s nothing like slipping your feet into a good pair of slippers or moccasins when you want to relax. Sadly, the market is flooded with ...
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Best Swimwear

It’s difficult finding swimwear that fits well, looks nice and that’s going to hold up through all your outdoor adventures. We're gearing up for summer, ...
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