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Decades ago, the apparel industry was one of the first to be lost to overseas manufacturing. Today, only about 3% of our apparel purchases in the U.S. are domestically made. Fear not though - American clothing manufacturing is making a comeback! According to data from the Reshoring Initiative (a non-profit organization focused on bringing back American jobs from overseas), the textile industry ranks 6th in the amount of jobs being reshored to America since 2010. When they manufacture locally, brands are able to have tighter control on the source of their materials, production quality, lead times, and the speed at which they design and innovate - which all directly benefits us, the American consumer. We're doing the research to help you discover those great brands for various product categories, testing and reviewing several pieces of clothing and accessories to highlight which are truly the best ones.

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Our Clothing & Accessory Guides

Friday & River Products Made in the USA

Friday & River produces its high-quality products in San Diego, California, using eco-friendly materials. They offer wallets, cardholders, lanyards, keychains, watch bands, memento coins, candles, ...
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Ezra Arthur: Made in the USA

Ezra Arthur is a company owned by four brothers who are working hard to honor their grandfather's legacy. These family members have decided that anything ...
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North Star Leather Products Made in the USA

North Star Leather is a South Carolina-based leather goods brand that began in Boston in 1969. Founder Stephen M. Batson found his passion for handcrafted ...
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Lifetime Leather: Made in the USA

The Lifetime Leather Company operates out of Arizona. It manufactures high-quality leather products made from all-American materials. They design all of their products to serve ...
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Rogue Industries Products Made in the USA

Founded by Michael Lyons in 2007 in Portland, Maine, Rogue Industries specializes in producing premium leather goods. Michael founded the company to create a solution ...
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D2SHOE: Made in the USA

D2SHOE was started by partner Dan Kurtanich and owner Don Lamson, who has been in the custom cycling shoe business for more than 30 years. ...
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PW Minor Shoes: Made in the USA

Starting as a women's boot company in Interlaken, New York, by two Civil War veteran brothers, PW Minor had been proudly manufacturing their shoes in ...
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Flowfold: Made in the USA

Flowfold began in 2010 when founder Charley Friedman tried an experiment. Growing up on Maine’s Peaks Island, Charley found his gear regularly challenged by the ...
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Green Guru: Made in the USA

Green Guru launched in 2005 with an admirable goal: to use old outdoor gear to make new outdoor gear. Green Guru has developed a partnership ...
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American Giant Roughneck Pants Review

American Giant is one of our favorite apparel brands made in the USA. They are most well known for their jeans and hoodies, but they ...
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Overalls Made in the USA (And Our Top 6 Picks)

Overalls are essential for farmers, handymen, and those who simply enjoy DIY projects. However, finding overalls that are made in the USA is like searching ...
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Buck Mason T-Shirts

We discovered Buck Mason a little while back during our t-shirt research and absolutely love their story and passion for American made, so we decided ...
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Pants Made in the USA

A good pair of pants should be able to last you a long time, but with the shift in manufacturing overseas during the last few ...
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American Giant Hoodie Review

Everyone loves a good hoodie. We've tested several hoodies made in the USA over the years and when American Giant released their Classic Full Zip ...
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GORUCK Activewear Review

We've been searching high and low for great activewear that is made in the USA, so when we discovered GORUCK and all the rave reviews ...
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Dearborn Denim Tailored Fit Vintage Wash Jeans Review

Dearborn Denim is one of our favorite jeans brands made in the USA. They have a lot of great options for both men and women, ...
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LC King High Back Overalls Review

Overall are a classic staple of American workwear. I've been wearing them ever since I was a kid and always have a pair in my ...
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Best Activewear Made in the USA

Finding good workout clothes can be really tough these days and with so many brands to choose from, how do you know you're getting the ...
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Softstar Quick Dry DASH RunAmoc Shoes Review

Softstar Shoes is one of my favorite sneaker brands made in the USA. I've tried their PRIMAL RunAmoc shoes before, so when they released their ...
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SOM Footwear HiLite Sneakers Review

SOM Footwear is one of my favorite sneaker brands made in the USA. I've worn their Norwood Classic shoes for a while, so I figured ...
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Best Snow Boots Made in the USA

It's getting to be that time of year when the snow starts to gather on the soil of several states across America. We don't want ...
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Best Sneakers Made in the USA

Comfortable, stylish, and functional sneakers are a key piece of every wardrobe. We took the time to research and find the brands that are making ...
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Best T-Shirts Made in the USA

The clothing industry is riddled with low quality t-shirts made overseas and it can be really tough to find great brands that are making great ...
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Best Rubber Boots Made in the USA

Whether you’re working outdoors or are looking for something stylish, rubber boots are versatile and there are a variety of options to choose from. However, ...
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Best Dresses Made in the USA

The fashion industry has always been very global and it can sometimes be difficult to find great style that is made in the USA. A ...
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Best Leggings Made in the USA

We've worn...a lot of leggings over the past year. And who can blame you? They're the perfect piece of clothing, being both comfortable and versatile. ...
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Best Kids Clothes Made in the USA

When it comes to your kids, you know they deserve the best! Of course, you and your child might end up with slightly differing opinions ...
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San Antonio Shoes

No matter how you slice it, everyone needs a good pair of sneakers. Whether for running, working, or just for getting around, comfort and quality ...
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Best Makeup & Cosmetics Made in the USA

When it comes to makeup and cosmetics, there are tons of options to choose from. Unfortunately, a bunch of products just aren't all that great ...
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Best Ties Made in the USA

Whether it's for a work event or a wedding, the right tie makes all the difference. We did the research to find out who is ...
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