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Co-Motion Cycles Camino

Co-Motion Cycles Camino has proven to be one of the most versatile all-purpose bikes in the USA. This bike is excellent for commutes with various customization options to work in rain or shine and adventurous on unpaved terrain.

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Co-Motion Cycles has produced high-quality, high-functioning bicycles for over 30 years. Their rising popularity and experience in the industry show that they know a thing or two about what makes a quality bike.

About Co-Motion Cycles

Co-Motion Cycles was started in Oregon by Dwan Shepard with sincerity, a plethora of ideas, and virtually no resources. At the time, Shepard worked two part-time jobs. One was at a bicycle shop, and the other was with Gary Hale, a local bicycle frame builder.

After Shepard worked as an apprentice builder for five years, his employer decided that he wanted to quit the bicycle business to pursue more fabrication and design work. That provided Shepard, at 26-years-old, with the opportunity to purchase Hale’s equipment and the leased 1,000-square-foot space.

He decided to make the purchase with his friend, Butch Boucher, and for just $3K, they had a meager collection of materials and tools to start their own bicycle business.

Shepard and Boucher started building bike frames for themselves and some friends and soon developed a reputation as the shop in the Pacific Northwest to get frames repaired or modified.

Shops from Washington, Oregon, and California began sending them broken and bent frames or asked them to have U-brake mounts removed and replaced with cantilever brake mounts. Shepard still had to keep his part-time job to make ends meet and work long hours every day to meet the demand for repairs and demo bicycles at events.

Their business didn’t have a name until they hosted a party to present their first unpainted tandem frame and vote on a name for the model. Later that evening, a unanimous decision led to the name “Co-Motion” with “Cycles” added to complete the brand, solidifying their identity.

Shepard, Boucher, and later Dan Vrijmoet, worked hard to gain exposure for their bikes and build their reputation in the bicycle industry. It wasn’t until three years into their business that they were able to hire their first employee.

Co-Motion Cycles focused on setting their tandem bikes apart from the competition in definitive ways. Their single-rider bicycles also became more refined and grew in popularity in their community.

During their experiences with customers in the business, they discovered that many cyclists wanted a hand-crafted bike with a proven track record, a purpose, a specification for frame geometry and other components, reliability, and straightforward prices. This information helped Co-Motion Cycles produce more focused and purpose-driven bicycles to meet the needs of their customers.

Shepard stayed with Co-Motion Cycles throughout the years and aims to continue improving their handmade, American-made bicycles. They have grown to employ eighteen workers at their facility in Eugene, Oregon, and find it part of their identity to manufacture their bikes in the United States.

As a no-nonsense company, Co-Motion Cycles takes pride in the fact that their bikes are purpose-oriented. They value innovation and completely embracing and making the best of new ideas.

Throughout their history, they have been among the first to completely integrate a new idea into a bicycle, such as the Pinion Transmission or the S + S coupling. They also develop their own creations, such as the telescoping seatmast system on their PeriScope family tandem bicycles, special tubing, and certain frame components that make up the construction of all their bikes.

With an unwavering focus on quality, Co-Motion Cycles sees the value in customer opinions and responding to them with positivity. Overall, this business continually seeks to grow and stick to their promise of delivering long-lasting, quality bikes.

What We Like Best

  • Exceptional 853 steel construction
  • Standard 700c wheels
  • Disc brakes
  • Versatile design that accepts larger tires, fenders, and rack
  • Available with different paint options

The Co-Motion Cycles Camino is the best all-purpose road bike on our list of best bikes. It is lightweight and made for the best performance. It is also sufficiently adaptable to be an excellent bike for commuters. It is created especially to accept fenders and rear racks so you can add them on if you desire.

The Camino comes fitted with 700c wheels, but there is enough space to accommodate 28mm tires if you want to ride on rockier terrain. The frame is built with sturdy 853 steel that is air-hardened for exceptional durability. Disc brakes allow for easy and safe stops in all conditions and help you control your speed as well.

You can choose various paint finishes and add accessories to create your very own custom bike. Whether you use this bike to commute to work or partake in a race, the Camino is crafted to meet all of your needs. The customizable options are a great perk with this bicycle, not to mention its reliability in all sorts of terrain and weather.

The Camino from Co-Motion Cycles was named one of our picks for the Best Bikes

What We Don't Like

  • None

Since you can ride this bike in multiple areas, you can take this product anywhere. The price is right for this custom-made bicycle, and it is created to fit different needs. It is the ideal all-purpose bike for any season and is perfect to take on a bikepacking trip. Their website gives a myriad of options of accessories and custom paint options as well, which you can add to your bicycle upon order.


Camino bikeQuality, durability, and versatility all make the Co-Motion Cycles Camino an excellent purchase. It has everything that you need in a bike, whether you’re looking to ride on rough surfaces or commute to work in the city. The color options and other customizations are exceptional and show how much Co-Motion cares about their customers.

Like all of their bicycles, the Camino’s frames, forks, and stems carry a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner, and you can register your bike online at their website. If you’re looking for a reliable all-purpose bike, the Camino will not disappoint.

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