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Cycle Dog Collars and Harnesses Review

Cycle Dog builds excellent dog-related goods with a particular concentration on environmental sustainability. The dog collars and harnesses the firm sells are top quality, and you can find what you need for any size or breed of dog.

Founded in 2009, Cycle Dog uses the inner tube rubber of a bicycle tire to craft collars. For more than 10 years, the company has prevented the harmful disposal of tubes to state and municipal landfills.

Cycle Dog insists on crafting durable and sustainable products that work exceptionally well for dogs and help protect the planet. Furthermore, for every product purchased, Cycle Dog will repair hand-sewn items at no charge.

Purchasing and effectively using a quality collar and harness for your dog is essential for safety and training purposes. Ensuring you select a reliable leashing mechanism is vital for your dog's comfort. The decision depends on where you live, what type of breed you have, and your priorities for purchasing a dog collar and harness.

About Cycle Dog

Primarily, Cycle Dog produces high-quality dog products. Additionally, the company concentrates on preserving the natural environment and boosting knowledge about the hundreds of thousands of bike tubes discarded in landfills annually.

Cycle Dog founder Lanette Fidrych began collecting tubes from local bicycle repair stores and stitching them together. After months of trial and error, she successfully designed an inner tube-lined dog collar. Fidrych sold her prototypes and first collars at Portland's Saturday Market in Oregon with incredible success. After noting the demand for her collars, she decided to open Cycle Dog as her full-time career.

While lots of positive publicity arises from the environmentally friendly design of the collars and harnesses, what's more is that the lining prevents bacteria and other germs from intermingling with the material of the collar, ultimately preventing smelly dog equipment.

Cycle Dog remains located in Portland and has a factory and storefront downtown. Employees work with other local community businesses to gather the necessary bicycle tubes to construct the collars. In the factory, the collars and harnesses are hand-sewn by a team of professionals, and as the company grows, the products have expanded to include toys, beds, and accessories.

The store in Portland has a Custom Bar where dog-owners can enter and create custom dog collars, harnesses, and leashes. Then, while you wait for the collar to be crafted, you and your four-legged friend can visit the on-site, dog-friendly taproom that is filled with local craft beer and cider options. There is also an indoor dog park!

If you are in the area and want to purchase a Cycle Dog product for your dog, visiting the expansive storefront is a great option.

What We Like Best

Cycle Dog produces handmade products by using bicycle tire components from local stores. Cycle Dog collars are eco-friendly, durable, and odor-resistant. These products are lovely for active dogs who enjoy going for a swim or rolling in the mud.

Cycle Dog collars and harnesses are practical and stylish and have a ton of benefits! Some of the pros, such as construction components and opportunities for recycling, are listed here.

Metal Latch Lock Buckle

On the Cycle Dog collar, there is a unique metal latch lock buckle. The buckles are quick-release and very strong, with product testing at more than 500 pounds. A Cycle Dog buckle will not accidentally release, even when dogs or puppies begin to walk on a leash and tend to pull at collars or harnesses.

Recycling for Cyclists
For cyclists who need to replace the innertubes in their bicycle tires, Cycle Dog offers a Tube Drop program. While employees seek out used tire tubes from local bike shops, having cyclists donate directly helps Cycle Dog acquire material. Donating used gear is meaningful for the cyclist and helps create more collars and harnesses.

Odor-Resistant Material
Many dogs run, swim, and otherwise get dirty … and stinky. Cycle Dog collar and harnesses are odor-resistant, so cleanup is a breeze, and owners do not need to continually wash or purchase new equipment for their dogs.

  • Metal Latch Lock Buckle
  • Recycling for Cyclists
  • Odor-Resistant Material

Cycle Dog is one of our picks for the best collars and harnesses because of its eco-friendly, brightly colored, and odor-eliminating design.

What We Wish Was Different

Cycle Dog collars are excellent, but we wish the collars were a bit more cost-effective.

Options at Varying Price Points
The recycled material and hand-sewn collars are high-quality and specifically made to last. However, the collars are on the pricer end of the spectrum at about $25 per item, and harnesses are about $35. We wish there were styles of these collars at different price points.

Shipping and Order Correctness
Suppose you are located in Portland and have the opportunity to purchase your gear at the storefront location. In that case, you can expect a customer-first experience that is fulfilling and exciting. However, some clients who ordered from Cycle Dog for shipped products have occasionally received the incorrect size or style. While the products are fantastic, sometimes it is inconvenient to receive the wrong order and return the item.

  • Options at Varying Price Points
  • Shipping and Order Correctness

Wrapping Up

Cycle Dog collars and harnesses are high-quality pieces of gear. The patterns and colors of the harnesses are unique and eye-catching, reflecting the personality of the dog and its owner.

Additionally, Cycle Dog collar's leash attachment is a bottle opener made right into the collar. If you enjoy a cold beer while out and about with your dog, then this collar will help you enjoy your outing. Cycle Dog products are unique and useful.

Using bicycle inner tubes that cyclists might otherwise throw away in landfills is environmentally friendly. The base layer of the collar and harness is made from these recycled materials, which are comfortable for your dog, long-lasting, and water-resistant.

Additionally, all Cycle Dog products are tested at the company’s indoor play area by a dedicated and professional team of doggy testers. The firm backs all of its products with its We Care Guarantee, so with proof of purchase, customers can seek out a one-time replacement for a product within 30 days.

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