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D2Shoe Cycling Shoes

Bike shoes have a variety of benefits for the enthusiastic cyclist, and going for a ride in a typical shelf-pair of sneakers can be detrimental to your feet and performance over an extended period.

The area where your shoe meets the pedal is tiny. Your feet can quickly become uncomfortable and irritated without proper support; the same goes for riding in shoes that don’t fit your feet properly. You either experience numbness or sliding inside the shoe.

Stability is the first step to maintaining proper hip and knee alignment. D2Shoe produces top of the line, custom-fitted cycling shoes by hand, and are highly revered by the cycling and racing community.

About D2Shoe

D2Shoe was started by partner Dan Kurtanich and owner Don Lamson, who has been in the custom cycling shoe business for more than 30 years. The name stems from a play on their names, “D squared.”

The production process initially began with just two people, Don and his master stitcher Hakob Sargsyan, in a Los Angeles Studio. The company has gone through many changes over the years, including closing their small Mexican factory in 2011 to bring all production back to the United States.

In 2018, Lamson left D2Shoe to begin his own company. D2Shoe still strives to deliver the same quality products and premium custom cycling shoes as before, and Sargsyan is single-handedly responsible for the production process with the help of local, experienced footwear personnel and owner Dan Kurtanich.

They’ve since relocated to Santa Paula, CA. Initially, it took them four to six weeks to finish a pair of shoes, but since refining their production process and consulting with local experts, a new pair’s estimated arrival time is down to two to four weeks.

The process of acquiring a pair of D2Shoes starts with a non-refundable $300 deposit. In return, you receive a fit kit that is used to take down the exact measurements of your feet. It’s best to use a helper here. They can take anything that’s thrown at them, even including one foot that’s bigger than the other!

A shoe last is a mechanical model shaped like a human foot that they use during production. They have 41 sizes and nine widths in last shapes of curved and straight; this means there are over seven hundred different possibilities before they apply the finishing touches. Finishing touches can include accommodating bone spurs or other abnormalities.

Lamson was one of the first people to implement orthotics into bike shoes. Orthotics allow for better knee alignment, less numbness, less fatigue, and more power in your pedaling. All of their shoes have an option to implement orthotics or just purchase the base shoe - you can also order orthotics by themselves to fit into other brands of bike shoes.

What We Like Best

  • Rigid for maximum power transfer
  • Tight strap system
  • Stylish carbon fiber design
  • 400 custom colors to choose from
  • Exact sizing for a perfect fit every time

Each orthotic is made of cork-loaded EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) to keep a lighter weight and allow for high-density support.

D2Shoe engineers shoes for various cycling purposes such as racing, triathlons, mountain biking, bike tours, and more. Their shoes are pre-marked and drilled for an optimal cleat position to keep you locked into your pedals.

Each shoe involves six months of adjustments and warranty. While many customers never need a single adjustment, they’ll happily fix any problems you’re having with your new shoes. You can also have an in-person alignment for cleat position at no additional charge.

If you can’t visit them in-person, all you have to do is pay for shipping. It’s important to note that if you don’t purchase a shoe with orthotics, you don’t receive the six months of free adjustments.

As a return customer, you can also skip sending in a new fit kit each time. They keep your measurements and kit on file. Of course, if you’ve experienced any changes, you can communicate this to them; one of the recurring details that customers have loved is the ability to reach out to them directly with questions or concerns.

D2Shoe uses the highest quality materials available. They use carbon and Kevlar reinforced sailcloth, and the upper part of the shoe has sail cloth paired with a soft, strong, and thin Majilite interior. They also use a breathable Panatex mesh that allows for maximum airflow but with no worries of stretching despite the loose weaving.

The soles are made entirely of carbon and are one of the thickest models found on bike shoes. This is paired with the weighted skid stoppers, which help prevent slips and falls while walking and provide more stability as you pedal.

Depending on your preference, you can choose models with the Freelock lacing system (easy to adjust during a race), a tight strap system, or a combination of the two. Their shoes come in six standard colors, including the brooding and popular black, but you can choose from over four hundred different colors if you wanted.

D2Shoes were named one of our picks for the Best Sneakers

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Short 6-month warranty

The final price of a custom shoe with orthotics ranges from $950 to their pro-level racing shoes at $1250. This can be overwhelming for some but think of it as an investment into your favorite exercise and hobby. The saying “you get what you pay for” holds true to D2Shoes.

Wrapping Up

D2Shoes are a must-have for anyone serious about racing and other biking activities. They’re made from rigid synthetic material and then wrapped in carbon fiber for extra strength and style.

Although they have a substantial price tag, what you receive is a completely customized shoe, complete from the exterior color, orthotic inside, or the cleat placement for optimal performance.

You won’t experience any periods of needing to break in your new cleats or discomfort because they’ve been designed specifically for your feet. You can simply hit the road the same day they come in the mail. If you do experience any issues, you have six months for free adjustments.

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