Dearborn Denim Tailored Fit Vintage Wash Jeans Review

Dearborn Denim is one of our favorite jeans brands made in the USA. They have a lot of great options for both men and women, including their Tailored Fit Vintage Wash Jeans, which I've been wearing and testing for the last few months now.

With most products we review, I like to give my opinions pretty soon after I receive the product, but as we all know with jeans, they get better with time so I wanted to get at least a dozen wears in these jeans before giving my honest opinion. Let's get into it.

About Dearborn Denim

Compared to Levi's, Wranglers, and other popular jean brands, Dearborn Denim is relatively new on the scene starting back in 2016. They are based in Chicago and have a huge focus on owning every single part of the manufacturing process to keep quality high and support American jobs.

They not only want to do right by us, the customer, but also do right by everyone involved in their production process. Dearborn Denim puts a lot of emphasis on fair wages, fair prices, and an overall ethical manufacturing process. No investors of venture capitalists behind this brand - just great people passionate about their community and making high quality jeans.

Speaking of jeans, they have several varieties for both men and women. I opted for the vintage wash which is more my style, but they also have:

  • Dark wash
  • Medium wash
  • Black
  • Charcoal wash
  • Light wash
  • Grey wash

I also went with the tailored fit which is right in the middle between regular and slim fit. Dearborn Denim also carries boot cut and relaxed fit for the men and skinny high rise, straight leg, boot cut, waist high, and a few other custom styles for the women.

What is also really refreshing is that Dearborn Denim tells you exactly where each material is sourced from on each of their product pages for everything from the cotton used in the jeans to the zipper, button, and leather patch. You won't get that kind of transparency from some of the big jeans brands.

What We Like Best

  • Accurate fit
  • Thick and durable material
  • Comfortable and softer with time
  • Easy to move around
  • Stylish
  • Affordable price

I was really impressed with the pair of Dearborn Denim Tailored Fit Vintage Wash Jeans that I ordered. Starting with the fit (arguably the most important aspect), I thought these jeans were true to what Dearborn Denim described on their website - sleek through the thighs, medium rise, and tapered below the knee. To be completely transparent, I am between 5'9" and 5'10" and ordered a 34x30 size which fit just about perfectly. Even after I washed them, they didn't shrink up much and become too tight or small in any areas.

The second aspect I really liked about these jeans is the thick and durable material. I have worn these casually just out and about, but I wear my jeans working around the house and in my yard, so they go through some bumps and bruises. While these aren't necessarily intended to be workwear, I really like how they have held up so far. The stitching is super durable and the cotton material has a good weight to it - I think these will last a long time.

I also really enjoyed how comfortable these jeans are from Dearborn Denim. These jeans don't have any of the fancy buzzwords or other materials in them to make them extra stretchy, etc. - just good ole fashioned cotton and they have become more and more comfortable with extended use. As with any pair of 100% cotton jeans, I'd imagine that comfort level will only increase with time and more wears.

Despite not having any flexible synthetic materials in them, these jeans were pretty flexible and easy to move around in which is really thanks to the fit and construction. There is "breathing room" around the jeans to make a full day moving around outside totally comfortable and easy.

Outside of just workwear, like I mentioned earlier I have worn these jeans going out around town and like that they can pair with pretty much anything. That vintage wash and pure indigo color is a classic look.

Lastly, I think these jeans come in at a pretty affordable price of just $70. A lot of higher end jeans these days are north of $100 and for the quality you're getting, I think the $70 price point is more than fair.

Dearborn Denim was named one of our picks for the Best Jeans

What We Don't Like

  • Free shipping not on every order

The only thing that bugged me about these jeans wasn't the jeans at all - it was that you're only eligible for free shipping on orders over $80. Granted, I am not super surprised because shipping is so darn expensive these days that Dearborn Denim probably doesn't make much margin if they cover shipping on orders less than $80, but it still doesn't feel great especially since the jeans I ordered came in at just $10 under that limit. I went ahead and ordered another item to get to the $80 threshold because I wanted to show my support 🙂


Overall, I really like this pair of Tailored Fit Vintage Wash Jeans from Dearborn Denim. They are very much your classic pair of American jeans and I wear them just about every week nowadays. If you like this fit, definitely check out this pair, but keep in mind that Dearborn Denim also has a ton of other styles and colors for both men and women to choose from, so you should be able to find something you like.

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