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Detroit Bikes A-Type

A sturdy, American bike is all you need to get you around the city for joy rides or commutes to work. The A-Type bike from Detroit Bikes is built using quality materials, and the US-made frame has a lifetime warranty.

Detroit Bikes produces their bicycles in their factory in Detroit with high-quality American Chromoly steel. They specialize in Chromoly or light aluminum frames for smooth rides, making it clear they know what an urban bicycle needs.

About Detroit Bikes

Detroit Bikes founder Zak Pashak started manufacturing bicycles in 2011 to revive the bike industry in the United States using American materials.

He was always interested in alternative transportation, but in Calgary when Pashak looked into buying a bike, he was disappointed by the cheap array of options. The bikes he saw were either too flashy and poorly-made or chic racing models for serious cyclists. After moving to Detroit, he came up with the idea to manufacture his own in the city where the whole industry started.

Known as “Motor City,” Detroit is historically known as the birthplace of the automotive industry, having introduced the assembly lines and mass production. Manufacturers like Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers were connected to Detroit’s cycling scene while starting their own automotive manufacturing companies.

Inspired by Detroit’s rich history of manufacturing using raw materials and their roots in bicycle manufacturing, Pashak decided to start his own business in the city. Though he didn’t know much about bikes, within two years, he assembled a group of people who knew about machines and started building no-nonsense, high-quality frames for the purpose of urban cycling and ethical consumerism in a city that represents resilience.

Pashak finds the history of Detroit just as representative of what he wants his bikes to represent. The city was once the manufacturing capital but is now depressed, having lost almost 25% of its residents in the last several years.

However, it has proved resilient and symbolizes the American economy, a unique story supplementing Pashak’s desire to revitalize American bicycle manufacturing in response to the resurging cycling culture.

As the only bicycle manufacturer in the city, Detroit Bikes has grown to be the largest bicycle frame producer in the United States. What sets them apart from other bike companies is that they use state-of-the-art machinery to design and manufacture their products in their 50,000-square-foot factory.

They use American Chromoly steel to build their bike frames and offer various services to other brands in the bike industry through their Original Equipment Manufacturing services (OEM).

Since all of their bicycles are built in-house, they often have a limited quantity available for most of their products. The company currently focuses on manufacturing the frame, fenders, chain-guards, handlebars, rear racks, wheels, and pedals. Anything that cannot be manufactured economically comes from Asia, such as the seat, brakes, and hubs.

Detroit Bikes takes pride in their city, as represented by one of their limited edition models called Ain’t Too Proud, inspired by a musical of the same name written by a Detroit native. They aim to stay on top of trends as well with their latest model, the E-Sparrow, an electric bike powered by a Samsung Lithium battery.

In addition to bikes, Detroit Bikes sells apparel, bike equipment such as baskets and locks, and personal protective gear.

In 2017, Detroit Bikes collaborated with the Michigan State Police and developed a line of custom patrol bicycles. They are heavy-duty American-made bikes available to police forces across the United States. However, they are not available for civilian purchase.

Dedicated to economical manufacturing and supporting their community by using American materials, Detroit Bikes’s mission is to produce high-quality bicycles without pretension or romanticism.

What We Like Best

  • Classy old school style
  • Available in two colors
  • Available in two gear setups
  • Smooth shifting performance
  • Lightweight frame
  • Tough construction

One of the best bikes for city rides, this A-Type bicycle is classy and lightweight. It has an old-school look with a comfortable Brooks Cambium C17 Bolde saddle and genuine leather grips. There is careful attention to detail in every component of this bike for style and comfort.

It comes with either a 3-shift or 8-shift gear setup, and you can change gears smoothly as you ride. The handlebar is made of anodized aluminum and includes a bell. The bike also has a rustproof KMC chain and an aluminum rear rack with a US-produced birchwood platform.

The bicycle frame is made of premium American Chromoly steel, which is exceptionally durable. The Chromoly frame is made of very thin-walled tubing, making the bike both sturdy and lightweight. The wheels are a little larger than other bikes to make it a more enjoyable ride.

You can order this bike in either Midnight Blue or Burnt Orange, or contact the manufacturers directly for other personalized colors or components.

The Detroit Bikes A-Type was named one of our picks for the Best American Made Bikes

What We Don't Like

  • Front fender could a bit longer for more wheel coverage

Though the Detroit Bike A-Type is a beautiful bicycle with many carefully-considered components, its only flaw is the short front fender. A partial fender keeps dirt off your legs, but a full front fender will also protect your brake calipers from water and grime.

The front fender on this bike is quite short and doesn’t offer much protection if you’re riding after rain or snow.

It is important to note that Detroit Bikes are not created for hobbyists or serious cyclists, but for urban riders looking for a sleek and comfortable bike. If you plan on riding through multiple terrains, this may not be the right bike for you.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Detroit Bikes A-Type is an excellent buy for urban cyclists. This product has a lifetime warranty on its lightweight frame, and it is sturdy and made from high-quality materials.

They have a 30-day no questions asked return policy and free shipping. If the short front fender doesn’t bother you, this is an affordable and smooth ride. If you are searching for a simple but reliable bike for your work commute, Detroit Bikes will undoubtedly provide.

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