Are Dodge Cars Made in the USA?

Dodge and American trucks just go hand-in-hand. Dodge was founded as the Dodge Brothers Company in the United States by two brothers with ties to the automotive industry. Dodge remained an independent company until 1928 when it merged with the newly formed Chrysler Corporation.

Today, Dodge utilizes the plants that also make Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. Michigan is still a primary manufacturer of larger Dodge vehicles like the Durango and the Ram, but there are now plants overseas. How many Dodge trucks and other cars are still made in the USA? We dug in to find out. Our verdict is below.

Verdict: Where are Dodges Made?

Dodge currently manufactures most of their Ram trucks in the United States. Most other models are made internationally in plants that are located in Mexico and Canada.

Dodge and Ram recently separated into two entities. So, who knows what the future holds for how they distribute production of different models.

Dodge Manufacturing Plants in the USA

Facility Name Location Year Opened Primary Models Number of Jobs
Jefferson North Assembly Plant Detroit, Michigan 1991 Durango 5,059
Sterling Heights Assembly Plant Sterling Heights, Michigan 1953 Ram 1500 7,659
Warren Truck Assembly Plant Warren, Michigan 1938 Ram 1500 Classic 2,613

If you’re looking for a Ram 1500, there’s a good chance that it is made in the USA. Otherwise, a lot of other models are made internationally.

International Dodge Manufacturing Plants

Facility Name Location Year Opened Primary Models
Brampton Assembly Plant Brampton, Ontario, Canada 1986 Charger, Challenger
Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant Coahuila, Mexico 1995 Ram 1500 Classic (Regular Cab); Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 Heavy Duty
Saltillo Van Assembly Plant Coahuila, Mexico 2013 Ram ProMaster
Toluca Assembly Plant Toluca, Mexico 1978 Journey
Windsor Assembly Plant Ontario, Canada 1928 Grand Caravan

How to Tell Where Your Dodge is Made

The vehicle identification number (VIN) shows you where your Dodge is manufactured. A VIN beginning with the number one, four, or five is made in the United States. VINs beginning with the number three, is made in Mexico. The VIN is typically located on the inside of the front driver-side door. Use a site like faxvin.com to enter your VIN and get a full breakdown of production locations and other details.

Located next to the VIN is the date of manufacture. Understanding the date of manufacture is helpful if you are looking to see if your Ram truck was made before or after Dodge and Ram separated. Trucks manufactured after 2009 are solely Ram trucks.

Other Manufacturers

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