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Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe Boots

Sometimes you need a waterproof boot that can survive even in the worst conditions. The Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe is one of the best options in those cases. This boot is designed for performance and maximum comfort.

Dunlop has a long history of manufacturing high-quality footwear. Workers throughout the world trust Dunlop for their reliable waterproof boots. The DURAPRO Steel Toe is one of the best examples of Dunlop’s craftsmanship.

About Dunlop

Dunlop’s extensive history dates to 1888. In that year, John Boyd Dunlop, a veterinarian, gained inspiration from his son’s tricycle.

Dunlop watched how the wheels of the tricycle had stiff rubber tires. This made for an uncomfortable riding experience. But Dunlop was quick to use some inventive thinking to form a solution.

By gluing rubber sheets together and pumping them full of air, Dunlop discovered a new way to make tires. In less than ten years, he gained an official trademark for his tire design. From that point on, he began manufacturing and selling his forward-thinking tire.

From Tires to Steel Toes

While selling tires was a success, the Dunlop team soon expanded its product line. This began with the production of sports equipment. Eventually, in 1927, Dunlop applied its tire technology to protective footwear.

By teaming with Liverpool Rubber Co Ltd, Dunlop produced the first Dunlop boot. This boot featured a high level of protection for the wearer while remaining comfortable. Those priorities have remained at the core of Dunlop boot production to this day.

Dunlop boot manufacturing continued with success through the majority of the 20th century. Over this period, Dunlop began to hone their boot-making process. This included more specialized styles well-suited for certain industries.

Through their consistency, Dunlop has gained a strong reputation in multiple fields. Dunlop boots are popular among workers in agriculture, food processing, mining, and many other professions. The commonality among these varied workers is the need for a tough boot that will hold up during strenuous work.

Making Better Boots

Beginning in the late 1990s and the start of the 21st century, Dunlop began to optimize their boots further. They knew that their boots were great for anyone that needed strong footwear. But they also recognized each professional has unique needs.

For instance, a construction worker has different boot requirements than a professional that works in a fishery. As such, the boots these workers wear should be customized to their working experience.

Dunlop has remained dedicated to providing the perfect protective boot for anyone who needs one. Through their commitment to this mission, workers wear their boots in more than 50 countries.

The dependability of Dunlop boots makes them great for those who do strenuous work. The comfort of this footwear makes it suitable for the average person as well. Whether you are a worker or just someone who needs waterproof footwear, Dunlop likely has a boot for you.

Dunlop respects the needs of its customers. They never forget that the customers they serve are responsible for building and maintaining much of the infrastructure we take for granted in our daily lives. To support these workers, Dunlop adheres to a thorough approach when making protective footwear.

This care is evident in its manufacturing process. Dunlop controls the development and production of all their boots. They also value feedback from their customers and use it to add more value to their products.

With such a philosophy, you can count on Dunlop to continue to develop top-of-the-line protective footwear. The Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe is a prime example of the great products that Dunlop has to offer.

What We Like Best

  • Durable steel toe
  • Comfortable design
  • Great traction
  • Some chemical protection
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • Easy to put on and take off

The Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe proves that one boot can feature both the highest level of protection as well as plenty of comfort.

This boot has a steel toe cap that is certified to stand up to workplace hazards. This protection is combined with Dunlop Comfort Fit technology. This ensures that the Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe will fit properly. It also means that you can wear this boot for the entirety of your workday without feeling discomfort.

As you might expect, the Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe is completely waterproof. But it also happens to be resistant to other materials as well. This boot is oil-resistant and can provide protection from chemicals.

These qualities allow for the protective qualities of this boot to remain intact even after heavy use. They also make the Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe a great footwear option for those who work in the food processing industry.

The grooves on the soles of the Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe also enhance the safety for wearers. These grooves add traction but remain easy to clean. That means that after your shift, you will have no problem removing harmful substances from your boots.

Building on this ease of use is the 360-degree pull tab at the top of these boots. This makes taking the Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe on and off extremely easy. As an added bonus, these boots are relatively lightweight and have a special curved design that reduces chafing.

The Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe was named one of our picks for the best rubber boots.

What We Don't Like

  • Inner lining can break down
  • You may need to order a size smaller than usual as they tend to run a little big

While the exterior part of this boot is extremely durable, the same can’t always be said of the inside. Over time, the inner lining of these boots can break down. Through repeated use, this lining can fall apart in pieces.

However, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Also, the durability of the exterior part of the boot is more important. In most cases, the exterior toughness will outweigh the potential for the interior to break down.

Wrapping Up

It is hard to deny the value of the Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe. This boot offers phenomenal protection from falling objects and harmful chemicals. All this comes with a comfortable fit as well.

Other than a slight potential for the inner lining to wear down, it is difficult to find fault with this boot. The Dunlop DURAPRO Steel Toe is an American-made boot great for workers and average individuals alike.

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