Emerson Creek Pottery Ceramic Mugs

When you want an eco-friendly way to sip your coffee or tea, there aren’t many options on the market. At least, not options that come from American manufacturers. Go Green Earthenware, part of Emerson Creek Pottery’s offerings, is one exception.

Local crafters hand make each piece of pottery—and there’s a lot to like here. Read on for details on the company plus what we like (and don’t like as much) about their ceramic mugs.

About Emerson Creek Pottery Ceramic Mugs

Emerson Creek Pottery is a small American-owned business in Virginia. The Bedford, Virginia manufacturer adheres to eco-friendly rules in its everyday operations and produces high-quality earthenware for consumers.

As far as earth-friendliness, Emerson Creek Pottery receives high marks. Its guidelines include using natural materials that are free of lead. This means each item is safe for everyone in the whole family to use.

Emerson Creek Pottery also produces non-toxic ceramic dinnerware and other products, sourcing materials locally whenever possible. All shipped orders use recycled paper materials, and online orders utilize the UPS carbon-neutral program. Green shipping practices mean you can get close to or reach zero-waste even when shopping online for earth-friendly products.

The company also skips printed catalogs unless customers specifically request them. Skipping mass-printing of catalogs keeps paper out of landfills, while their earthenware promises to enjoy a long life without chipping or sustaining damage.

You can read up on Emerson Creek Pottery’s different glazes—ranging from the Go Green Earthenware with a semi-matte, lightly textured glaze to an American Blue Glaze with speckled, glossy glazing for mixing and matching.

Each handmade piece can have slight variations, but you can also order a full set (or mix elements) to use throughout your home. Other Go Green Earthenware pieces include casserole dishes, dinner plates, and more.

You’ll also find other pottery featuring fun designs (like blue crabs) and color options (though those aren’t Go Green Earthenware selections).

What We Like Best

  • No chemicals and non-toxic
  • Cool earthy look
  • Handmade quality creation

Our favorite thing about the Go Green Earthenware Classic mug is its heft. It feels solid and sturdy, and it can hold 12 ounces of coffee or any other beverage. The earthy brown color is excellent for resisting coffee stains and keeping the eco-friendly vibes of your existing stoneware.

Of course, environmentally conscious materials are another highlight, and there are no chemicals in the mug at all. You’ll find only all-natural ingredients and a small environmental footprint. Even if you shop online, your purchase is as close to zero waste as you can get.

We like that each mug is handmade, including the slight variations that give your dishware its personality. While some minor differences are expected, you won’t find flaws here—high quality is a priority with Emerson Creek Pottery.

Also, even the Go Green options are dishwasher and microwave safe. You can even place your mug in the oven without worries over breakage or distortion. Either way, there are no chemicals to seep into your drink, so you can heat and reheat as necessary.

The earthy look is another desirable feature for most folks who are focused on American-made, eco-conscious stoneware. It’s clear that these mugs are not cookie-cutter or mass-produced. Instead, each has its own personality, and you can tell that there’s a human behind each design.

Emerson Creek Pottery Ceramic Mugs were named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • Isn’t offered in multiple colors
  • Orders of $100 or more required for free shipping

Unfortunately, if you choose the Go Green Earthenware Classic Mug, there’s only a single color option. For most consumers searching for an eco-friendly piece of pottery, this won’t be a deciding factor. After all, the minimalist, low-gloss glaze is probably right up your alley. For others, though, this might be a turnoff.

Our only other complaint is that you must order $150 or more of products to qualify for free shipping. While we understand that an entire set of earthenware can be heavy—and therefore, expensive to ship—it’s a bit disappointing not to get free or flat-rate shipping for smaller packages.


Emerson Creek.

If you want to go green throughout your kitchen, Emerson Creek Pottery’s ceramic mugs are a suitable option. The Go Green Earthenware Classic mug adds personality and earth-friendly vibes to your cabinets without sacrificing on quality or sustainability.

It’s clear that Emerson Creek Pottery takes care with each order, creating their products with local materials and catering to American consumers with their free ground shipping offer (if you wind up buying an entire set of tableware). You can’t go wrong with chemical-free ceramic coffee cups, whether you’re choosing your new favorite coffee mug or a set to serve the whole family.

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