Found My Animal Rope Leashes Review

If you’re looking for a dog leash, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Whether you’re in the middle of leash training your dog or just taking your four-legged, furry friend out for a walk or run, making sure you have a reliable, comfortable, and durable leash is critical for your and your animal’s safety. With so many leash options on the market, finding a leash that fits these criteria and feels right can be challenging.

Found My Animal rope leashes make a great choice for any dog and offer the reliability and comfort you want for your animal.

With durable, handcrafted construction and a wide range of comfort and safety features, these rope leashes are a top pick for walking any animal and will keep any size dog safe and secure.

About Found My Animal

Found My Animal started in 2006, when friends and rescue dog owners Bethany Obrecht and Anna Conway crafted their first leashes from marine-grade rope, brass, and waxed canvas, with three-strand, hand-spliced, and whipped rope for a unique leash that caught the attention of other dog walkers.

From there, Obercht and Conway founded Found My Animal to share their unique and durable rope leashes with other pet owners. Since then, the company has sold more than 117,000 handcrafted rope leashes.

Along with leashes, Found My Animal also sells a line of pet products and accessories for adopted animals, including collars, beds, bowls, and more for cats, dogs, horses, and goats, as well as accessories for humans.

Not only are Found My Animal products reliable and built to last, but part of the proceeds from sales goes toward rescue organizations and animal welfare. That means you can make walking your dog easier and safer while feeling good about where you’re spending your money on your pet’s essentials.

This message is also reflected through the firm’s rope leashes, with each featuring a unique, numbered brass “FOUND” tag. With its line of rope leashes, this company aims to spread a meaningful message for all pets while providing animals with safe and reliable essentials for training, walks, and their everyday lives.

What We Like Best

  • Handcrafted, marine-grade rope construction
  • Hand-spliced and whipped for extra durability
  • Solid brass lockable carabiners
  • Adjustable clips for multiple ways to wear
  • Three size options
  • Large range of hand-dyed color options
  • Supports a meaningful cause

Found My Animal's rope leashes are a reliable choice for walking any size dog. The marine-grade rope is handcrafted and built to last, making these leashes a more robust and more durable alternative to other options on the market.

The rope is hand-spliced with the ends whipped for additional durability and reinforcement, allowing the leashes to withstand up to hundreds of pounds. The construction of Found My Animal leashes provides a reliable hold, so if you have a pet that loves to pull and yank on their leash during walks, you won’t have to worry about their strong pull causing fraying and damage to your leash.

When looking for leashes, your and your dog’s safety is the top priority. With this powerful and reliable hold, as well as the solid brass, lockable carabiners, these leashes are perfect for ensuring your dog’s safety. The rope is also soft, flexible, and easy to hold, so you and your pet can feel comfortable and secure.

Found My Animal rope leashes are incredibly variable, making them even more convenient and easy to use. With the adjustable clip, you can connect rings to make a handle to hold or wear it hands-free around your waist. If you have multiple pets, you can even form a handle with a knot to walk two dogs at once.

Found My Animal offers its rope leashes in three sizes, as well as an extensive range of color options, including bright, neon choices for additional safety on early morning or late night walks.

These leashes are overall a great option for comfort, safety, and reliability. Along with all these benefits of the firm’s rope leashes, you can also feel great about putting your money toward a company with a meaningful cause.

Portions of the proceeds from the sales of Found My Animal products are donated to animal welfare, and the company advocates for rescue organizations and works to facilitate adoptions. This allows you to purchase a great and trusted product while supporting a purposeful cause for all pets.

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What We Wish Was Different

  • Expensive

While Found My Animal rope leashes feature excellent quality, lasting durability, and steadfast reliability, they’re also pretty costly. Leashes range from $54-$64, making them pricier than many alternative options.

However, with the different configurations of the leashes and durable, reinforced construction, this higher price also comes with more options and long-term use than other leashes. So if you’re looking to spend money on a leash built to last and able to withstand any amount of pull your furry friend throws at you during your outside excursions, Found My Animal is a great choice and makes the extra cost worth your money.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Found My Animal rope leashes are a great pick for any pet owner looking for a leash that will hold up for years, even with animals that tend to pull during walks.

Dogs can be excited and stubborn, and not all leashes can withstand heavy pulling from larger dogs. The construction of Found My Animal leashes gives them extra staying power against fidgety, pulling animals so that you can walk your dog without concern about your leash fraying or damaging.

With three sizes and plenty of hand-dyed color options, you can choose a Found My Animal product that feels and looks perfect for any size animal.

If you want a reliable leash that can hold up against pulling and adjust to fit your needs, the Found My Animal rope leashes might be the best choice for you and your pet.

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