Freedom No-Pull Harness Review

Every dog owner wants collars and harnesses that are safe, sturdy, and comfortable for their dog.

The design of the Freedom No-Pull Harness minimizes pulling, neck strain, and the chance for cut-edges to rub and cause abrasions. This patented harness design keeps your dog safe and secure while remaining comfortable and easy to use.

About Freedom No-Pull Harness and USA Dog & Pet Shop

Jessica MacDonald has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After working for years in the automotive and aerospace industries, she put her education to work for pets by starting the manufacturing company Wiggles, Wags, & Whiskers in 2002 to create safe, non-toxic pet products.

She went on to design and patent the Freedom No-Pull Harness in 2004. In 2009, she teamed up with Allen Alagna. His business degree and background in customer relations, public relations, and marketing led them to start the USA Dog Shop, where they sell pet products manufactured in the USA.

In addition to American-made products, USA Dog Shop’s dedication to pet health leads them to sell only food and treats that don’t contain corn, soy, wheat, or animal by-products. All the products are non-toxic, and the chew toys are safe from prolonged chewing without coming apart and becoming a swallowing or choking hazard.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness has become one of the most well-respected dog harnesses on the market, with features on Animal Planet shows, Anderson Cooper, and an endorsement by the vet consultant for Good Morning, America in 2012.

Jessica and Allen commit themselves to selling quality American-made pet products and treating customers like family. The physical storefront for the USA Dog & Pet Shop is located at Duck Cedar Plaza in Tuxedo Park, New York, next to Harriman State Park.

USA Dog & Pet Shop doesn’t sell pets, but they provide dog grooming services and facilitate pet adoptions. They even have a kitty orphanage where they keep cats from local shelters and rescue groups until they can be adopted into loving families.

What We Like Best

  • Loop location
  • Gentle hugging action
  • Minimizes pulling and helps prevent injuries
  • Offers excellent control of your pet
  • Hand washable
  • Chewing warranty

The loop where you attach your leash is located right at the scruff of your dog’s neck. The scruff of the neck is an ideal location because that’s a dog’s center of gravity and where dogs pick up their pups. Holding your dog by the scruff of the neck makes it easier to control them.

When the dog pulls in the harness, it slightly lifts the dog off its feet. In this position, you minimize your dog’s strength and power, allowing you to have more control. The design minimizes the chances of common injuries that dogs can suffer from collars, such as spinal cord, neck, and trachea injuries.

The harness provides a hugging action around your dog’s body, which benefits any dog that suffers from aggression or anxiety concerns. The Freedom No-Pull harness has a plush velvet-lined belly strap for comfort, but it’s still hand-washable for easy care. We also love that the cut webbing edges are turned to the outside to avoid rubbing.

The harness minimizes pulling, neck strain, and the chance of your dog’s escape. When you pull on the leash attached to the harness, it creates a tightening loop effect on the harness. The location of the loop where you attach the leash gives you control without the threat of harm or injury.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness has a reconfigurable design that allows you to attach a leash to the back or attach a leash to the back and front simultaneously. When you use the training leash with two connectors, you maximize your control of them and the direction they go.

If your dog chews through the harness, you can have it replaced at a reduced price, as long as you send the damaged harness and a copy of your receipt. If the harness is extremely dirty and worn or is simply one your dog has outgrown, it won’t be replaced. You must send back the harness with the original receipt.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness was named one of our best picks for Best American-Made Collars Harnesses.

What We Wish Was Different

  • Some replacement policies

While we like the fact that you can get a discounted replacement Freedom No-Pull Harness if yours is damaged during regular use, COVID protocols mean it can take a few weeks before your replacement is processed. They won’t open the package for two to three weeks to begin the return, so a replacement could take up to a month.

They also won’t replace dirty harnesses that are chewed through, so if your harness is well-worn and dirty, even if your dog chews through it, you might be mailing it in for nothing. Also, don’t mistakenly send the leash, or they’ll charge you $4 to send it back.

Wrapping Up

The Freedom No-Pull Harness can be the answer for owners of dogs that pull uncontrollably. Taking the dog out for a walk and feeling like the dog is the one taking you on the walk can be an exhausting experience. The idea of going through that multiple times a day can be nerve-wracking.

You won’t want to leave it on your dog when you’re not walking or training, both to avoid any unnecessary rubbing and to keep your dog from chewing it. If you’ve tried other harnesses and collars that have promised to control your dog’s pulling and been left disappointed, we recommend the Freedom No-Pull Harness.

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