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Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch

Not everyone needs a large wallet to store their belongings. If you want a simple leather pouch to carry small items in, consider the Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch. This American-made product can store the necessities without taking up space.

Friday&River produces its high-quality products in San Diego, California, using eco-friendly materials. They offer wallets, cardholders, lanyards, keychains, watch bands, memento coins, candles, and jewelry at their store, so they know how to make quality goods for all areas of your life.

About Friday&River

The couple Joe Freitag and Yumi Kawamura founded Friday&River in 2011. The company alias comes from their last names - “Friday'' in German and “River Village” in Japanese. They design the products together with the intent to satisfy your leather product needs.

Through their products, Joe and Yumi try to fuse traditional Western wear’s ruggedness and durability with a minimalistic and beautiful Japanese aesthetic. This goal results in high-quality goods inspired by their personal experiences. They consider themselves travelers and artists, and they describe their products as being made for creators, explorers, and freethinkers.

The Friday&River mantra is “Raise Your Sail High.” This phrase means that you work harder when you focus more on the journey. The hard work improves your outlook on life and helps you achieve success. The couple worked hard with brands like Levi’s to discern their stylistic approach, and now their brand offers various unique goods to make your life a little prettier.

Based in San Diego, California, Friday&River manufactures using earth-friendly materials and minimal waste. They utilize the Japanese principle Kaizen, meaning Change For Better, to inspire them to improve the manufacturing process. The team at Friday&River handcraft everything for the finest quality. They also offer a lifetime warranty on leather products.

While they specialize in leather, they also sell stone jewelry and candles. Friday&River refuses to be defined by one product, and they are continually innovating with new and attractive items.

Recently, Joe and Yumi decided to limit their product offerings. They now release small batches of items made through experimental techniques with new materials. They have begun selling new designs each season. However, you can still find their older products for sale through other vendors, opening your options further.

You can readily contact Friday&River through their website or via their social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also have a newsletter to send updates concerning their small-batch releases, discounts, and free shipping.

What We Like Best

  • Simplistic yet sleek design
  • Can carry it in your pocket or on your keyring
  • Stores coins, earbuds, and other small items
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable leather construction
  • Lifetime warranty

The Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch features only one piece of leather, a snap closure, and a leather loop. The sleek black face is emblazoned with the Friday&River crest, offering it a classy and minimalist appearance.

With a side width of only 4.25 inches, you can carry this coin pouch in your pocket or on your key ring, giving it versatility. You could store it in most purses and bags as well due to its compact nature.

The size lends this coin pouch the ability to store small items, such as coins, earbuds, lip balms, jewelry, or any other little nick nack you come across.

We like the durable leather construction the most. Friday&River strives to retrieve its materials from sustainable, earth-friendly sources. They hand-make their products in San Diego, California, and they ship internationally.

It takes a few weeks to get your coin pouch, but you will get a lifetime warranty on all leather items. They will repair any error due to craftsmanship or hardware, but the warranty does not cover misuse from the owner.

The Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch was named one of our picks for the Best Wallets

What We Wish Was Different

  • Only one color option
  • Extended shipping period
  • On the pricier side

While not the worst problem, the Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch only comes in black. They offer other products in multiple colors, but since this item is not available through their website, you can only get it in black.

Since their products are handmade, the in-stock items may take two weeks to ship from the manufacturing facility after ordering. During holidays, the products will take even longer. If you are ordering internationally, it could take a month or more to receive your coin pouch. Keep in mind, you will receive a high-quality handmade item by waiting this long, but it is not for the impatient or those desperately in need of a coin pouch.

Lastly, this coin pouch is somewhat pricey. Since it is American-made leather, the item has a higher price than other leather coin pouches. However, the cost accounts for the time to handcraft the product, the earth-friendly production process, and the custom designs. You may also need to pay for shipping, taxes, and customs charges depending on where you are purchasing from and the dollar amount you are buying.

Nevertheless, some buyers may feel the simple designs do not justify the relatively high cost for such a small coin pouch.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Friday&River Classic Triangle Coin Pouch is an excellent choice for someone looking for premium-quality and compact storage. You can carry it everywhere and store it in various places. It holds several small items at once and weighs little. Its American leather ensures that it will last a long time, and if something goes wrong, you get a lifetime warranty.

If you want something plain, simple, and small to carry your belongings in and don’t mind paying the extra price for quality, consider this item. It will take some time to get to you, but it can last you a lifetime once you have it.

For any of your leather product needs, Friday&River has your back.

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