Furniture Made in the USA

Here is our comprehensive list of the companies who are manufacturing their furniture in the USA. We included their location, type of furniture they produce, and a short description of each furniture maker. We’re constantly updating this page, so if you see a great American furniture manufacturer missing, shoot us a note!

Our Top Picks

Featured: FLOYD

FLOYD is consistently one of our top rated American furniture manufacturers. They just get it – quality, American made furniture that is sourced locally, supports local jobs, and will last your home a long time. FLOYD has a lot of different pieces and styles, ranging everywhere from sofas to beds, tables, and lighting.

Check Out FLOYD


  • Location: Online retailer featuring several furniture makers made in the USA
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas

Apt2B is a popular online retailer that mostly focuses on modern style furniture. Not all of the furniture they feature is made in the USA, but they do have several great sofas that are made domestically. Check out their full made in the USA lineup if you’re in the market for something to bring your living room to life.

Full Lineup

American Leather

  • Location: Made in Texas
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

American Leather makes custom luxury furniture out of their manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. They guarantee that their custom designs are ready in 30 days or less and are also known for making furniture that is environmentally friendly.


  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Arhaus makes great home and outdoor furniture for all around your house, from the living room, to the patio, and bedroom. Very high quality and lots of style options. There are tons of awesome furniture brands in this state, be sure to check out our full list of products made in NC.

Bradington Young

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Bradington Young makes luxury leather furniture in the Hickory, North Carolina factory. They pride themselves on incredible quality and timeless style.

Carolina Chair

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas and chairs

Carolina Chair makes custom sofas and chairs and is a third generation family-owned business. They sell directly to consumers, so a lot of their furniture is very affordable.

Century Furniture

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Century Furniture has tons of options for all over your home. They have several environmental initiatives to make sure they are producing their furniture in a sustainable fashion, and have won several awards for their product quality.

Club Furniture

  • Location: Online retailer featuring several made in USA furniture brands
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Club Furniture is an online furniture retailer that features several American-made furniture brands. You can visit them at clubfurniture.com.


  • Location: Made in California
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas

CoolSofa.com has a smaller selection than other manufacturers, but their product quality is top notch. Made in Santa Ana, California.


  • Location: Made in Vermont
  • Types of Furniture: Solid maple furniture

Copeland makes natural hardwood furniture that has a cool rustic feel to it. They are the largest employer in the small town of Bradford, Vermont.

Craftmaster Furniture

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Craftmaster Furniture makes a variety of stylish, modern furniture pieces in their factory in Taylorsville, North Carolina. They are the largest private employer in their county.


  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas and chairs

Decades is now Roger + Chris, who makes some really high quality and contemporary sofas and chairs out of their North Carolina factory.


  • Location: Made in Kentucky
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Flexsteel makes a variety of furniture types for your home and office. Most of their seating is made with a Blue Steel Spring, which provides comfortable and durable support.


  • Location: Made in New York
  • Types of Furniture: Solid wood

Harden makes solid wood furniture and upholstery at their factory in McConnellsville, New York. We particularly like their “live edge” custom tables that are cut from beautiful hardwoods with natural edges.

Johnston Casuals

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Dining collections

Johnston Casuals is a steel furniture manufacturer with a focus on contemporary designs. They have a particular focus on pieces for your dining room.


  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Kincaid makes solid wood furniture and custom upholstery. They are best known for their bedroom furniture, solid wood dining furniture, and living room sofas and tables.

King Dinettes

  • Location: Made in New Jersey
  • Types of Furniture: Dining tables

King Dinettes makes solid hardwood dining tables and sets from cherry, maple, red oak, grey elm, birch, hickory, and more. They have a few pieces made in Canada though, so watch out for those.


  • Location: Made in Tennessee
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas and recliners

La-Z-Boy is a popular American brand known for their incredibly comfortable sofas and recliners.

Lee Industries

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas

Lee Industries makes environmentally friendly upholstered furniture. Each of their pieces are handcrafted in their North Carolina factory by one of their over 670 local employees.

Marc Taggart & Company

  • Location: Made in Wyoming
  • Types of Furniture: Western style furniture

Marc Taggart makes custom molesworth western furniture out of their facility in Cody, Wyoming.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has several styles of furniture, with everything from classic to modern. They are based in Taylorsville, North Carolina and do all of their manufacturing there.


  • Location: Made in California
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Modernica custom builds all of their furniture 1-by-1 at the facility in Los Angeles, CA. All of their furniture has a modern and contemporary look to it.

Norwalk Furniture

  • Location: Made in Ohio
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Norwalk makes custom furniture made-to-order for all of their customers. Based in Ohio, they have been making furniture for over 100 years.

Roger + Chris

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Roger + Chris makes everything from sofas to chairs, sectionals, ottomans, sleepers, and a lot of other furniture out of their 25,000 square foot factory in Hickory, North Carolina.

Rowe Furniture

  • Location: Made in Virginia
  • Types of Furniture: Sofas

Rowe makes custom upholstered furniture with a focus on sofas. They are based in Lafayette, VA and pride themselves on durability and eco-friendliness of their products.

Simplicity Sofas

  • Location: Made in North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Ready to assemble sofas

Simplicity Sofas’s focus is quite obvious – making it as simple as possible to buy and assemble your sofa. They focus mostly on small spaces and sectional sofas that you can mix and match to fit the layout of your living room. Check out our Spotlight Series interview with Simplicity Sofas to get a behind-the-scenes look at this great company.

Stephen Daniel Editions

  • Location: Made in Tennessee
  • Types of Furniture: Variety

Based in Cookeville, TN, Stephen Daniel takes customization to a whole new level. They can custom design pretty much any sketches or ideas that you send them.


  • Location: Made in Virginia and North Carolina
  • Types of Furniture: Bedroom furniture

Well crafted furniture at an affordable cost. Vaughan-Bassett has classic hardwood style.

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