GE Cafe Series Refrigerator

A top-grade and ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator is what your kitchen needs to give it the look of a modern café. General Electric (GE) got your back! The company manufactures modern refrigerator designs with a robust stainless steel build.

Purchasing one of these modern refrigerators guarantees you a kitchen with an intriguing appearance. The French-door refrigerators have the best features, including a water filtration system, top and bottom freezers, and drop-down trays.

The company builds one of the world's best refrigerator brands at the Louisville-based GE Appliance Park. The park is quite large with multiple buildings, with different product manufacturing in each facility. The GE Café Series Refrigerators are crafted at the AP-5 building.

About General Electric (GE)

The current multinational conglomerate came to be in the 1890s, when Thomas Edison's company, Edison Electric Light Company, merged with two others to become Edison General Electric.

Edison had started his inventions in the 1870s while he was still in the early 20s. His first invention was an electric incandescent light, which came to replace gas lights. Edison worked in a New Jersey-based laboratory before joining Grosvenor Lowry to form Edison Electric Company. Its main aim at the time was developing an incandescent lighting system. After one year of research, Edison Electric finally came up with a bulb that could burn for up to 40 hours and more.

In 1892, Edison Electric Company merged with another company, Thomson-Houston Electric Company, to form the now General Electric Company. The merger saw the birth of what would become the turning point of the United States' electrification. However, two years later, Edison, who had played a pivotal role in GE's birth, resigned from the company. The president of GE became Charles A. Coffin. Edison, however, did not leave GE entirely. He remained a consultant of the company and even continued to receive royalties for his patented brands.

Fast forward early in the 20th century, GE had grown from merely manufacturing light bulbs to developing all electrification components. The company prospered in the electric appliances industry on mergers. Two other companies were already manufacturing electric appliances. George Hughes had Hughes Electric Heating Company, and there was the Pacific Electric Heating Company.

The latter made the first publicly accepted electric device, the Hotpoint iron. However, the three companies agreed to merge in 1918 in a bid to kill competition. Later in 1922, Gerald Swope became GE's president, marking the mass entry into electric appliance manufacturing.
Today, General Electric prides itself on being an American multinational with the most in-depth heritage in innovation. The company has transformed from being a light bulb manufacturing entity under Thomas Edison to building top electric appliances brands. However, the GE Café Series Refrigerator remains one of its latest significant innovations.

The company had its first refrigerator as early as 1895 after Marcel Audiffren introduced a small domestic refrigerator. General Electric accepted the technology and included the Audiffren Refrigerator in its electricals manufacturing works. The launch of refrigerator manufacturing has followed a consistent growth and more innovation. GE manufactures refrigerators with consumers in mind, and the Café Series Refrigerator proves it all.

What We Like Best

  • Modern design with robust build
  • One-touch filtered water and ice
  • Simple controls
  • Top and bottom freezers
  • Dispenser brewer
  • LED light

One of your greatest desires is probably not to have to repair your refrigerator for a long time. Even better is when the fridge you bought recently serves you long enough without requiring updates or replacement. GE Café Series Refrigerator is the best bet when it comes to such needs. The appliance comes with a modern design, which means it comes with all the latest features. It has a robust stainless steel build with heavy doors and will surely last.

One of its exciting features is the one-touch filtration system that automatically gives you filtered ice. The water dispenser is also hands-free, so you can leave your glass and find it filled to the desired level.
You will find everything easy, from using the advanced water filtration system to the K-Cup Dispenser using the simple and easy to reach controls. You can use the top or bottom freezers even at the same time. The freezers use different doors, and you can comfortably use them even with your lights off, thanks to the LED that lights the internal walls.

The GE Café Series Refrigerator was named one of our picks for the best fridges

What We Wish Was Different

  • The warranty
  • GE Café Series price

Although the General Electric Café Series Refrigerator is an excellent appliance with unique features, its components’ rich nature makes it quite pricey. You will love the space in the drop-down trays, but the device could leave you with little chunks of change to stock it up.

You would also expect to use such a top-grade electric appliance for quite a while, although GE doesn't guarantee that. Despite the refrigerator being highly rated for durability, the company only offers a one-year warranty, which seems relatively too short for such an appliance. You may not realize General Electric's commitment to making their customers members of their family throughout their lives with their brand.

Wrapping Up

The General Electric team is committed to making lives better with its range of electric appliances. Even though refrigerators were not among the company's first brands, it has moved a milestone in this vital kitchen appliance. Over the years, GE's management has conquered various sectors and industries through mergers and acquisitions, and its venture in refrigerators has been a breakthrough. The company values teamwork and has been using its laboratory to host its in-house scientists who develop its products.

The GE Café Series Refrigerators is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sturdy kitchen appliance with a blend of design and features. All its features provide the most modern feel, especially with some processes being automated. Every member of your family will enjoy using this incredible kitchen add on. Moreover, it will add that wow factor to your kitchen, thus impressing all your visitors.

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