Holistic Health Extension Chicken & Rice Large Breed Review

Health Extension dog food is a brand that seeks to use only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure your dog is always in good health.

About the Product

Holistic Health Extension doesn't just churn out any old dog food. They focus on ensuring that pet food recipes include essential vitamins that will help your dog stay healthy. With this product, the focus is on large breeds. These larger dogs can have problems with their joints later in life. The AAFCO Dog Food Nutritional Program establishes requirements for products to meet. Healthy Extension products meet these requirements.

In doing so, Healthy Extension dog food is suitable for whatever life stage your dog is in - puppies, adults, and senior dogs. One of their best recipes is this one, featuring chicken and rice. It is also one of their most popular. It has won numerous taste tests. At the top of the ingredient list is chicken.

You will not find artificial preservatives or flavors, meat by-products, rendered fats, added sugar, or other fillers. Besides this product, they also make wet and dry food for the various life stages and sizes of dogs. Further, Healthy Extension has supplements and vitamins to further enhance your dog’s health.

Healthy Extension is a family-owned pet food company that was founded in 1963 in New York by Brad Gruber and his family. They are going strong, now in their third generation. They are especially proud of their products being made almost 100% in the US. They have never sourced any ingredients from China.

Further, no Healthy Extension product has ever been part of a product recall. They produce the food in small batches with a slow-cook method. The food is of the highest quality. The USDA-inspected meat is blended with non-GMO vegetables and fruits like blueberries and carrots. They finish with items like coconut oil to ensure the food is easily digested and promotes overall health.

What We Like Best

  • Great taste
  • All recipes start with USDA inspected fresh meats
  • Added vitamins
  • Never sourced any ingredients from China - they also say on their website that they never will, which is comforting whenever a new virus comes to life there
  • Never had a product recall

Healthy Extension puts tremendous effort into using high-quality ingredients to produce the best possible product. The focus is on providing food that promotes overall health in your pet, not just on using trendy ingredients. They are very focused on what they use so that your dog will enjoy mealtime and maintain excellent health at the same time.

They state on their website that their products regularly win taste tests, so you can expect your dog's bowl to empty quickly.

The price of this product does not match the high-end brands. A 30-pound bag is around $55.00 at chewy.com. Some premium or high-end dog foods cost well over $100.00 for a 30-pound bag. Healthy Extension provides significant value for a premium product.

The Holistic Health Extension - Chicken & Rice Large Breed Dry Dog Food was named one of our picks for the Best Dog Foods

What We Don't Like

There isn't anything we don't like about this product. That being said, there is some controversy about two ingredients. To ensure full disclosure, we are making a note of it here.

  • Dried beet pulp - Some consider dried beet pulp as nothing more than filler, while others believe its high fiber content is essential for a healthy digestive system
  • Brewers dried yeast - Some people dislike brewers dried yeast because it may contribute to allergies and because of its role in the beer-making process. This would be a concern only if your dog has been diagnosed with an allergy to yeast. Fans of yeast believe that it helps the immune system and fights off fleas

In many cases, the amounts of these ingredients are not significant enough to pose a severe threat to your pet. We believe that is the case with this product.

Wrapping Up

Holistic Health Extension - Chicken & Rice Large Breed Dry Dog FoodHealth Extension is one of the highest quality dog foods on the market. The care that Healthy Extension uses to create its products inspires confidence. The pride they take in being a "made in the USA" product, with no products sourced from China, contributes to the fact that there has never been a product recall in their 57 years of making pet food.

Dogs think the product tastes great. The products are not very expensive while being high-quality. If you prefer supporting family businesses over the huge corporations, that benefit is there for this product. There is no real downside - even the slight use of controversial ingredients is not a great cause for worry. We recommend this product.

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