Buying American Made Home Goods

Why Buy American?

From furniture to kitchenware, knowing you have a home filled with American made products just feels good. According to a recent Consumer Reports survey in 2015, nearly 8 in 10 Americans said they would rather buy American made products for their home instead of imported ones. The reason so many companies make their home goods overseas is simple - to save on costs. Cheap labor is abundant internationally, but that typically comes at the expense of product quality as well - those same companies also want to save on materials costs. That has a direct impact on us as American consumers, often resulting in lower-grade products that don't last very long. Designing, sourcing, and assembling home goods in America helps companies control for things like quality of materials, their production process, and of course helping support the American job economy. Across a bunch of different home goods, we're doing the research and testing to help you find the best products in each category. Check out our latest reviews below and feel free to shoot us a message if you have any thoughts or questions!

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