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Honeywell Servus Soft Toe Boots

When you spend your day walking through mud and muck, you have to have a good pair of rubber boots. The boots must keep the moisture out and your feet dry and clean. They have to provide good traction so you aren't slipping and sliding everywhere, and they must be easy to clean.

One of the best rubber boots we've found is the Honeywell Servus Soft Toe Work Boots. These boots come from a brand name you can trust and believe in and at a price that makes them an exceptional value.

About Honeywell

Honeywell International, Inc. is the company behind the Servus brand of work boots. Honeywell has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and according to Wikipedia, it is a Fortune 500 company.

The company makes products in many different industries with a focus on four main areas:

  • Safety and productivity solutions
  • Performance materials and technologies
  • Aerospace
  • Building technologies

It's responsible for making products that range from the humble work boot to high-tech aircraft.

The Servus line provides PVC footwear for a range of industries. Each boot in the line has a distinct purpose of protecting wearers from various hazards, such as chemicals and electrical shock. These are tough boots made from the highest quality of materials. They have designs made for protection, durability, and comfort.

What We Like Best

  • Incredibly durable
  • Arch support
  • Washable insoles
  • High kick-off lugs
  • Self-cleaning outsole

The Honeywell Servus Soft Toe Work Boots are perfect for general work duties. They handle dirt, mud, and other wet muck very well.

When looking at the boots, you can easily see how they work to provide you with the ultimate protection from whatever it is you have to walk through. They are injection molded PVC, and they use Triple Density Technology. The boots are seamless and 100% waterproof. In addition, the boots resist breakdown caused by chemicals.

You'll never slip and slide because the Servus soft toe boots have an open pattern on the outsole that pushes debris and water away for a clean step every time and excellent traction even in the slipperiest conditions. They are perfect for wet and muddy situations when stability and sure footing is essential to prevent accidents.

Inside the boot is where you find the features that make the Honeywell Servus soft toe boots stand out. They offer incredible comfort thanks to the foot-forming insole with full arch support. The wide steel shank runs under the insole for the best possible support. It also supports the heel to avoid common pain points.

These boots also feature a washable cushion insole, which you can replace once it wears down because the outer portion of the boot will last you a long time. However, the boot does have a dual-compound center sole that will make the cushioning last longer, so don't expect to have to replace the insole too often. Plus, because the boots have a liner, they are comfortable with or without socks.

One other amazing feature of the Servus soft toe boots is that they have the typical boot kick-off lugs, but the company put them higher up than usual, which makes it super simple to get these on and off.

You might think all these features would make a heavy boot, but you are wrong. The boots are incredibly heavy-duty and durable, but they are also lightweight for less leg fatigue.

Finally, the company makes these boots right in the USA. Supporting companies making goods in the U.S. is an important move towards helping the U.S. economy and providing jobs for Americans, so we always stand behind a company making its products in the country.

The Honeywell Servus soft toe work boots are one of our picks for the best rubber boots.

What We Don't Like

  • Non-standard sizing
  • Tight leg opening

While we certainly feel the Honeywell Servus soft toe work boots is one of the best boots for general use, there are a couple of points that we didn't like.

The biggest issue is with the sizing. It isn't a standard sizing that you would use for other boots or shoes, which can make it tough to find the right size. They also only come in one width, which will not produce the best fit for narrow or wide feet. With work boots, you need a good fit, so sizing issues are incredibly frustrating.

If you get boots that are too large, you will end up with blisters or losing a boot as you walk along. They also could decrease your stability, which could be a safety concern. If the boots are too small, you will face a lot of pain.

The other main issue is the opening of the boots are not very big. For those with larger calves, they will be a tight fit. It could produce discomfort from rubbing, and there is a potential, you won't even be able to get them fully on.

Another big problem with a tight opening is that you can't tuck your pants into the boots. As you know, being able to tuck your pants helps with overall comfort as your pants get protection from the mud and muck. If you have to let them drag, they will wear out faster, and they could even weigh you down or become a safety issue.

Wrapping Up

Honeywell Servus soft toe work boots come from a trusted company and have strong brand recognition. You can trust in the durability and high-quality of these boots.

They serve their purpose well with a completely waterproof seal that will keep your feet clean and dry. These boots provide extreme comfort so you can avoid pain and fatigue after a long workday.

Honeywell did an amazing job with the Servus line, ensuring they provide everything customers need to address common issues. These boots are an ideal choice that will last for years of service, helping you to get the job done.

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