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Honeywell Servus Steel Toe Boots

You cannot have a productive day out on the job site without a comfortable work boot. A quality pair of boots offer you protection from slips, falls, chemicals, cutting and electrical hazards, and flying debris.

Boots from Honeywell's Servus brand help provide all these benefits, and they offer a comfortable option for better arch support. They are also manufactured with premium materials to ensure durability, comfort, and protection. Here’s everything you need to know about the Honeywell Servus Steel Toe boots.

About Honeywell Safety and Servus Brand

Honeywell Safety Products is a worldwide leader in supplying industrial footwear. It is a part of the larger company Honeywell, which provides services and products related to building technologies, aerospace, safety, productivity solutions, performance materials, and more.

In the United States, the Honeywell Safety Products brand provides the most diverse footwear product line. Apart from Servus, the other footwear brands include the following:

  • Oliver – delivers footwear products for heavy metal fabrication, oil & gas, mining, general industrial environments, and construction
  • Ranger – rubber work boots for extreme conditions and durability
  • The Original Muck Boot Company – a classic Neoprene boot product line with 100% waterproof capabilities and steel toe protection
  • Kings – a premium option for heavy metal fabrication, mining, oil & gas, and industrial application
  • Neos – for protection over your expensive work shoes, Honeywell also provides an overshoe to add insulation and traction in severe weather conditions

Servus represents Honeywell's dipped Neoprene and quality PVC footwear line. These boots are designed to protect against chemical and liquid hazards, such as organic compounds from food processing and petrochemical industries. The shoes are also suitable for heavy manufacturing environments where oils and acids are present.

Servus boot technology is derived from Triple Density Technology. The work boots are injection molded and deliver 100% waterproof capabilities. Within TDT, there are three individual compounds incorporated into the boot. These compounds include wear, traction, and chemical resistance. The combination produces footwear that is built for more rigid and harsh job sites.

Inside every Servus boot, nine different features make it a reliable footwear option for workers across the country: molded uppers, contour molding, extra-thick guards, color-coded midsole, kick-off lugs, extended steel shanks, foot form, dual-density outsoles, and perimeter outsoles.

The molded uppers provide waterproof, seamless protection against dirt, debris, and other liquids. And when it comes to protection against heel slippage, the contoured molding allows the boot to fit snugly around the foot. To reinforce the heel's support, Servus places extra-thick guards around this area to combat bumps, knocks, and wear.

Servus also color-codes its midsole to communicate the presence of safety in the toe. Red signifies a non-safety toe, while yellow means the boot contains a steel toe. Toward the Servus boot's backside, the kick-off lugs enable easy boot removal without much strain. Workers can kick the boots off without having to touch any chemicals on the boots' surface.

Servus' extended steel shanks also help provide a crucial bridge for the instep. The shanks are also ribbed and arched for extra support and durability.

The cushion abilities of Servus boots are another critical component that keeps people coming back for more footwear products. Foot Form, which is the contour cushioning for the insoles, morphs to the foot for optimal heel and arch support. These insoles are also machine washable and can be removed or replaced when needed.

What We Like Best

  • 100% waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Durable, reliable construction for more extended wear life
  • Taller structure for better safety
  • Self-cleaning Chevron outsole

Honeywell's Servus work boots help protect workers in the most severe environments. The seamless, triple-dipped construction makes the boots 100% waterproof. Wearers will also enjoy the sturdy (but soft) fabric lining on the interior because they can easily take the boot on and off. Throughout a long, hard workday, the interior materials will wick moisture away to keep the feet dry and cool.

Because the boots are Neoprene and chemical-resistant, workers can trust they will endure through hazardous environments. These boots deliver added protection against acids, contaminants, and other chemicals found in standard work environments.

The durable exterior and interior construction are other benefits that keep workers coming back for the Honeywell Servus work boots. Supported by a natural and hand-laid rubber bottom, workers will feel the relief at the most crucial stress areas of the foot.

Safety and protection against slipping and falling are a must-have for work boots. Honeywell has worked to perfect the slip-resistant features of this boot with the self-cleaning Chevron outsole. When debris and liquid stick to your shoe with each step, the outsole squeezes out the liquid. It also creates a flat tread pattern for increased slip-resistance.

The Honeywell Servus Steel Toe Boot was named one of our picks for the best rubber boots.

What We Don't Like

  • Steel toe makes the interior prone to cold
  • Boots emit a potent chemical smell

Compared to composite toe boots, cold is much more likely to pass through a steel toe boot. The steel materials absorb cold and could result in chilly toes. If you live in a warmer climate, you will not need to worry about this issue. But these boots could bring up some chill issues if they are always submerged in snow or below-freezing temperatures.

While most new shoes or boots come with a strange fresh smell, many customers complain that the Servus boot continues to smell like chemicals, even weeks after first use. There are many ways to get this odor out of your work boots, but it is undoubtedly something to evaluate.


Overall, the Honeywell Steel Servus Toe Boot is a quality buy for hardworking industrial professionals. The chemical resistant and waterproof capabilities make this the ideal footwear option for all environments. These boots are also made in the USA and provide optimal protection, durability, and arch support to keep you healthy and prepared for the workday.

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