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Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Whether you’re an advanced angler or a camping beginner, it’s essential to be well-prepared and equipped. While getting all your gear ready is critical, you also need a quality cooler. If you travel frequently, you’ll need a place to store your foods and fresh catches. A cooler helps with this. What’s more, you can keep your favorite drinks in this cooler.

Below is a detailed review of the Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler.

Review of the Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Igloo Products Corp began in 1947 as an American manufacturer of drink containers, ice chests, and accessories. The company health with metal water coolers, but later transitioned into plastic coolers.

The Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple cooler for your trip. It’s available in white and is one of the most affordable coolers in the market.

The cooler is made from polypropylene and comes equipped with a long handle and wheels to make transportation easier. Find two drink holders molded into the lid and two more than you can hook onto the exterior of the cooler for convenience. The non-marking translucent soft-side sport rally wheels don't leave mark surfaces.

Igloo goes ahead to add an extra storage compartment that you can use to keep items like your phone or keys for quick reach. The company incorporates high-density plastic material that comes with UV inhibitors to protect against direct UV rays and sun damage.

The side handles are for lifting the cooler in and out of the car or when you need to pick the cooler from the ground. These handles are moulded into the plastic material. You’ll love the waterproof vinyl exterior and the removable holder strap. Carry the cooler with your hands’ thanks to the two hand straps. The dimensions of this cooler are 28 inches in length by 17 inches in width by 20 inches in height.

The leak-proof liner helps to prevent the cooler from leaking if any liquid or ice begins to build up. Find the high-density insulation with a closed-cell foam that ensures everything inside is fresh and chilled. Larger coolers seem to keep the ice for longer and allow you to add another bag of ice to boost the ice retention.

Igloo takes portability seriously, the reason the cooler comes with a duffle bag design with a soft side and wheels. A uniquely elevated base means that you get to keep this cooler on a hot surface without the content inside being affected. Although you won’t find ample features on this cooler, it works well.

The breeze cooler is stain and odor resistant for added safety. Other additional features include the ultra-herm insulated lid and the integrated fish keeper tool on the lid. Moreover, the Cool Riser Technology design enhances the cooler’s performance. Another fantastic addition is the push button ad locking telescoping handle that makes portability easier. You’ll find that the cooler stacks easily due to its slotted lid design. The cooler can hold 76 cans and ice in its 48 -quart interior.

The cooler comes with Pebax resin hinges that are flexible and can handle temperature, impact, and are chemical resistant. Moreover, the stainless steel lid strap and screws are rust-resistant, which makes them durable and enhances the cooler’s longevity.

On the downside, the cooler lacks vital features like drain holes, cup holders, and handles that you’ll find with other coolers. The plastic material is not as durable as stainless steel body found on most coolers.

Also, the cooler’s lid can be quite tight, making it challenging to open due to the watertight seals. The stiff handles don’t make this any manageable when you’re trying to rotate them. Another issue is the aggressive price given the limited features available on this cooler. There are coolers with multiple features that are affordable.

The Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler was named one of our picks for the best American Made Coolers

What We Like Best

  • Provides decent insulation
  • Holds hardbacks of ice in place
  • Has UV inhibitors to protect against UV damage
  • Comes with ultratherm insulation technology to keep the contents cool
  • Extending handle and wheels for mobility
  • Provides a comfortable non-slip grip
  • Cool Rise Technology

What We Don't Like

  • The lid is too tight
  • Lacks marine-grade insulation
  • It doesn't have a drain plug
  • Limited features

Wrapping Up

Holistic Health Extension - Chicken & Rice Large Breed Dry Dog FoodOverall, the Igloo marine cooler is an ideal choice for short trips. Its construction holds up for some time, although rotating the handle can be cumbersome. The locking telescoping handle and push-button handle is guaranteed to make your life easier. This cooler works well for small outings or gatherings.

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