Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics

It’s not every day you run into an American-made probiotic supplement that offers up to 30 billion colony forming units (CFUs). However, Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics is just that. This supplement contains billions of unique bacterial cultures to provide your gastrointestinal system with everything it needs to flourish and develop a healthy ecosystem.

Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics are designed to encourage bowel movement regularity in men and women and, in our experience, it worked wonders in this regard. After using the product for only a few days we noticed an improvement in bowel movement frequency and an overall better mood and sense of lightness.

Your colon is home to billions of healthy gut bacteria. However, when you eat sugary or processed foods you can wreak havoc on your body’s gut flora and destroy the healthy bacteria found within the gut. Thankfully, products such as Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics contain active probiotic and prebiotic cultures to repair your body’s intestinal health.

About Islands Miracle

Islands Miracle is a part of the Vita Miracle brand of health supplements targeted toward adult women and men. Vita Miracle specializes in high-quality, American-made supplements containing a high potency of active ingredients such as turmeric, vitamin D3, omega-3 fish oils, and many more.

Vita Miracle’s Islands Miracle probiotic supplement is one of the company’s flagship products. The company offers email and phone customer support during regular weekday business owners. Order placed in the United States via the company’s website or Amazon is eligible for a product return if you aren’t satisfied with the product, which we thought provided peace of mind when testing out their Ultra-30 Probiotic supplement.

Islands Miracle and their related brands specialize in non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free supplements that promote the proper functioning of the body’s vital systems. For decades, families across the country have put their trust behind Islands Miracle and Vita Miracle to optimize their health and restore their well-being.

Testing Out Islands Miracle

We’ve tried just about everything to resolve our stomach issues in the past. However, Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics was one of the first probiotic supplements that made a noticeable difference in encouraging bowel movements and maintaining digestive regularity. Best of all, there was no discernable taste to the formula at all, so we could even give some to our children who are notoriously picky eaters.

Although we’ve tried generic probiotic brands in the past, nothing comes close to our experience with Islands Miracle. The product contains 18 unique strains of healthy bacteria to support billions of cultures that assist in digestion and neurochemical production in the gut. Whether you’re a man, woman, or child, your digestive tract has a lot to benefit from this excellent health supplement.

Compared to many of the other leading brands on drugstore shelves, Islands Miracle clearly outnumbers them in terms of CFU count. In fact, Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics contains over five times the number of CFUs contained in another product we picked up from the supermarket. When we noticed that it made perfect sense why this product worked so well.

Unlike many other probiotic supplements, Ultra-30 doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The fact that this supplement can be stored in a cupboard, on a shelf, or in a drawer makes it way more convenient than many other leading products. You can take this supplement with you to work, to school, or wherever else so you never have to go without taking your dose—for us, this made it easy to keep up with your supplementation no matter how busy our schedules were.

What We Like Best

  • 30 billion CFUs
  • Helps with a variety of digestive issues
  • Helps you absorb key nutrients

Islands Miracle vitamins were named one of our picks for the Best Vitamins

What We Don't Like

This product didn’t have anything about it that we disliked. From the taste to the durable quality of the container, Island Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics are as good as it gets when it comes to probiotics and prebiotic supplementation.


Islands Miracle Vitamins

If your digestive system isn’t performing optimally, you’re in luck, because of all-American products like Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics that contain just about everything you need to jumpstart your gut. Probiotic supplements don’t always work, but the 30 billion CFUs packed inside Ultra-30 Probiotics certainly make a difference within only a few days of taking them.

Made right here in the USA, Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics is one of the most effective probiotic tablets on the market. For a probiotic that revs up your body’s digestive system and promotes positive gut health, look no further than Ultra-30.

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