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Lenox Holiday Mugs Review

Special occasions call for unique holiday mugs, whether you’re hosting a large gathering or going solo. And the Holiday Mug by Lenox is an excellent addition to your china cabinet for the holiday season.

The deceptively delicate-looking mug can hold its own when it’s time to set the table for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Here, we’ll look at the Lenox company and its history, plus explore what we like and don’t like about the Holiday mug in the collection.

About Lenox Holiday Mugs

If you’ve never heard of Lenox, it’s worth noting that the company is relatively well-known in most circles. In fact, the American government owns (and shows off) many pieces, and you’ll even find Lenox china in museums in the United States.

And while Lenox offers many high-end china products, they also have an everyday line to stock your tableware and stemware cabinets. Plus, they have plenty of experience in all facets of the kitchen experience—and each piece is timeless.

Whether you’re shopping to outfit your first home, looking for wedding tableware, or seeking a gift to begin a family heirloom tradition, Lenox has what you need. The company also manufactures gifts and trinkets like Christmas tree ornaments and keepsakes, serving dishes, kitchen tools, candles, and everything else your household may need for the holidays.

Lenox began in 1889 and focuses on craftsmanship and artistry in all its products. Hand-painted china was Lenox’s first offering, and by 1918, President Wilson was commissioning over 1,700 pieces for use in the White House.

As of 1991, Lenox moved to Kinston, North Carolina, and continues to produce the only American-made bone china available. Every piece undergoes hand inspection by skilled staff, and pieces are used at modern events like the Met Gala and other American traditions throughout the country.

You can add this and other Lenox mugs to your collection and own a part of American innovation for an impressively reasonable price. You’ll also be supporting a traditional American business that continues to offer style and sophistication throughout the decades.

What We Like Best

  • Intricate styling with 24 karat accents
  • Hold heat well during use
  • American made by a reputable brand
  • Dishwasher safe

Our favorite thing about Lenox’s holiday mug is its seasonal styling. The design features hand-painted holly with incredible detail, and the 24-karat gold banding only adds to the festivity. Whether it’s a Christmastime tea or a Thanksgiving toast, the 10-ounce mugs are a staple for your table.

Of course, the looks aren’t the only feature that exudes quality. Each mug is made of Ivory bone china and has a decorative feel, right down to how it fits in your hand. And although the mugs feel thinner than traditional ceramic options, they hold heat reasonably well.

The cups are ideal for serving smaller pours of tea, coffee, cider, eggnog, hot cocoa, and more. With an entire set, you can set up a tea or coffee service for guests with ease. Once the party is over, washing up is straightforward.

Unlike other china cups, these are machine washable in the dishwasher. In addition, Lenox provides a one mug breakage replacement program. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about damage to your delicate china, even when your holiday festivities get a little out of hand.

Lenox Holiday Mugs were named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • Thin and delicate compared to other mugs on our list

While Lenox seems confident about the durability of their mugs, we feel like the holiday mug is more delicate than alternative cups. But as that’s the nature of china dishware, it’s not something we can complain about.

The thin walls and delicate feel are all part of the style of Lenox’s china, and it’s a fair tradeoff for owning a piece of American history.


Lenox Holiday Mugs

If you’re looking for a dainty and stylish holiday mug to add to your special occasion collection, Lenox holiday mugs might be a perfect choice. With their intricate design details, gold embellishments, and replacement guarantees, these holiday mugs are one of our top picks for a reason.

Of course, you can’t discount the comfortable handles and utility of these china mugs. While looks are a highlight, we also like that they’re easy to handle, wash, and maintain. Perhaps our favorite feature is that each Lenox piece has a story to tell. From the pieces currently on display in the White House to the coffee mug in your cabinet, each Lenox product exudes American pride.

You can find Lenox holiday mugs on Amazon—and you can even purchase a full set of china. Whether a set of mugs, mugs and saucers, or an entire coffee pot and creamer, you can outfit your seasonal table with Lenox.

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